What’s the weather like?

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Педагогика и дидактика

Today we are going to speak about the weather, about your favourite seasons. You know, the weather is a safe topic for a conversation. That's why we should be good at it.



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Oxana Sushko, school 11, Bila Tserkva, Kyiv region

Topic: What’s the weather like?

Objectives: - to systematize lexical materials on the topic;

  •  to practice the active vocabulary of the topic;
  •  to develop speaking, reading, listening skills through various activities;
  •  to develop students’ thinking, memory, imagination, attention and creativeness.

Level: Elementary

Aids: song “Don’t go out in the rain”, pictures of different seasons, multimedia presentation.


I. Beginning of the lesson. Warming-up.

  •  Good morning, boys and girls. Nice to meet you in our English lesson.

T: Good morning, dear children! Glad to meet you. How are you today?

P: I am well. Thank you.

T: That's nice. You are in a good mood and the weather is nice today. Look out of the window! It's....

P: Rainy, sunny, cloudy..

T: Today we are going to speak about the weather, about your favourite seasons. You know, the weather is a safe topic for a conversation. That's why we should be good at it.

T: And what poems about the weather do you know? Can you recite them? But pay attention to the sounds [w], [v], [r]. Repeat after me all together.

When the weather is wet,

We must not fret.

When the weather is cold,

We must not scold.

When the weather is warm,

We must not storm,

But be thankful together

Whatever the weather.

II. Follow up.

Activity 1. Reading.

T: When two Englishmen meet, they often speak about the weather. The matter is that in Britain the weather changes more often than in other countries. That's why they say other countries have climate and in England they have weather.

By the way, we've got a letter from an English school girl. She writes about the weather in her place. She is fond of drawing and she draws pictures in it. So, please, read the letter and put in words instead of pictures.

LETTER Hello boys and girls,

My name is Ann. It was my day-off yesterday. It was very           in the morning. And my friends and I went to play in the yard. It was warm. But soon many dark

appeared in the sky. It was              and        . We ran home quickly. But after dinner the weather changed again. There were no          in the sky. It wasn't          . It was          

again. We were very happy and enjoyed the weather.

Activity 2. Role play “Weather forecast”.

T: So, you've learnt what the weather was like last weekend in England. Do you know what the weather will be like next week in our town? Let's listen to the weather forecast. We have a guest today who will tell us about the weather for the next weekend.

P: Hello, my name is.... I want to tell you about the weather next weekend. On Saturday it will be snowy and windy. The temperature will be 5 degrees below zero. But on Sunday the weather will change for the better. It will be sunny and frosty. The sky will be blue and cloudless. So, you will be able to enjoy real winter weather. Have a nice weekend!

Activity 3. Vocabulary practice.

T: Why do we listen to the weather forecast?

P: We listen to the weather forecast to put on the right clothes.

T: Right you are. Let us see, what clothes we need in different weather. Look at the screen and make sentences:

PI: When it’s snowing you need a hat and gloves.

P2: When it’s sunny we need sunglasses.

P3: As for me, I wear hat and a big scarf when it’s frosty.

P4:When it’s raining I need an umbrella.

Activity 4. Listening.


T: And now listen to the telephone conversation and tick true or false statements in the table.


Mark: Hi, Paul. It's Mark. How are you?

Paul: Hi! I'm fine! Are you enjoying your holiday?

Mark: Oh, yes. Cancun is a fantastic place. And the hotel is just marvelous.

Paul: What's the weather like?

Mark: The weather's great! It's hot and sunny.

Paul: You lucky thing! It's cold and wet here in Manchester. So, what are you doing?

Mark: I'm just relaxing at the beach. Some people are playing volleyball and some others are sailing.

Paul: So you are having a great time.

Mark: Yes, it's fantastic. How about you?

Paul: Oh, I'm at the office. I'm working on the computer. I'm reading some e-mails.

Mark: Sorry to hear that.

Paul: That's OK. Enjoy yourself!

Mark: Thanks. Bye.




Paul's on holiday


Mark thinks the hotel is marvelous


The weather in Cancun is cloudy and cold


Mark is relaxing at the beach


It's cold and wet in Manchester


The weather in Cancun is hot and sunny


Paul's reading some e-mails

T: Look at the screen and check your answers.

Key: 1-F; 2-T; 3-F; 4-T; 5-T; 6-T; 7-T.

Activity 5. Speaking.

T: Please, make up dialogues using the pictures. Ask each other about the weather, about the season. Find out where the people are and what they are wearing. You can use these questions in your dialogues (on the screen).

What's the weather like in the picture?

What season is it?

Where are the people?

What are they doing?

What are the people wearing?

And, please, use the words:

I think;

I believe;

To my mind;

In my opinion;

As for me.

Activity 6. Song time.

T: Do you know songs about seasons and weather? It seems to me it's high time to sing. Will you? (Учні співають пісню.)

Don’t go out in the rain.

Are you leaving?

Are you walking away?

Is the sun disappearing?

Are the clouds here to stay?

Don’t go out in the rain.

Stay and be warm.

The sun always shines again

After a storm/

Are you waiting/

Are you looking for me?

There’s rainbow behind you.

Turn around and see.

Activity 7. Guess the riddles.

T: I see that you are good at singing. But can you guess the riddles? Some pupils have prepared riddles, listen to them attentively and say what season it is.

PI: This is the season

When mornings are dark

And birds do not sing

In the forest and park.

This is the season

When children ski

And Father Frost

Brings the New Year tree.(Winter)

P2: This is the season

When snowdrops bloom,

When nobody likes

To be in the room.

This is the season

When birds make their nests.

This is the season

We all like best.(Spring)

P3: This is the season

When nights are short;

When children are full

Of fun and sport;

Playing, swimming

All the day

With a happy song

On a sunny day. (Summer)

P4: This is the season

When fruit is sweet;

This is the season

When school friends meet,

When noisy and gay

And brown in the sun,

With their books and bags

To school they run.

Down, down, down

Red, yellow, brown

Autumn leaves fall down. (Autumn)

Activity 8. Project.

T: And what is your favourite season? What kinds of weather do you like most of all? Your home task was to make up projects. Please, present them. One of you will speak and all the rest listen to him attentively and write down the sentences, describing the weather.

(Учні розповідають про свою улюблену пору року та погоду.)

III. Summary of the lesson.

T: Thank you for your work, children. You have been active, smart and quick. So, your marks are.... Your home task will be to write an e-mail to your friend from a holiday place. Write about the weather and activities.

Resources: www.myweather.com;




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