London Sights. The Tower of London

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Last Wednesday the Londoners went to the Tower of London with their class. The next day the children wrote about their visit and drew pictures. The Tower of London is a big castle with a lot of buildings inside it. One building was a prison. Sometimes the kings and queens of England chopped off their enemies’ heads there! So people called it the Bloody Tower.



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London Sights

The Tower of London

The topic of the lesson: The Tower  of London

The Objectives: to develop p-s’ communicative skills using active vocabulary on the topic; to improve p-s’ skills of selecting information while reading; to develop p-s’ ability to understand the Past simple, to develop the ability to analyze and summarize;  to develop p-s’ logical thinking, imagination; to raise p-s’ awareness about London.

Equipment: a map of London, a flag and national emblem of London, some photos of London; handouts with the Past Simple; textbook “In Touch 1”.


  1.  Introduction

T.  Today we are going to speak of a famous place which is in London, look at the computer screen and guess what is it? (pupils’ answers)


Teacher:     Who are the Londoners?

Where are they from?

What do they enjoy doing?

(possible pupils’ answers: they are four friends: Kim, Mark, Jenny and Rob. They are from London. They enjoy visiting amazing historic places)

3. Presentation

While reading task

We are going to work with the computer, you will search the Internet finding out the following words and expressions.


Crown Jewel [countable]

1 the crown jewels

the crown, sword, jewels etc worn by a king or queen for official ceremonies

2 the best or most valuable thing that a person or place has:  Innsbruck's crown jewel is the old town centre.

Beef‧eat‧er [countable] British English a traditional guard at the Tower of London

Tower of London. the Tower of London also the Tower a fortress (=protected group of buildings including a castle) in London next to the River Thames, built in the 11th century but originally built in Roman times. The kings and queens of England lived there in the past, and many important people were kept as prisoners there. It is now a museum.

Ex.1, p. 90 Read and answer the question.

What is the Tower of London?

Last Wednesday the Londoners went to the Tower of London with their class. The next day the children wrote about their visit and drew pictures. The Tower of London is a big castle with a lot of buildings inside it. One building was a prison. Sometimes the kings and queens of England chopped off their enemies’ heads there! So people called it the Bloody Tower.

Pupils’ possible answers:

P.1: It’s a museum now. It’s an old castle with high walls and towers.

P.2: You can see there small windows and large gardens.

P.3:  I’d like to say that the ravens are connected with the history of the tower. The legend says that without them the Tower will fall.

P.4: The Raven Master is the person who gives them food.

Practise listening and reading the text “A visit to the Tower of London” by Mark. (Pupils CDs)

Ex. 2, p. 90

We left school at nine o’clock. We went by coach. I sat next to Rob. We didn’t sit near Kim and Jenny because they wanted to sit near the driver.

Our parents gaive us some food and drink and we took some money with us. Kim and Jenny ate all their sandwiches and drank a bottle of cola. I didn’t eat or drink. I always feel sick on coaches.

On the way, we saw Buckingham Palace. Well, Rob didn’t see it. He slept all the way! We arrived at the Tower of London. I stood next to them and Rob took a photograph.

3. Grammar Complete with the Past simple.

Past simple affirmative (irregular verbs)














4. Grammar Complete and learn.

Past simple negative (irregular verbs)

I ate

I didn’t eat.

We drew

You gave

You wrote

He saw

They sat

She drank

5. Post-reading task.  Comprehension.  Correct the sentences.(pair work)

  1.  The Londoners went to the Tower of London last Monday.
  2.  They left school at eleven o’clock.
  3.  Mark sat next Kim.
  4.  The boys ate their sandwiches on the coach.
  5.  On the way the children saw Big Ben.
  6.  Jenny stood next to the Beefeaters.
  7.  Mark took Rob’s photo.

6. Listening. Listen, watch  and then complete. (http://www.liveinternet.ru/users/3561375/post158508628/;


Kim:  Look at my photos of the Crown Jewels and Bloody Tower!

Rob: Wow, they’ re great! 1_______you _________them?

Kim: Yes, I did.

Rob: Where 2 _____you_____ that special pencil?

Kim: At the shop next to the Jewel Room?. 3 _______ you and Mark ______ to the  Jewel Room?

Rob:  No, we didn’t. We were tired. We sat on the grass and ate our sandwiches.

Mark: What 4_______ you ______ in the Jewel Room?

Jenny:  We saw the jewels of all the kings and queens of England. They were beautiful.

Mark: 5 ______ you ______ into the Bloody Tower, Jenny?

Jenny:  No, I didn’t.

Mark: I did. I stayed there for one hour.

Kim: You’re lucky. A lot of people stayed there for years!

7. Grammar. Complete and learn.

Past simple questions

They went to the Tower of London.

Did they go to the Tower of London?

Yes, they ____. No they ____.

Where _____they go?

8 Make the questions. Then ask and answer.

1 What / Kim / buy / last Wednesday?

What did Kim buy last Wednesday? She bought…

2 Where /Kim/ buy / special pencil?

3 Jenny and Kim/go/ the Jewel Room?

4 The boys / visit/ the Jewel Room?

5 Where / the boys/ eat/ their sandwiches?

6 What / Jenny and Kim / see / in the Jewel Room?

7 Mark / go into/ the Bloody Tower?

8 Mark / stay in / the Bloody Tower / for years?

9. (Group work) Speaking.  Ask a classmate about a visit to a famous place.

Where did you go?

1 Where/go?

5 What/ see there?

2 Who/ go with?

6 What / you/ eat?

3 When/ go?

7 What time/ leave?

4 When/ arrive?

8 What / you like?

10. Summing up

11. Home-assighment

Work book (UNIT 33, ex. 1-4, p.76)

Гордієнко Н.Ю., вчитель англійської мови Смілянської спеціалізованої школи І-ІІІ ступенів №12 Смілянської міської ради Черкаської області


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