Love. Marriage

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People say that love is a magic feeling. A person in love can be compared with the shining sun. Look at the blackboard. You can see there the sun with long rays. Write the word connected with love.



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 На тему: « Love. Marriage»

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Свириденко О. Й.

Communication Sphere: Love. Wedding traditions.


• to practice vocabulary and spelling;

• to develop students’ creativity

• to increase cultural awareness

• to develop skills of unprepared speech.


I Introduction

Dear teachers.

Dear students. I’m glad to see you very much. I’m fine today.

And what about you?

You see, we are going to have a very unusual lesson today. The topic of our lesson is “Love Wedding”.

You will have a lot of activities today.

We shall have reading, discussions, dialogues, game play, and many others activities.

II Body.

1. Writing

People say that love is a magic feeling. A person in love can be compared with the shining sun. Look at the blackboard. You can see there the sun with long rays. Write the word connected with love.


2. Speaking. Playing a game.

You know, there is a special holiday, when one can show a friend or your sweetheart that you car. It’s St. Valentine’s Day.

We’ll have a small competition.

Each group had to prepare tasks about the symbols of the holiday. Let’s start.(for example: What does a red rose symbolize? Why is this day called St. Valentine’s Day? and so on)

           3. Matching exercise.

People say that to know love you must experience it. Love can produce both positive and negative feelings. Your task is: match the following terms with their description.

1. Passionate love           a. Involves total commitment between two people

2. Infatuation                   b. May form the foundation for true love to build on

3. Hostile love                 c. Possessive love

4. Unreturned love          d. Is vigorous, insistent and urgent

5. Friendly love               e. Raises its voice in anger against the love one

6. Jealous love                 f. Is frustrating because it is unfulfilled love

7. True love                     g. Foolish, extreme attractions that do not last

1d   2g  3e  4f  5b  6c  7a

4. Reading.

Now we’ll have some reading.

We shall read about:

  1.  falling in  love
  2.  symptoms of love and
  3.  the end of love affairs

After the reading state your opinion on the following questions.

1.Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not?

2.Do you think true love can be experienced many times in life, or can real love occur only once? Explain your answer.


It happened when Bill was a student at Yale Law School. Hillary was studying there too. Clinton was proud of his Arkansas background,and one day he was in the student lounge, telling some friends about his home town.Hillary was passing with some classmates,and she heard him say”And not only that, we have the largest watermelons in the world.’’ She asked her friends who the speaker was.They replied:’’Oh, that’s Bill Clinton,and all he ever talks about is Arkansas’’.Hillary was interested. A few days later they were both in the library. Hillary was studying;Bill was trying to study, but in fact he was staring at Hillary.After a while,Hillary walked over and said to him,’’Look, if you’re going to keep staring at me,we should at least introduce ourselves’’.

Love can be defined as a strong feeling of personal attachment between friends and family members.It can be defined as tender and compassionate affection shared between two people.When you love someone, you respond emotionally to that person’s needs.You help each other so that your lives are better when you are together than you are apart.

Some people say that to know love,you must experience it. You have experienced some forms of love already in your life.You will experience more as you grow emotionally and socially.

Both positive and negative feelings are closely related to the emotion of love.The power that love has can either improve or harm a person’s life.

Positive types of love add richness and fullness to life.They help people to feel good about themselves,about others,and about life in general

TRUE love involves total communication and commitment between two people. It means sharing what one has and what one is when with another person.True love motivates two people to help each other have the best life possible.

TENDER LOVEis happy and satisfying.It is not only beautiful in itself,but it increases the loveliness of the people involved.Tender love makes people feel warm, secure, and cheerful.

FRIENDLY LOVE grows through the years.It is neither passionate and consuming,nor hostile and hurting.Two people experiencing it are kept together with feelings of mutual respect and understanding.Sometimes a true love can be built upon a foundation of friendly love.

JEALOUS LOVE is a possessive love.The jealous lover holds the other person so tightly that the person is cut off from other people.Jealousy is almost always a mark of insecurity.

PASSIONATE LOVE is vigorous,insistent, and urgent.It centers on the sexual relationships of men and women.It can also be selfish,with little concern for the other.By itself,this kind of love is exhausting.Blended with other love forms,it can be exhilarating and fulfilling.

InHOSTILE LOVE the emotions of love and hate are closely related.This tendency to hate those you love involves a feeling of ambivalence-being attracted to and repelled by someone at the same time.

UNRETURNED LOVE is frustrating because it is unfulfilled love.When you realize your love is not being returned you may react with feelings of pain,sorrow and hopelessness.

Risk is an unavoidable part of life.Perhaps the greatest risk in loving another person is knowing that it may not last and the end of a relationship can bring a great deal of heartache and pain.No one can tell what the future can bring.Frequently,after a love relationship has come to an end,either or both of the partners avoid future relationships because they don’t want to risk.This solution,however,is not a solution at all. As you grow in experience, your judgment improves. Anyway, you have to learn to make your love relationships satisfying ones,for yourself and others.

[from ‘’Contemporary Living’’]

The famous architect Melville Fenton grew tired of matrimony and deviced a scheme to free himself of his spouse.He told her he had been engaged by an American company to design its new office building in Paris. Packing his baggage he left his home and proceeded to cut all his ties with his former life.He changed his name,secured a new job, and quickly forgot his faithful wife.Not having any respon sibility,he began to squander his money and energy.He married another woman,believing he was safe from the law.But his first wife had grown suspicious and resentful. She learned from his employer that he had gone abroad,that in fact he had left the firm altogether. With a little detective work, she soon discovered her husband’s where about.He had become a fugitive from justice and one calamity after another overtook him.He lost his job,became a pauper and was no longer the envy of his acquaintances.Then his second wife grew ill and died.

After collapse of his plans, there was only logical step for Melville to take.He embraced his wife and asked for forgiveness.Much to his relief, she decided not to prosecute him for bigamy.

5. Speaking.

True love leads to marriage.

I have prepared 4 statements for you to discuss. They are:   

1). Society would not exist without marriage.

2). Marriage is unnecessary.

3). Marriage is important for the children.

4). A lot of married people get divorced.                                                                 

I give you 2 or 3 minutes to be ready with your discussion.

6. Role play the situation.

Your task was also to make up dialogues according to the situation.

1).Your friend, Tessa, is engaged to marry Jim. But she has lately met and fallen in love with another man. She doesn’t want to upset Jim. She asks you for advice.

2).The wife has a full-time job and is angry because the husband does not help around the house.

3).The husband complains out his wife’s mother interfering him.  

 7. Watching video. Discussion of the video.

Different countries have different wedding dressing traditions.

Today we’ll watch a film about American wedding tradition of bride’s dressing.

My question is: “What four main things should American bride wear?” (Video, Family Album, U.S.A., episode 19, act 2)

 8. Relaxing time.

The last step of our today’s lesson is a very pleasant one.

It’s a song “The love that doesn’t have to hurt”.

Let’s sing it.

 9.Home task.

Our lesson is over.

But I think you have learned something new for you.

Can you comment on it?

What is love for you?

Your home task is to write the composition on the topic “Love. What is love for you?”and to read the text about the Ukrainian wedding traditions.

Comment on it.

You were active today.

Your marks are nice. Be free. See you next week.









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