My Land

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Педагогика и дидактика

Objectives: to expand students’ vocabulary to involve students into reading, writing, communicative activities, to develop students’ thinking



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My Land


  •  to expand students’ vocabulary
  •  to involve students into reading, writing, communicative activities.
  •  to develop students’ thinking


I Warming-up

T: Recollect in your memory the words with a root “land”. Explain them.

Students: landowner – a person who possesses the land;

landholder – a person who lends the land;

landlady – a woman who leases the land;

land-law – a law about the land;

landless – without land (about the sea or a person);

landrail – a bird (in Ukr. Деркач);

landscape – a place in nature;

landscapist – a painter;

landslip – a displacement of the ground;

land-wind – wind which blows near the shore…

II Revision

T: I ask you to fill in the form to check your knowledge about Ukraine:

                                            Key – facts


Total area:




Borders on:





III Speaking

T: 1. Let’s divide into four groups. You’ll have 2 minutes to make up and write as many questions as you can about Ukraine. One group will ask them and three other ones will answer. The group which has non-repeated questions will win the game.

2. The new task is: 4 students (one from each group) will tell us about our country using the “Key – facts” and the questions from the previous game. You’ll say one sentence in turn to make a story.

IV Reading

Pre-reading task

T: Try to answer the questions:

  •  What Ukrainian resorts do you know?
  •  Have you ever been to a health resort?
  •  Are there any resorts in your place?

While-reading task

T: Read the text with the dictionary. Copy unknown words. Explain the underlined words.

Health Resorts

Ukraine has many tourist attractions for travellers eager to learn more about it, its people, history and folkways. Boundless steppes, thick forests, high mountains, warm seas, wide rivers attract tourists. Add to this numerous nature reserves, parks, rich museum collections and picture becomes truly unforgettable.

Our country is famous for its resorts. Truskavets in the L’viv region is a resort with the best known spring “Naftusya”. Svaliava in Transcarpathia is known for its mineral springs. Myrgorod in the Poltava region is a resort with mineral water and peat treatment. Slavyansk is famous for mud cure. In 1977 the National Nature Park “Holy Mountains” was established there.

But the best place to rest and enjoy you is the Crimea. The reserves occupy 75,000 hectares.  Among them there are the internationally known Swan Lakes, the Karadag, and a majestic Grand Canyon with its 320 m slopes and the Kizil-Koba with its 6-storey underground galleries. Crimea has 175 monuments of nature. It has everything necessary for building up your health and strength: lots of sunny days, the warm sea, excellent beaches, salubrious air, curative mud, mach fruit and grapes. There are about 700 various sanatoriums, health camps and tourists hostels. The main of them are in Yalta, Alushta, Yevpatoriya, Saki, Feodosiya, and Sudak. Welcome!

Post-reading tasks

T: 1.Now read the unknown words and write them on the blackboard. Make sentences with each of them orally.

    2. Explain the underlined words.

E.g. boundless – without limits, numerous – a lot of, resorts – a place for the rest, cure – treatment, salubrious – healthy, curative – medical

    3. Let’s play a game. There are two tourists from England. Tell them about the resorts and answer their questions on the topic.

    4. Read the text aloud. The task is to show your emotion during the reading. It is not easy but try to do it. So, imagine yourselves as the guides. Your emotional tones are: you are1) happy, 2) ill, 3) tired, 4) indifferent.

V Discussion

T: There are two groups in the class.

1. Both groups should correct the statements:

Our capital is Kharkiv. The favourite dish of the Ukrainians is the oatmeal. Hoverla is the meadow in the Mountains of Crimea. B.Khmelnytsky is the president of Ukraine.

E.g. Our state is called Russia. – It is not true. Our state is called Ukraine. Russia is a country we border on.

2. Each group should make 5 wrong statements about Ukraine like in the previous exercise. Your opponents have to correct them.

VI Game Time

T: Make a senkan – a rhyme of five lines: 1) a noun, 2) two adjectives, 3) three verbs, 4) a sentence of four words and 5) a noun-conclusion.

E.g. Ukraine

Rich, beautiful

Live, work, enjoy

It’s striving for perfection


VII Quiz

Do You Know Your Land?

  1.  What is the territory of Ukraine? (603,700 sq km)
  2.  How many regions are there in Ukraine? (24 and the Crimea)
  3.  What country does Ukraine border on? (Russia, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Belarus’, Poland, Slovakia)
  4.  What is the official and state language in the country? (Ukrainian)
  5.  What are the main cities in our country? (Kyiv, Odesa, L’viv, Donets’k, Kharkiv…)
  6.  Name the presidents of Ukraine. (Hrushevsky, Kravchuk, Kuchma, Yushchenko)
  7.  Who is the author of “The Testament”? (Taras Shevchenko)
  8.  Who won “The Eurovision” – 2004? (Ruslana Lyzhychko)
  9.  Who was the most famous hetman of Ukraine? (Bohdan Khmelnytsky)
  10.  Who   made Christianity the state religion? (Prince Volodymyr  )
  11.  When was Zaporiz’ka Sich founded? (in the 16th century)
  12.  When do we celebrate Christmas? (on January,6)
  13.  How do we call Easter eggs? (pysanka, crashanka)
  14.  What tree is a symbol of Ukraine? (a snowball-tree or a guilder-rose)
  15.  Where is the most popular fair? (in Sorochyntsi, Poltava region)
  16.  How do Ukrainians meet guests? (with bread and salt)
  17.  What are favourite meals of Ukrainians? (leaf lard, varenyky and borshch)
  18.  What is the highest peak in the country? (Hoverla, the Carpathians)
  19.  What is the longest river in Ukraine? (the Dnipro)
  20.  Why do you like your land?

VIII Writing

T: Now it is time to “A Lesson Journal”. You have to write 5-10 sentences describing our lesson: your emotions, easy or difficult moments, etc. we’ll take into account all your thoughts.

IX Summing-up

T: Make sentences beginning with the words “My land…”

E.g. My land is called Ukraine.

My land has a lot of interesting places to visit.

T: I hope our lesson has helped you to improve your English and you felt fine during it.

X Optional task


On the History of Ukraine

There are two teams of six participants with the captain in each of them and the jury. The competition consists of four rounds.

First Round

Presenter: the teams have to answer the questions and the captain who gives the right answer gets one point.

  1.  Where did the Trypillians live? (in the south-western Ukraine)
  2.  What was the name of the first East Slavic state? (Kyiv Rus’)
  3.  Who was the founder of Kyiv? (Kyi, Shchek, Khoryv and Lybid’)
  4.  Who and when made Christianity the state religion? (Volodymyr in 988)
  5.  When and why was L’viv founded? (a prince Danylo Halytskyi founded it in the 12th century for his son Lev)
  6.  When was Zaporiz’ka Sich founded? (in the 16th century)
  7.  Who was B. Khmelnytskyi? (a hetman of Zaporiz’ka Sich)
  8.  Who wrote the first Constitution? (P.Orlyk)
  9.  Where was T. Shevchenko born? (in Moryntsi)
  10.  What was a real name of Lesya Ukrainka? (Larysa Kosach)
  11.  When was the Ukrainian People’s Republic founded? (in 1918)
  12.  Who was the very first president of Ukraine? (M. Hrushevsky)
  13.  What town was a capital off Ukraine in 1918 – 1934? (Kharkiv)
  14.  Who adopted the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine in 1990? (Verkhovna Rada)
  15.  What was on the 1st of December, 1991? (the all-Ukrainian referendum)
  16.  When was a modern Constitution adopted? (on June 28, 1996)
  17.  What do we celebrate on the 24th of August? (the Independence Day)

Second Round

Presenter: In this round the teams will give five questions to another team connected with the history of our country which were prepared in advance. For every right answer the team gets two points.

Third Round

Presenter: You have to guess what event it is. Listen to some phrases connected with the event. If you make a correct guess after the first phrase, you will get eight points. Each phrase takes out one point away.


  •  the date is 482
  •  the important centre
  •  three brothers
  •  the capital

(the foundation of Kyiv)


  •  Dmytro Vyshnevetsky
  •  a fortress on the island
  •  the rapids on the Dnipro
  •  Cossacks

(the setting up of the Sich)


  •  Prince Volodymyr
  •  988
  •  destroying pagan idols
  •  new religion

(introducing of Christianity)


  •  1932 – 1933
  •  peasants
  •  a harvest
  •  millions of people

(Holodomor – a starvation)

Fourth Round

Presenter: You have to choose the right answer. Each right answer takes one point

  •  The first chronicle was written by a) Nestor; b) Kyi. (A)
  •  Askol’d and Dir lived a) before; b) after Kyi. (B)
  •  Princess Olga was a wife of a) Oleg; b) Igor. (B)
  •  How do we call Prince Volodymyr: a) the Great; b) the Wise? (A)
  •  The state of Galicia – Volynia grew up in a) 1099; b) 1199. (B)
  •  What prince had a title of a king: a) Yaroslav; b) Danylo? (B)
  •  Zaporiz’ka Sich was built by a) Khmelnytsky; b) Vyshnevetsky (B)
  •  The word Cossack means a) a free man; b) a happy man. (A)
  •  Who was the last hetman: a) D.Apostol; b) K.Rozumovsky? (B)
  •  Who abolished Zaporiz’ka Sich: a) Kateryna II; b) Petro I? (A)

Presenter: The judges will calculate the results and fix the winner.



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