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Now children, listen to me and guess: what season it is. 1. It often rains. The leaves are falling. They are red and brown. 2. It is hot and sunny. There are many flowers. They are red, yellow, pink and white. 3. It is warm. There are small green leaves on the trees. The birds are singing.



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LESSON   (For Young Learners)


Viktoriya Prots,

a teacher of English,

specialising secondary school # 5

named after I. Kokorudza,



-to practice vocabulary on the topic “Clothes”, “Weather”;

-to consolidate students’ ability to describe the weather and to wear according to the season;

-to foster students’ habits in pairs and teams;

-to develop students’ listening, reading, writing skills.

Equipment: a poster of the weather, pictures of different seasons, cardboard dolls with paper clothes, a tape-recorder, a laptop, some cards of tasks (handouts), “English 2” by O. Karpyuk, N. Kohut, “Friends 1”



T: Good morning, children! I’m glad to see you.

Ps: Good morning, Good morning, Good morning to you,

Good morning, Good morning, I’m glad to see you.

Spring is green, summer is bright, autumn is yellow, winter is white!


T: Look at the blackboard and read after me.

Ps: Summer is here. Spring has gone.

Better put your blue shorts on!

Autumn is here. Summer has gone.

Better put your sweater on!

Winter is here. Autumn has gone.

Better put your warm coat on!

Spring is here. Winter has gone.

Better put your raincoat on!

Different seasons, different clothes

For mums and pas, for boys and girls!

T: Who is on duty today?

-Who is absent today?

-What season is it?

-What are you wearing now? Why?

-What was your homework?

T: Now children, answer my questions.

-What season is it now?

-Why do you think so?

-The weather is fine, isn’t it? Why?

-What are you wearing now?



1) Game “What season it is”

Now children, listen to me and guess: what season it is.

1. It often rains. The leaves are falling. They are red and brown.

2. It is hot and sunny. There are many flowers. They are red, yellow, pink and white.

3. It is warm. There are small green leaves on the trees. The birds are singing.

4. It is very cold. It often snows. The ground and trees are white.

2) Game “Put the letters in correct order to find a word”

Take the papers, label the pictures using seasons of the year: spring, summer, autumn, winter.

Then find the words putting the letters in the correct order.

1. nnysu ………

2. yniar …………

3. dyinw ……….

4. torsmy ………

5. louydc ……….

6. nosyw …………

7. lods ………..

8. tho ………

3) Game “Match the pictures and the sentences”

I give you some papers, take your pencils and match.

Are you ready? Let’s read.

Answers: 1a, 2f, 3c, 4d, 5e, 6b, 7h, 8g.


Now children, let’s revise of the theme “Clothes”

1) Computer Game “Let’s shoot”

I’ll divide you into two teams: one team is only boys, another one is only girls. Let’s play computer games. Come here; sit down at the first desk.

Choose the topic: for girls “Clothes for women”, for boys “Clothes for men”.

Now listen to the words and recollect them.

Listen again.

Let’s shoot. Listen to the words in English, then choose the word in Ukrainian or in Russian and shoot it. If it is true you’ll get some points.

Now boys and girls, are you ready? Let’s start! O.K. The winners are … (boys-girls)

I’ll give you some prizes: they are sticks.

2) Game “Wear your doll according to the weather”

Stand up! Do you remember the poem about the doll? Do you have your paper dolls? O. K. Show me your dolls and recite the poem.


I’ve got a very pretty doll.

Her hair’s long. She isn’t tall.

Her blouse is beautiful and new.

Her shoes are very small and blue.

These are her raincoat and umbrella.

She’s got a dress like Cinderella.

Those are her sweater and a bag.

The sweater is green and the bag is black.

Your dolls have got many different clothes.

I’ll give you some pictures with different seasons and weathers. Look at them and wear your dolls according to the weather.

Who is ready? Describe your dolls’ clothes.


The weather is…..

So my doll is wearing……

3) Dialogues.

Your home task was making up and learning your own dialogues about the weather and the clothes. I am going to listen to them.

4) Writing.

Now take these papers and your pens.

Read the sentences and complete them.

Write down words instead the pictures of the clothes.

Are you ready? Let’s read!


T: You are very nice, polite, clever, hardworking pupils. Your marks for today are…..

Your homework will be to make a project “What is your doll going to wear in autumn, in summer, in winter, in spring”.


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