Prepositions of time, place, move

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Look at these time expressions. Some use in, some use on or at. Put them in the correct column.



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5 чел.

‘Success doesn’t come to you! You have to go to it’


Grammar topic: Prepositions of time, place, move




- parts of the day

in the morning

in the afternoon

in the evening

except   at night

- months of the year

 in October, ...

- seasons of the year

in (the) summer

in winter, ...

- years and centuries

in 1984

in the 20th century

- in a period of time

in ten days

in five minutes

- days of the week

on Monday

on Tuesday, …

- dates

on the 5th of May

on November 7th

- special days (specific)

on Christmas Day

on my birthday

- hours

at 9.30

- religious celebrations

at Christmas

at Easter

  except  on Christmas Eve

          on Easter Day

- meals

at breakfast

at lunch, …

- specific time

at the weekend

Prepositions of time and date


on Wednesday, in the afternoon but on Wednesday afternoon


Question: When? – когда?

Example: When is birthday ?

When we talk about the events we use

  •  before the French Revolution

перед Французькою революцією

  •  during the Civil War

під час Громадянської війни

  •  after the World War II

        після Другої світової

Prepositions of place

behind                                                    in

Question: Where? – где?

Example: Where is the monkey?


in front of                                             under

on                                                         next to


Prepositions of move


up the stairs                down the stairs       over the box              away from the box


toward the box              past the box                 into the box                   out of the box


around the box              onto the box            off the box                  across the bridge


Question: How? – как?каким способом?

Example: How can I reach the station?

through the tunnel                under the box

  1.  Look at these time expressions. Some use in, some use on or at. Put them in the correct column.




B. Put in the correct prepositions: in, on or at.

  1.  Dinner is usually _________ 7 o’clock.
  2.  We have long holidays_________ summer.
  3.  When have we got Biology? - _________ Friday mornings.
  4.  There is a school party _________ 31st January.
  5.  We are _________ the 21st century.
  6.  The game is _________ 9.45.
  7.  Is there a party _________ your brother’s birthday?
  8.  Where was he _________ the weekend?
  9.  Where is he _________ the moment?
  10.  Your teacher isn’t here _________ present.
  11.  There are usually a lot of parties _________ New Year’s Eve.
  12.  He wasn’t there _________ the end of the concert.
  13.  Where are you usually _________ the evening? And _________ night?
  14.  Do you get any presents _________ Christmas Day?
  15.  He was born _________ 1999.
  16.  We usually go there _________ weekends _________ spring.
  17.  He phoned me _________ Tuesday.
  18.  He gets up _________ 7 o’clock _________ weekdays.
  19.  She was in hospital _________ that time.
  20.  The school party is _________ June 8th _________ 8 o’clock _________ the evening.

To drink like a Cossack  by such idiom we identify a heavy drinker as someone who "drinks like a fish",



  1.  The socks are …………..the carpet.
  2.  The ball is…………….the stereo.
  3.  The TV is …………….the stereo.
  4.  The posters are………………..the bed.
  5.  The posters are………………….the wall.
  6.  The book is ……………the desk ad the socks.
  7.  The nightstand is …………………the bed and the bookshelf.
  8.  _________ there is a computer.
  9.  On__________there is a bed.

10.The cup is________the computer.

  11.The chair is_________the table.

12.The notebook is___________the green book.

  1.  There is a pillow _____________ of the bed.
  2.  There are some books __________ the book shelf.


  1.  The computer is under the desk.
  2.  The chair is under the jeans.
  3.  The socks are on the carpet.
  4.  The stereo is on the TV.
  5.  The headphones are between the boots and the bed.
  6.   The blanket is under the books.
  7.  The curtains are behind the window.
  8.  The porters are near the computer.














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