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The equipment you need is skis, boots and poles. Clothes are very important too because they protect you from cold weather. You need a ski-suit, a hat, goggles to protect your eyes, socks, mittens.



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Цели урока

  1.  Активизировать употребление в речи учащихся ЛЕ по теме “Спорт”.
  2.  Практиковать учащихся в аудировании с целью извлечения необходимой информации и конструировании диалога.
  3.  Развивать инициативу, умение вступать в беседу с собеседником.
  4.  Способствовать воспитанию у учащихся необходимость занятий физкультурой и спортом.


2010 г.
. Poem

I like riding by bicycle

I’m fond of playing chess

My friend is good at judo

We are keen as you can guess

On every kind of sport for sure

As it can even the illness cure

And can for every girl and boy

Bring many moments of joy.

The proverb reads for everybody

’’A sound mind in a sound body’’.

2. PP

  - I like swimming. And what about you?

  - As for me I’m fond of …

                     I’m keen on…

                     I’m good at …

3. Give one word for the following definitions:

A game for two teams that you play with a ball and a basket.(basketball)

A game that you play on board.(chess)

A game for two teams that you play with the sticks on the ice-ground.(ice- hockey)

A game for two people that you play with a small ball on the table. (table -tennis)

An English popular game.(football)

This kind of sport includes things like running, jumping, etc. (athletics)

Canada’s national sport is… (hockey)

You can swim there in winter (swimming- pool)

A place where boys and girls go in for sports… (gymnasium)

A person that trains sportsmen in this or that kind of sport… (trainer)

4. Write in play, go, or do.

_____ tennis         ______  athletics      ______football

_____ exercises    ______ volleyball    ______fishing

_____ jogging      ______ aerobics       ______skiing

Can you work out rules?

5. Choose some of the sports or activity from your list and fill in the columns 


play, go or do?










football pitch



6. Listening Activity

Listen to a story and continue to complete the columns.

My name is Suzanne. I love many sports, but best of all I like skiing. I first skied when I was 6 years old and lived in Canada. And then for many years I couldn’t go skiing as I lived in hot places. But now I live in England and I began skiing again.

But the best place for me to ski now is Alps.

The equipment you need is skis, boots and poles. Clothes are very important too because they protect you from cold weather. You need a ski-suit, a hat, goggles to protect your eyes, socks, mittens.

I want to say that I’m not the world’s greatest skier, I’m a safe skier, but that doesn’t stop you having a wonderful time.  

  •  -Which sport does Suzanne talk about?
  •  -How often does she do it?
  •  -Where does she do it?
  •  -What equipment does she need?
  •  -Does she like it?
  •  -Is she good at it?

7. Arrange these words to make sentences.

  1.   go    never   I    almost    fishing.
  2.   always   they  tennis  the   at  play  weekends.   
  3.   go  do  often  jogging  how  you ?
  4.   every do  we day  exercises  morning.
  5.   ever  Charlie  do  does  aerobics?       
  6.   do on  you  what usually Saturdays  do?

8. Check ( ) how often you do each of the things in the chart.

Every day


or twice

a week


Not very



do aerobics

go jogging

go swimming

do exercises

play basketball

go fishing

play football

9. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions.

         What sports do you do? Where do you do it? How often…? Are you good at...?

10. Put different kinds of physical activity in the order of importance.

         Pupils work in groups    

summer sports                        morning exercises

winter sports                          walking

jogging                                   working in the garden

indoor games                          bodybuilding

outdoor games                        aerobics

11. Ask questions to your classmate in order to find out what kind of sport or physical activity he does to keep feet.

        -Do you go jogging to keep fit?

12. Complete this conversation.

      Write the prepositions in the correct places.

– What time do you go jogging?  (around/in/on)

– I always go jogging seven o’clock.   (at/for/on)

How about you?

– I usually go jogging noon.   (around/in/with)

I jog about an hour.   (at/for/until)

– And do you also play sports your free time?   (at/in/until)

– Not very often. I usually go out my classmates in my free time.   (around/for/with)

What about you?

– I go to the gym Mondays and Wednesdays.   (at/on/until)

And sometimes I go bicycling weekends.   (for/in/at)

– Wow! You really like to keep fit.

13. Pupils make their own dialogues.

14. H/w. Pupils write a story what they do to keep fit.

15. Summarizing.


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