My favourite film

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What do we usually do in our free time? Well, yes, we read books and magazines, listen to music, walk with our friends and watch TV. So, out lesson will be connected with TV programs, especially with films. We’ll speak about types of films, work over some texts, do different tasks, speak about your favourite films and present your project works.



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7th form  

My favourite film



  •  to practise grammar
  •  to involve students to work in pairs
  •  to involve students into reading, writing, communicative activities.
  •  to develop students’ thinking
  •  to expand students' vocabulary;
  •  to discuss the problem

Equipment: pictures of films, cards with the tasks, student’s projects, books and workbooks “Oxford Heroes” - 2



What do we usually do in our free time? Well, yes, we read books and magazines, listen to music, walk with our friends and watch TV.

So, out lesson will be connected with TV programs, especially with films. We’ll speak about types of films, work over some texts, do different tasks, speak about your favourite films and present your project works.

Students’ projects

A group 1 – made the association maps  

A group 2 – draw pictures about films

A group 3 – compose the books “My favourite film”


  1.  Mind Maps: Let’s name what kinds of films you know. (Pupils show their works and read their words in turn)
  2.  Pictures: What types of films are there?

3.A work with the new words:

  1.  Well, let’s say
  •  a funny film is a comedy
  •  a comedy can be romantic
  •  a film about cowboys is called a western
  •  a film with songs is musical
  •  a film that frightens you is called horror
  •  a film for children is a cartoon
  1.  Crosswords. You have crosswords with definitions; try to solve them in pairs.
  2.  Writing. Copy these words and make your own sentences with them. Read the sentences.



There are two texts in your books connected with films. The class is divided into two groups. Each group has one text. Say what type of film is you text about.

The task for each group:

  •  to read the text in turn
  •  to retell it.
  •  to answer the questions after the texts.


Hi, Emma,

How are you? Have you seen Troy yet? I saw it last night at the cinema because it was my birthday.

Troy is a historical film, of course. And you know that’s my favourite kind of film! The story is about the Trojan War. At the start of the film Paris falls in love with Helen. The problem is that she’s the wife of Menelaus, the King of Sparta. Paris takes Helen to Troy. Menelaus is very angry, so he and his brother decide to invade Troy. It’s a great story, and I’d really like to read Homer’s poem The Iliad now.

There are a lot of fantastic actors in the film. Brad Pitt is Achilles and Orlando Bloom is Paris. Orlando Bloom was in Lord of the Rings as well. Do you remember? He was really good.

There are a lot of great moments in the film, but the best part when Hector and Achilles fight. I won’t tell you what happens!

I’ll speak to you soon.



  1.  What kind of film did Lisa see?
  2.  Who first wrote about the Trojan War?
  3.  Who was Menelaus?
  4.  Why was Menelaus angry?
  5.  Which actors does Lisa mention?
  6.  What’s Lisa’s favourite part of the film?

5.Rest time

Sing a song

6. Discussion

  1.  Introducing pupils’ pictures. Pupils show their drawings and name the film and its type.
  2.  My TV program is better. Prove that your kind of film is better than others.

Ex. The best TV program is... because it is...




a musical

A program where we can sing songs and dance


a talk show

A program where people discuss different topics.


a documentary

A program which presents the facts about a person, an animal or event.


a game show    

A program in which contestants compete for gifts.


a news program

A program which reports today’s events.


a horror film

An exciting, sensational film with strange creatures.


a cartoon

An animated film made of funny drawings.


a science fiction film

A film where we have a conflict between unknown and known images.


a comedy

A film where I really can laugh


a historical film

A film which tells us about the history of people.


an adventure film

A film where I can live with characters in the travels, struggles and situations.


a children program

A program which shows the everyday life of children.


a soap opera

A serial with simple characters and ordinary situations.


a detective

A film in which a detective investigates a crime.


a sport program

A program where I can enjoy different kinds of sport.

  1.  Compositions. Pupils show their “books”, one child reads it.


Read and translate the words of famous people about films:

  •  “Everything makes me nervous - except making films.” Elizabeth Taylor
  •  “In feature films the director is God; in documentary films God is the director” Alfred Hitchcock
  •   “I never made a film which fully satisfied me.” Roman Polanski
  •  “I want people to go to the movies.” Roman Polanski

8.Grammar work: question tags

Our lesson is finishing, so, I want you to ask one another about you favourite films and practise question tags.

Ex. Vita, you like cartoons, don’t you? – Yes, I do, because I like animated films.


Now tell me what you learnt on our lesson, what problems we solved. Did we realize our aim?

I want to thank everybody who took an active part in our work. The best of you get the highest marks:… Our work was good and we’ll continue it in our next lessons.

Your home-task is…


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