Our Fafourite Holidays

Конспект урока

Педагогика и дидактика

Today we’re going to discuss very pleasant and interesting things. We’ll speak about holidays. We do love holidays, don’t we? By the end of the lesson you should be able to actively use the target vocabulary in your talk about some holidays’ celebrations.



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Our Fafourite Holidays

(Конспект уроку у 7 класі

За підручником Несвіт А. М.)

Вчитель англійської мови

Ткаченко Н. Б.

Topic:            OUR        FAVOURITE        HOLIDAYS


  •   to revise previously taught vocabulary;
  •  to give practice in reading a text about Christmas in Ukraine for specific information;
  •  to develop students’ listening skills;
  •    to review a grammar point (question tags);
  •    to develope speaking skills;
  •    to promote interest in the culture;

Materials:  HOs, images connected with different holidays, a tape-recorder and the recording of the text, a laptop




I. Introduction to the lesson.  Greeting. Warming up

T: Today you will

               read about one of the greatest holidays’ traditions

               listen to the boy’s story

               talk about celebrations

               practise using question tags

Today we’re going  to discuss very pleasant and interesting things. We’ll speak about holidays. We do love holidays, don’t we? By the end of the lesson you should be able to actively use the target vocabulary in your talk about some holidays’ celebrations.

T: Do you like holidays?

   What holidays do you celebrate?

   What holidays do you really look forward to?

   Is it better to stay at home on holidays or go some where?

   How would you feel if there weren’t any holidays?

   What holiday food do you like?

SS’s  answers

II. Body

1.   Look at the following pictures. Choose one of them and say a few words about the   holiday it is connected with.

Slide #2

                                                                                                        S1 S2  S3, etc

2. Reading

  (Ex. 3 p. 54)

T: Some holidays are celebrated by every family in Ukraine. There’re long established traditions of celebrating these holidays. One of such holidays is

( you have to name letters of the ABC to guess the holiday)

Before you read

Slide #3

SS’s  answers

Answer: Christmas

While you read

Find in the text phrases to describe Christmas traditions in our country


After you read

Choose the correct item to complete the sentences ( Ex. 4 p. 55)


Complete the sentences with the correct question tags ( Ex.  5 p. 55)

                                                                                                                  S1 S2  S3, etc

T;  What are your questions to the following question tags? Write them down into your   


4. Writing

Slide #4

…, don’t they?      …, doesn’t she?        …does he?      …, isn’t it?       …doesn’t it?  …is

it?  …do they?


5. Physical warming up

 Song  “If you are happy”

Slide #5



                                                                                                                      T; SS;


T: Now you’ll listen to the text about the holiday we celebrate each year

(Tapescript p. 220)

Before you listen

           Match the word-combinations with their Ukrainian equivalents.


citys population

населення міста

all day long

весь день


While you listen

                                                  Choose the appropriate option:


Name _______________________   Form  7_____

Match the word-combinations with their Ukrainian equivalents.

to honour         

брати участь в

an adult

торгове місце

social activities


the Municipality

насолоджуватися показом

to participate


main city square

розваги для населення

a wonderful performance

чудова вистава

to satisfy tastes

найщасливіше свято

a market place

головна площа міста

a   theatrical show

міська влада

to look forward to

очікувати з нетерпінням

an occasion


to enjoy the show

задовольняти смаки

the happiest holiday

театральна постановка

  1.  Every ________ has important events in its history.

                A.  family                                                    

    B.  school   

    C.  country

    D.  form                                                

  1.  On this special day there many social activities prepared by ________ .
    1.  students
    2.  the Municipality
    3.  adults
    4.  children
  2.  During this special day people go to _______ where they listen to music on the main city square.
    1.  school
    2.  the city centre
    3.  the park
    4.  the river
  3.  The fun activities and the concerts can satisfy everybody’s ________ .
    1.  wishes
    2.   knowledge         
    3.  tastes
    4.  arguments         
  4.  There are also market places where people can _______ everything they need.
    1.  buy
    2.  look at
    3.   smell
    4.  read
  5.  Children can enjoy __________  in the city centre.
    1.  doing homework
    2.  sleeping
    3.  eating cakes and ice-cream
    4.  watching theatrical show
  6.  The best part of the day is ________ .
    1.  the big concert
    2.  the karaoke
    3.  the show
    4.  the firework
  7.  __________  there is the firework.
    1.  in the morning
    2.  after supper
    3.  in the evening
    4.  in the afternoon
  8.  Most of the city’s population _________  the show.
    1.  hates
    2.  enjoys
    3.  pays no attention to
    4.  dislikes
  9.  After the show young people ________.
    1.  continue the celebrations
    2.  go home
    3.  go to school
    4.  write e-mails
  10.  The text we have listened to is about __________ .
    1.  New Year Day
    2.  Christmas
    3.  Independence Day
    4.  St Valentine Day

Key:  1. c;   2. b;   3. b;   4. c;   5. a;   6. d;   7. d;   8. c;   9. b;   10. a;   11. c;


After you listen

6. Speaking

Pair work  

T: Discuss Independence Day with your partner



Student’s A Card  ( Do not show to Student B )

  1.  What is the best Independence Day you’ve ever had?
  2.  What do you usually do on this day?
  3.  Do you like what’s on TV during holiday time in our country?
  4.  What do you dislike about Independence Day?
  5.  What do you know about the history of this day?
  6.  How do you feel when the holiday is over?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  

Student’s B Card  ( Do not show to Student A )

  1.  What does Independence Day mean to you?
  2.  What do you usually eat on this day?
  3.  How should Independence Day be spent?
  4.  What music do you like to listen to on this day?
  5.  Do you usually need a holiday after holiday?
  6.  Is It better to go somewhere or to stay at home on holidays?

                                                                                                                       S1   S2;  

III.  1. Homework

T: Ex. 7 p. 56

Be ready to speak about one of the holidays we’ve mentioned at our lesson.

2. Summarizing

T: Why do you like holidays?

    Is it important to celebrate them?

    What have you learnt at the lesson?

Slide #6

SS’s  answers


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