Life of a Society. Inventors and Inventions

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Педагогика и дидактика

First I intended to use canvas to make tents and wagon coverings. But miners complained that their ordinary trousers wore out too quickly. So, I thought and thought and …



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3 чел.

         Shostka Town Administration

Education Board


English Language Chair

Life of a Society.

Inventors and Inventions.


                                                                  Content author

                                                                   Novikowa V. A.

Shostka 2011

       Theme: Life of a Society. Inventors and Inventions.


                   General:  to train  verbs and expressions of the topic;

                                   to develop students’ awareness of inventors and inventions.


                    Specific: to develop students’ capacity for learning lexis;

                                   to practise using lexis;

                                   to develop writing skills;

                                   to provide a realistic context for using lexis.


           Materials:   text “Inventors and Inventions”, pictures, photos

           Lesson Structure

  1.  Organizing the class.

II.          Reporting subject and aims of the lesson.

                 We go on learning theme “Life of a Society”. Today we shall speak

                 about inventors and inventions. You’ll train words and expressions on           

                 the topic, develop your awareness of inventors and their inventions,  

                 practise lexis in a realistic context, develop skills of a dialogue speech.   

  1.  Warming up. Pair work.

    Work with your partner to review lexis we learnt at our previous


  1.  Checking home task. Match an inventor with his invention.
    1.  Samuel Morse                           a) the Kodak camera
    2.  Bill Gates                                   b) the telephone
    3.  Isaak Newton                              c) penicillin
    4.  Levi Strauss                               d) the telegraph
    5.  Alexander Bell                           e) Disney World, Florida
    6.   George Eastman                        f) the phonograph
    7.  Ted Dorgan                                 g) Microsoft
    8.  Thomas Edison                            h) the Hot Dog name
    9.  Walt Disney                                 i) first jeans
    10.  Alexander Fleming                      j) law of gravitation

(Key: 1d, 2g, 3j, 4i, 5b, 6a, 7h, 8f, 9e, 10c)

  1.  Practising speaking about famous people. Interviewing.

            Students work in pairs. One of them is a reporter, the other is one of

            prominent people.


E. g. Interviewing Levi Strauss     

            Mr. Strauss, of course, we shall talk about your famous pants, which

            are called “jeans” nowadays. So, what does the notion “jeans” mean?

The name “jeans” was kept after sailors from Genoa [dzenoue], Italy, who wore clothes from a material quite similar to the one used today for native jeans.

            And how did you get an idea of sewing paints?

First I intended to use canvas to make tents and wagon coverings. But miners complained that their ordinary trousers wore out too quickly. So, I thought and thought and …                

             You converted the canvas into waist overalls and became the first                                                                 

             fashion designer!

     I simply had to earn money for a living.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

                Thank you, Mr. Strauss.

  1.  Written practice.

          Translate into English.

  1.  Компанія тримає в секреті точні інгредієнти кока – коли.
    1.  Нова назва сендвіча, хот – дог, стала сенсацією.
    2.  Генрі Форд побудував свою першу машину в 1896 році.
    3.  Леві Страус започаткував компанію, яка зараз відома в усьому світі.
    4.  Винахід електричної лампочки Томом Едісоном змінив життя всього людства.
    5.  Барак Обама – перший афро - американський президент США.
    6.  За свій винахід А. Енштейн отримав Нобелівську премію з фізики за 1922 рік.
    7.  Білл Гейтс започаткував корпорацію Майкрософт, коли йому було 19 років.
    8.  Джекі Кеннеді першою відкрила Білий Дім для туристів.
    9.  Поп - корн – це маленькі кукурудзяні зерна, які за звичай їдять з молоком і цукром на сніданок.

  1.  Having fun. Doing Personality Quiz.

          What Type of Person Are You?

             Read the questions and tick the correct answer for you.

  1.   You hate heights. You feel sick when you go to high places, so you don’t want to do a parachute jump. Someone calls you a coward, what do you do?

                                    a) Do the parachute jump.        b) Ignore them.

        2.     For a joke, you hide the teacher’s book. However, she doesn’t

think it’s funny. She’s furious! Either you confess or she will punish       the entire class. Do you confess?

          a) No.                      b) Yes.

3.  You hate lying, however, your best friend needs your help.   He/she

      wants you to tell his/her parents a lie. His/her parents don’t want

     him/her to go to a party alone so he/she tells his/her parents that he/she

     will be with you. Do you lie?

                                       a) Yes.                 b) No.

          4.  Chemistry is your worst subject. You are therefore worried  about a

               chemistry test on a Monday morning. The Sunday before, you are

               studying hard but your friend wants you to go simming. Do you go?

                                      a) Yes.                       b) No.

         5.  Everyone in the school admires a boy called James who is attractive and

               clever. He has a lot of influence in the school. However, when you    are

               walking home,  you see him kicking a cat. Do you shout at him?

                                      a) No.                        b) Yes.

         6.  You are with a large group of friends when someone says  something

              horrible  about your best friend.  Everyone laughs.  What do you do?                                

                                       a) Laugh too.               b) Defend your friend.

         7.  You are with a friend. Your friend says “hello” to a very  unattractive girl

              in the street.  You say, “Who is that ugly   person?”   Your friend says,

              “That’s my sister”. What do you   do?  

                                     a) Laugh.                  b) Apologize a thousand times.

    Scoring: for every a add 3, every b – 1. Read the analysis and see what type  

   of person you are.    

       7 – 14: You consider your friends and listen to what they say. Friends are

                   obviously important to you. However, you also have your own ideas.

                   You are responsible but not boring. You are not frightened to say

                   what you think and sometimes you are quite brave.

       15 – 20: You are a good friend. However you must be careful. Perhaps your

                      friends influence you too much. Be more honest about what you  

                      think. Remember, you don’t have to worry what you say to a good

                      friend. They always understand!

  1.  Summarizing.
  2.  Home assignment.

1. Read text “Pocahontas” (pp. 101 - 102)

2. Write 10 questions to the text.

  1.  Ending the Lesson.


         1780  -  Benjamin Franklin invented bifocal lenses for glasses

         1837  -  Samuel Morse invented  telegraph            

    1852  -  Isaak Singer made a sewing machine

         1853  -  George  Grum made very  thin French fries  -   potato chips

         1860  -  Levi Strauss made the first jeans in California

         1876  -  Alexander Bell invented the telephone

         1877  -  Thomas Edison invented the phonograph

         1886  -  Josephine Cochrane invented the dishwasher

         1886  -  Dr.John Pemberton invented Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia

         1886  -  A rich man Lorrilard from Tuxedo Park, N.Y. got the idea of a                                          tuxedo  

         1886  -  David  McConnel  started Avon cosmetics

         1888  -  George Eastman produced the Kodak camera

         1890  -  a doctor in St.Luis first made peanut butter

         1892   -  Charles and Frank Duryea invented the first gasoline automobile

         1892  -  William Wrigley made flavoured chewing gum

         1896  -  Henry Ford built his first car

         1903  -  Brothers Wright flew in their motor airplane

         1903  -  King Gillette made safe blades for razors

         1904  -  The hamburgers were served for the first time

         1906  -  The Hot Dog  name  was invented  by Ted Dorgan

         1913  -  Arthur Wayne made the first crossword puzzle in the newspaper

         1916  -  Garret Morgan invented the traffic light

         1922  -  W.Kellog made Corn Flakes

         1922  -  Mr. and Mrs.Wallace  started the magazine “Reader’s Digest”

         1924  -  Vladimir Zworygin invented television

         1938  -  Chester Carlson invented a machine to make Xerox copies

         1939  -  Igor Sikorsky built the helicopter

         1955  -  Jonas Salk developed the polio vaccine

         1961  -  Two brothers opened McDonald’s

         1972  -  Nolan Bushnell invented  Video Game

         1973  -  A pilot Frederick Smith started delivering mail in one day  - Federal Express

         1977  -  Jobs and Wozniak  launched the personal computer  (PC) industry

         1982  -  Robert Jarvik made the artificial heart

                                   (to be continued)



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