London - the capital of Great Britain

Конспект урока

Педагогика и дидактика

Yes, you are right travelling is very popular nowadays and to my mind there is nothing better than travelling around the world. Let's travel together today. I want you to visit one of the wonderful cities in the world. But you have to find out the name of the city from this task. Before doing it you have to get some instructions.



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3 чел.

Practical:   -    to practice pupils’ speech on the topic “London-the capital of

                            Great Britain”;

  •  to revise vocabulary on the topic and urge pupils to use these  

     words in their speech;

-     to develop pupils’ speaking, reading, listening and writing skills

      on the topic;

  •   to practice in using the Past Perfect Tense;

Educative:  to teach pupils to work in pairs and groups;

Social:  to develop love for English language;

Equipment:   pictures, tables, texts for reading, hand-outs, signal cards for

                             listening, disks and a tape-recorder


І.  1) Greetings

Good Morning! Glad to see you!

2) Aims and the topic of the lesson Today we are going to talk about the capital of Great Britain and have an excursion around it. You will:

revise your topical vocabulary;

practice in grammar;

read the text about London's sights;

listen to the text about Buckingham Palace;

make up the dialogue.

II. Warming - up.

Let's start our lesson. Look at this quotation, read it and translate. Pay your attention to the sound [?].

"Before having a better lot, a man had travelled over the world..." (Людина подорожувала світом, щоб знайти кращу долю...)

A man travelled over the world in search of better lot. And how do you think why people travel?

P: To my mind people travel on business.

P: As for me we travel because it is exciting and useful.

P: People travel for pleasure and to see the beauty of the world.

P: Really traveling is enjoyable and good for health.

Yes, you are right travelling is very popular nowadays and to my mind there is nothing better than travelling around the world. Let's travel together today. I want you to visit one of the wonderful cities in the world. But you have to find out the name of the city from this task. Before doing it you have to get some instructions.

Pleas look at the quotation again. What tense is used here?

III. Check on Home task.

1. What do you know about the Past Perfect Tense?

  1.  Яку дію виражає цей час?
  2.  Якими обставинними словами позначається цей час?
  3.  Як утворюється стверджувальна / заперечна / питальна форми?

Накреслити схему (учень розповідає і паралельно складає схему з підготовленого вчителем роздаткового матеріалу )




2. So it will not difficult for you to do this task: open the brackets and use
the verb in a proper tense form.

( записати дату, дата на дошці)

Then take the first letters of the marked words and write them down on the blackboard.

(HO)l. Open the brackets and use the verb in a proper tense form. 1)1 was very glad that my brother had already (to leave) for London.

  1.  I showed him the book about our capital that he had not (to buy) yet.
  2.  My parents had (not, to be) to Great Britain by that time.
  3.  Had they (to build) the Museums of Arts by the first of December?
  4.  I had (not, to see) so many outstanding people by that time.
  5.  We had (to finish) the translation of the text about the northern neighbour of England by five o'clock.

IV. 1. Reading

So the key-word of our task is London. And as you see today we are going to visit London-the capital of Great Britain. (У зошитах записати тему та вислів)

1) Pre-reading activity
"If you are tired of London,
You are tired of life.

Samuel Johnson

T: 1) Do you agree with this quotation? Why? P: As I know there are a lot of picturesque parks and squares in London. P: I know exactly that there are many museums and ancient buildings there. P: Because there are a lot of places of interest in London.

T: 2) What places of interest do you know? (St. Paul's Cathedral, Big Ben, the Tower of London, Westminster Abby and Buckingham Palace)

T: Yes, really there are a lot of places of interest in London. Now let's read about some of them.

2) While-reading activity

While reading the text find out

the I variant - the names of the sights  

the II variant - some information about them


3) Post-reading activity

Match the places of interest at the photos with their names; find these places on the map of London. Please use these phrases:

I want to tell you about...

I would like to tell you about...

I would like to pay your attention at this photo...

Look at this photo... (один учень називає визначне місце і показує його на карті, а інший - розповідає про місце і показує його фото).


1) St. Paul's Cathedral is a masterpiece of the famous architect Sir Christopher Wren. It took him 35 years to construct this beautiful building. You can see the huge dome with the golden bell and cross on the top. It is full of monuments. There is the Whispering Gallery there, which runs round the dome. People say that if someone whispers close to the wall on one side, a person with his ear close to the wall on the other side can hear what is said.

  1.  Big Ben is a huge clock on the Clock Tower of the House of Parliament. The Clock is 313 ft high and 41ft square. 

  1.  Under the decree of the King of England, it was designed to be not only a great abbey and a place of worship, but also a place for the coronation and burials of monarch. Westminster Abby also famous for its Poets Comer.


The Tower of London is one of the most ancient buildings of London. It is situated in the city. It was founded in the 11th century by William the Conqueror. At the centre of this building there is the "White Tower" (1078). It was been a palace, a zoo, a prison, a royal treasury. There are always black ravens in it. People keep them and look after them very well as they believe that London will be rich as long as ravens live there.


Buckingham Palace is a Royal residence. It was built in 1703 by the Duke of Buckingham. There are nearly 600 rooms in the palace and three miles of red carpet. It is like a small town with a police station, two post offices, a hospital, a bar, two sport clubs, a disco, a cinema, a swimming pool. 


a masterpiece шедевр 

an architect - архітектор

a dome купол

a bell - колокол

a cross хрест

a whisper - шепіт 

a decree постанова 

worship поклоніння

a coronation коронація 

a burial - похорони 

a monarch монарх 

a treasury - скарбниця 

a raven - ворон 

rich - багатий 

a duke - герцог 

IV. 2. Listening

                    Buckingham Palace

 Buckingham Palace is the London home of Queen Elizabeth II. Its name comes from the Duke of Buckingham who, in 1762, sold the building to King George III. After Queen Victoria became queen of Great Britain in 1837 she decided to make it the official London home of the royal family.

In the building there are many interesting rooms, for example the long Throne Room that is about 200 meters and the Ball Room that is two times as long. There is also a gallery with paintings and sculptures by many famous artists selected from the royal collection. At the back of the building there are large gardens and a wonderful lake. The north part of the building is where the Royal Family actually lives. When the Queen is at home, the palace flag is high up. When she is away, the flag is down. Every day there is a ceremony called the Changing of the Guards. The guards wear red jackets and tall black hats called “bearskins”. This always attracts a lot of tourists.

When you go to London you will know about one of the most famous attractions of the city and, if you go in August or September, you will be able to go inside and walk through some of its rooms. Who knows, you might even see the Queen sitting by the lake enjoying a nice cup of tea.

1) Pre-listening activity

  1.  What do you know about Buckingham Palace?
  2.  Do you know anything about the popular ceremony near Buckingham Palace?

P: I am afraid I do not know about this ceremony.

3. And what about you?

P: Some days ago I saw a TV program on Discovery channel about London.

Maybe it is a changing of the guards. 3. Yes, you are right. Let’s try to find out some more information about Buckingham Palace and this ceremony from the text for listening. But at first look through these words and find the right translation. I will help you,


to change      а) продавати

  1.  a guard        b) тронa
  2.  a throne       c) приваблювати
  3.  to sell   d) змінювати
  4.  royal   e) охорона, караул
  5.  a bearskin     f) королівський
  6.  to attract      g) хутровий ківер

To change to have one place and go to another

A guard- is someone whose job is to protect a place or a person

A throne is an armchair of the king

To sell - to take money for things

Royal - is something that belongs to the kings family

A bearskin* is a big tall hat, is made of fur (look at the picture of the guard. 

While listening to the text you can find out some information about guard and

his uniform)

To attract to come into notice

(Після виконання завдання вивісити таблицю з перекладом даних слів).

2) While-listening activity

After the listening to the text you have to say:

What facts are new for you? 

What facts are interesting? Exciting for you? Make some notes.

3) Post-listening activity
Let's make a plan.

Учні відповідають на запитання, поставлені у попередньому завданні.

Учитель рекомендує використовувати розмовні фрази.

Please use such phrases 

  1.  It is interesting for me to know that the name of Buckingham Palace

                                     comes from the Duke of Buckingham    

                                           who, in 1762, sold the building to King

                                           George III.

 2.I know exactly that Queen Victoria decided to make Buckingham Palace the

official London home of the royal family.

3.I am surprised that there are many interesting rooms in the building, for

example the long Throne Room.

4. Without doubt there are large gardens and a wonderful lake at the back of the


5. As far as I remember when the Queen is at home, the palace flag is high up,

when she is away, the flag is down.

6. It is exciting that the guards wear red jackets and tall black hats called


7. It is not a secret that the ceremony of the changing of the guards always

attracts a lot of tourists.

8. It would be perfect to go inside and walk through some of its rooms and to see

Queen sitting by the lake enjoying a nice cup of tea. (Учні говорять, а вчитель складає план на дошці.)

So you have a plan and next time be ready to tell about Buckingham Palace and the popular ceremony using this plan.

IV. 3. Dialogue. Fill in the missing remarks.

You have so much information about London and its sights. Let's make a dialogue using all information.

Fill in the missing remarks and talk about London's sights. Imagine you are in London and you have a free time

Shall we go sightseeing today?

... (Yes, we shall. It would be perfect to visit some interesting places.)

What about going to British Museum?

- ... (I am afraid but I don't really like to visit the exhibitions.)

It is pity. Ok, I am absolutely sure it would be interesting for you to visit Buckingham Palace.

... (All right, I agree to all you say. I think it would be exciting to watch the changing of the guards.)

V. Home task

Be ready to tell about Buckingham Palace using the plan. Summarizing 1) What was the topic of our lesson?

  1.  What places of interest do you know?
  2.  What is the popular ceremony near Buckingham Palace?
  3.  Was it interesting for you to talk about London's sights? I'm pleased with your work at the lesson. Your marks are:

We have some minutes and I propose you to enjoy through the English poetry.

Oh, London Towns fine town,

And London sights are rare

               And London ale is right ale,

And brisks the London air.

            Oh, London girls are brave girls

  In silk and cloth of gold.

         And London shops are rare shops

              Where gallant things are sold.

                                                            John Mansfield


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