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Nowadays many people enjoy music as their hobby. Thanks to this fact you can make many new friends, you can exchange cd’s, records, listen to music together and visit different concerts. For my person, music plays more important role in life than good pastime. It is something, which helps me to be in a good mood, understand different things and remove from tension. Music brings me pleasure and keen delight and fills my life with great expectations of joy and happiness.



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Nowadays many people enjoy music as their hobby. Thanks to this fact you can make many new friends, you can exchange cd’s, records, listen to music together and visit different concerts. For my person, music plays more important role in life than good pastime. It is something, which helps me to be in a good mood, understand different things and remove from tension. Music brings me pleasure and keen delight and fills my life with great expectations of joy and happiness. It stirs up my imagination and fills my mind with new ideas. There are a lot of different styles of music. Such as: Jazz, Pop, Rock, Classic; and new musical directions Such as: Rave, Hard Core, Jungle, Break Beat RAP, Hip-hop, and many other. But I don’t respond only to one definite musical style and my interests’ range from alternative to classics.

Learning objectives

  •  To practice scanning for specific information
  •  To practice speaking about music
  •  To write projects about music
  •  To practice asking questions and producing results
  •  To practice expressing your imaginations


The class is divided into 4 groups


Each group has to complete the sentences

  •  I find listening to music one of the best ways to spend time because……
    •  I enjoy translating texts of my favorite songs because…..
    •  For me music is……
    •  Some kinds of music are very popular today because……
    •  In my opinion……is good for children
    •  I think classical music is…….
    •  I hate listening to………

  •  Music is the part of my life because…….
    •  No music no….
    •  Life is music and music is……….
    •  Rock music is……
    •  Usually I buy…….
    •  Sometimes music can be harmful because……
    •  Sometimes when I am sad I…….

  •  I do believe that music is…..
    •  My best friends are fond of listening…..
    •  I have more than…..songs in my collection
    •  The most popular singers today are…..
    •  I am crazy about…..
    •  Many years ago people…….
    •  My favorite song is……..

  •  Just love music and you…..
    •  I really enjoy……
    •  I know that rap is……
    •  When I get up early in the morning I ……
    •  I like to find information about personal life of my favorite musicians because…..
    •  When I am tide I
    •  There are many different styles of music they are……..


Each group presents different styles of music with the help of the computer.


The pupils are listen to some different styles of music. Try to match them with the styles described in the text.

  1.  British Beat-the Beatles in the 1960s mixed rhythm and blues, rock and roll, and soul music. The new style was beat music.
  2.  Reggae-this started in Jamaica and is a mixture of music from African roots and rhythm and blues. Bob Marley made it popular
  3.  Heavy Metal-a style based on blues and rhythm and blues, but with electric instruments
  4.  Rap-in the 1980sDJs in American clubs began half singing and half talking over instrumental records.
  5.  Country and Western-the music of poor white Americans in the 1930s and 1940s. It’s still the most popular music in the southern USA.
  6.  Rock and Roll-white teenagers discovered rhythm and blues, but many radio stations would not play “black music”. Elvis Presley was one of the first singers to mix rhythm and blues and country and western. The result was rock and roll.
  7.  Rhythm and Blues-black workers in the USA moved from farms to the cities. They mixed the blues with gospel and played it with electric guitars-this became “rhythm and blues’.


Read the text  and answer the questions.

1 When and how did World Music start to appear?

2 What different kinds of World Music are there?

3 What are the benefits of it, according to the text?

4 What styles does Geoffrey Oryema mix?

Different kinds of music, played with different instruments and coming from different cultures have existed since prehistoric times. However, it was not until the 1980s that the concept of 'World Music' began. Before then, virtually the only records sold in British record shops were local or American.

Suddenly, from about 1980, international sounds started appearing on the radio and African musicians like the Senegalese Youssou N'Door began to come to London to play concerts. Nowadays, it is a thriving genre, selling millions of records and helping to open the minds of many people to music from other cultures. We can now hear Zairean dance music, Mexican Mariachi bands, drummers from Burundi, traditional Australian didgeridoo players and Pakistani Quawwali singers like the great, late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

However, World Music is not only traditional; it has encouraged the fusion of different styles from around the world. One example of this is the Ugandan musician, Geoffrey Oryema. Escaping death at the hands of the Ugandan dictator, Idi Amin, in 1977, Geoffrey moved to France where he started mixing his African roots with rhythms from western pop.

5 Listen to the song and read the lyrics.


The other day l looked

At myself in the mirror

Do not hide your face

Do not hide your face

From me when I feel sad.

On the day when I call you

Answer me, please answer me

And turn your shy ear towards me

No cows and no grass to graze on

Makes me feel I'm a nomad.

I'm lost and silent in the wilderness

like an owl among the ruins

My wings lined with ashes.

Alone on the roof

I feel I'm a nomad

I feel I'm a nomad

I feel I'm a nomad

My days go up in smoke

My bones are aching

My days go up in smoke

My heart is breaking.

Good walking leaves no track behind it

Do not hide your face

Do not hide your face

From me when I feel sad

6.Make the literary translation of the song.

7.  Answer these questions about the song.

1 Who do you think the singer is 'talking to'?

2 Why do you think he feels sad?

3 Why do you think the song is called 'nomad'?

8.  Which of these things do the images from the song refer to?

• wasted time • feeling sad • African proverbs • loneliness

1 I'm a nomad/I'm lost and silent in the wilderness/like an owl among the ruins

2 my heart is breaking/my bones are aching

3 my days go up in smoke

4 no cows and no grass to graze on/good walking leaves no track behind it

9. Put these verbs into the correct column. Do they take a gerund, an infinitive or    both?

practice / avoid / love / would like / suggest / stop / consider / need / finish / try / can't stand / hate / don't mind / want / remember



Gerund or Infinitive


10. Complete these sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

1   I'd like (go)...to go.......to that pop concert.

2 You need (practice)..................a lotto be good.

3 He’s finished (do)..............his homework.

4 When will Mario suggest (come).................here?

5 I try to avoid (make)..................mistakes.

6 In fact I try (do)..................my best.

7 Sonia remembers (buy)..................her first dress.

8 I’ve considered (go)..................to England to learn English.

9 We didn't remember (buy)..................Jaime a birthday present.

10 I stopped (learn)...........the piano last year.

11 My Gran wants (visit)..............Macho Pi.

11. In pairs, roleplay the following conversation.


Ask student B what kind of music he likes

                    STUDENT B

Say what music you like and which singers you like best


Agree or disagree and say who you like

                    STUDENT B

Ask if A has ever been to a concert.


If yes, say when you went and who you saw


                      Ask if A would like to go to…..concert. Explain who he she is.


Ask when and where the concert is

                          STUDENT B

            Give details.


Say if you would like to go or not


                 If the answer is yes, arrange a time and place to meet.

12. The pupils sing the song which they have prepared at home.

Реез Наталія Олександрівна, вчитель англійської мови Смілянського природничо-математичного ліцею Черкаської області 


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