The magic world of music

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It is difficult to imagine our life without music .It helps us to live and relax. We are going to speak about music because it plays a great role in our lives. Music is everywhere It is in the streets, in the shops, in the parks, on the television sets.



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The magic world of music


to practice and improve pupils' speaking listening and reading skills on the subject. To develop pupils' imagination and aesthetic tastes.

Equipment: singers' pictures, records, the text for reading,, cards with quotations.

Procedure Introduction

T: Good afternoon, my dear pupils. I am so pleased to see you again. I hope you will be active at the lesson.

It is difficult to imagine our life without music .It helps us to live and relax. We are going to speak about music because it plays a great role in our lives. Music is everywhere It is in the streets, in the shops, in the parks, on the television sets.


T: What does music mean for you? It is a universal language of the world.

It is usually pours out of the radio, television sets, record players.

It is the mirror of our lives and life problems.

It can name the unnamable and communicate the unknown.

It helps the motorists stop themselves from going mad in traffic jams.

It is a language with some meaning at least for the immense majority of people. Although only a tiny minority of people are capable of formulating meaning in it. It is a supreme mystery

The average man washed by frustration and grind of the day spends many evenings, gazing into space while it splashes around him like a warm bath.

It is a type of sculpture. The air in the performance is sculptured into something.

T : Work in a group of three. Read the following quotations and say if you agree or disagree with what people who are involved in creating or advertising music said once about some modern music genres.

It (popular music)has absolutely nothing to do with anything except making money and getting rich. Some popular musicians start out with revolutionary rhetoric, but all they want is cars and girls and champagne .It is nonsense to think that popular is music is anything but consumption and the good life.

Lester Bangs, U.S rock journalist

There are beautiful sounds in rock. Very lazy, dreamlike noises You can forget about the lyrics in most songs. But dig the noise and you have got the sound.. .We are musical primitives.

Andy Washob, U.S. pop artist

In classical music, people were doing very complex things, for the sake of being complex. I learned that rock, with 2 simple chords, can bring an incredible communication of the spirit. Yoko Ono, Japanese bosh U.S. artist

Jazz is the big brother of the blues. If the guy s playing blues like we play, he is in high school. When he starts playing jazz it is like going on to college.

B,B. King, U.S, blue's guitarist

The great thing about the jazz world .. .is that no one not a soul cares what your class is , or what your race is, or what your income or whatever you are- so long as you dig the scene and can behave yourself, and have left that crap behind you, too ,when you came in the jazz club door. Cobin Maclnnes, British writer

Jazz is music that really deals with what it means to be American.

Wynton Marsabic, U S. jazz musician My idea of a heaven is a place where folk music meets the blues.

Mark Knopfber, British rock musician

T : Answer the following questions.

You like listening music, don't you?

What kind of music do you prefer?

How often do you listen music?

Do you play a musical instrument? If so, which one?

Who is your favourite singer?

What is your favourite musical group?

How has the Internet affected music?

Main part Listening

Listen to the song and try to guess its name. Say what the song is about and complete the table. If you can't guess what is meant or you have never heard this song , ask your teacher or classmates about it. Its title Its authors

Who wrote its lyrics?

Who wrote its music?

Group which performed it

How long ago was it first performed in Britain?

Is it still being performed?

What is it about?

What story does it tell us?

Listen to the song for the second time and fill in the gaps. Yesterday,

All my troubles seemed so far away, Now it looks as though they' re here

to stay

Oh, I believe in yesterday. Suddenly,

I'm not half the man I used

There's a shadow hanging

Oh, yesterday came suddenly.

Why she had to go I don't

She wouldn't say.

I said something wrong,

Now I long for


Love was such an easy game to

Now I need a place to

Oh, I believe in yesterday.

Why she had to go I don't

wouldn't say.

I said something wrong,

Now I long for yesterday.


Love was such an easy game to

Now I need a place

Oh, I believe in yesterday, Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm.

Write answers to the questions.

What is the song about?

Is it serious or light, lyrical or humorous?

What story does it tell us?

What feelings are the lyricist and the composer trying to convey to the listener?

Could the tune and the tone of the song be described as serious and philosophical or sentimental

and emotional?

Does the song seem to be appealing to you or does it leave you indifferent? If it appeals to you, how much are you impressed by it?


Do you have a favourite song? What is the title?

Who sang / wrote it? Why do you like I?

The pictures all show John Lennon, member of the Beatles and writer of the song Imagine. Discuss which of the statements you think are true.

John Lennon was born in the United States.

He and Paul McCartney wrote songs for the Beatles.

He was married to a Japanese woman.

He wrote Imagine with Paul Mr Cartney.

He lived in New York City for several years.

He died in London.

There is a special memorial to John Lennon in Central Park. People now pay a lot of money for his possessions.

Read the text about Lennon's life to check your answers. The story of a song

In 1940 John Lennon was born in Liverpool, a city in the northwest of England.

In 1957 Lennon met Paul McCartney and they began writing songs together. They later formed

The Beatles who became one of the most successful groups in pop history during the 1960s.

In 1958Lennon's mother, Julia, died in the road accident.

In 1969Lennon married Japanese artist Yoko Ono.

In 1970 the Beatles broke up and Lennon began a solo career becoming more and more active as a peace campaigner. He wrote the lyrics to Imagine on the back of the hotel bill while he was on an aeroplane.

In 1971Lennon recorded Imagine. A pop video showing Lennon performing the song with Yoko at his side was also made, but Imagine was not released as a single .In the same year, Lennon went to live in New York Cit.

In 1980 Lennon was shot dead outside his New York home by an obsessed fan. Imagine was released as a single and became a Number One record around the world.. In 1984the Imagine memorial for peace was opened in Central Park, New York near Lennon's former home .Every year thousands gather round the memorial on Lennon's birthday (October 9th to remember Lennon's life and work

In 1990 on Lennon's 50th birthday Imagine was played simultaneously in 130 countries. Yoko Ono says "I would like us to remember and celebrate John's birthday as a day of love because he was a man of love and because love is much needed at this time".

In 1999 the lyrics to the song were voted the UK's favourite in a BBC poll. The song itself was voted the second favourite song of the millennium.

In 2000 Steinway the piano Lennon used when he was writing Imagine was sold to pop star

George Michael for 1.6 million- the highest price ever paid for a piece of pop memorabilia. It is

now in a museum in Liverpool, Lennon's home town. The pair of glasses which Lennon wore

while he was writing the song were also sold for 6 million.

In 2001 the airport in Liverpool was renamed John Lennon Airport.

In 2004/5 a musical show about John Lennon's life -Imagine-opened in New York. Twelve

actors played the part of Lennon from his earliest years to his death. The dream of Imagine lives


Below are the answers to some questions. Write the questions.

In Liverpool Where was John Lennon born?


on an aeroplane outside his home in Central park 1.6 million twelve Summing-up

T:I hope you enjoyed the lesson. What did we do at the lesson? What new information have you found out at the lesson?

Home assignment

Write a composition on the topic" My favourite musical group".


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