Sports. Plural (irregular nouns)

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On February we’ll have the world sport competitions which called the Olympic Games. There are winter and summer Olympic Games. The last summer Olympic Games were in Perkin in China. The next winter Olympic Games will take part in Vancouver in Canada. The team of our country will take part in these competitions.



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Oxana Sushko, school 11, Bila Tserkva, Kyiv region

Topic: Sports.  Plural (irregular nouns).

Objectives: - to systematize lexical materials on the topic;

  •  to practice the active vocabulary of the topic;
  •  to develop speaking, reading, writing skills through various activities;
  •  to develop students’ thinking, memory, imagination, attention and creativeness.

Level: Elementary (5th form, “Oxford Team”)

Aids:   pictures of different sport, multimedia presentation.


I. Beginning of the lesson.

  •  Good afternoon, boys and girls. Nice to meet you in our English lesson.
  •  First let’s do some phonetic exercises.
  •  Listen and repeat the tongue twister.
  •  Practice the tongue twister with your partner.
  •  Please, repeat the dialogue to the class.

II. Follow up.

Activity 1

  •  Open your daybooks and write down your home tasks S.B. p. 29, Ex. 5, 6
  •  Open your copybooks and write down today’s date. Let’s write the motto of our lesson (spelling each letters). Be fit! Sport is good for you!
  •  What does it mean?
  •  On February we’ll have the world sport competitions which called the Olympic Games. There are winter and summer Olympic Games. The last summer Olympic Games were in Perkin in China. The next winter Olympic Games will take part in Vancouver in Canada. The team of our country will take part in these competitions. I offer to make a competition in today’s lesson; this competition will be intellectual but not sports. We have a basket of gold medals. Each medal is two points for you. Who will have the most medals will be the winner of our competitions.

Activity 2

  •  Open your vocabulary and repeat the new words “sport”. Look at the picture and name the sport.
  •  Look at the screen we have some words with missing letter. Your task is to write the right word and name the missing letter.

(sw…mming, tenni…, winds…rfing, f…tball, k…rate, a…robics, volle…ball, basketb…ll, j…do, cy…ling, s…ateboar…ing, at…letics)

Activity 3

  •  Do we ‘play football’, ‘go football’ or ‘do football’? (play football). Let’s read the first explanation in the box on page 30. (We use play with the ball games).
  •  Read the second explanation (We use go with sports ending in -ing).
  •  Read the third explanation (We use do with other sports).
  •  Look at the screen let’s divide sports into three columns

(swimming, tennis, windsurfing, football, karate, aerobics, volleyball, basketball, judo, cycling, skateboarding, athletics)
















Activity 4.

- Use the pictures on your tables to make sentences what sports do you and your friends like. (I like to play basketball, my friend likes to go swimming.). Use the screen to help you.

I like to (play, go, do)

My friend likes to (play,go,do)

Activity 5.

- We are not only do sports after the lessons we also can do some exercises in the class. Lets sing a song and dance. (song “Clap your hands”).

Activity 6.

  •  Your home task was to read, translate the text, answer the questions and do tasks. Let’s check it.
  •  Find the translation in the text.

Популярний спорт, інші країни, тисячі молодих люди, їхня мрія, приєднатися до відомої команди, надворі-всередині, національні команди, по всьому континенту, не дорогий, потрібно лише м’яч, з Британії, шматки деревини, весело, дешево, корисно для здоров’я, інтернаціональна зірка.

  •  What sport is in picture 1? (basketball)

- What sport is in picture 2? (football)

- What sport is in picture 3? (cricket)

  •  Choose the best answers. А, В or C.

1 Lots of young people in the USA like to play ….

A baseball.

В basketball.

С volleyball.

2 Latin American people love to …. football on TV.

A play

В see

С watch

3 To play cricket you need a ball, a bat and some pieces of ….

A wood.

В plastic.

С glass.

- Complete the table.



Popular in


Ball and a hoop



Ball and two goals

Latin America


Ball, bat and some pieces of wood

Britain, Australia, India, Pakistan, West India

  •  Do you know where all that countries are? Look at the map of the world (the teacher shows the countries).
  •  Which sports are in the Olympic Games? (basketball and football)

Activity 7.

  •  In English as in Ukrainian we have plural and singular forms of the nouns.
  •  How can we make plural nouns? (with –s or -es)
  •  Make some examples please (a car - cars, a doll – dolls, a box – boxes etc).
  •  Also there are irregular nouns, which you have to know by heart. Let’s check your knowledge. Look at the screen and match singular and plural forms.





















Activity 8.

  •  Also we have to know how to make sentences. Look at the screen and change sentences from singular to plural in written form.

That woman is a good dancer. (These women are good dancers).

The child is in the sport ground. (The children are in the sport grounds).

This man is a famous swimmer. (These men are famous swimmers).

  •  Change sentences from plural to singular.

They are nice players.  (He/She is a nice player).

Where are my teeth? (Where is my tooth?).

They are interesting people. (He/She is an interesting person).

  •  At home you’ll do the same exercises in written.

III. Summary of the lesson.

- Now let’s summarize the results of our competitions. Count your medals. The winner of today’s lesson is …

- But our competitions aren’t end today. We continue to study this interesting theme and continue our competitions on the next lessons.

- Thank you for the lesson. Good buy.

Resources: www.betterteaching.ua; www.onestopenglish.ua; www.oup.com; www.english4u.com.


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