Our Unique Planet

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As a warming up exercise for today I have prepared a short practicing in reading. Look at the monitors. The words will be there for only two seconds and your task is to read them correctly. Read aloud and think carefully. We’ll see who the champion is! And your home task was to speak about the beauty of the world and to write colour poems. It’s time to check it and listen to you.



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Our Unique Planet

Урок англійської мови для 8-го класу


  •  повторити матеріал попереднього уроку, поглибити поданий матеріал;
  •  вчити учнів працювати самостійно, парами, групами;
  •  вчити учнів робити висновки, проводити паралелі, свідомо підходити до проблеми вивчення іноземної мови;
  •  розвивати комунікативну компетенцію учнів шляхом використання автентичних матеріалів та комп’ютерних технологій;
  •  розвивати творчій підхід до виконання завдань;
  •  розвивати критичне мислення;
  •  сприяти естетичному вихованню молоді, виховувати активну життєву позицію учнів.

Обладнання: презентації в Power Point, проект покращення навичок читання, текст.

Хід уроку:

Вступна частина.

  1.  As a warming up exercise for today I have prepared a short practicing in reading. Look at the monitors. The words will be there for only two seconds and your task is to read them correctly. Read aloud and think carefully. We’ll see who the champion is!

  1.  And your home task was to speak about the beauty of the world and to write colour poems. It’s time to check it and listen to you.

  1.  Tell me, have you ever thought about the planet? Do you believe it’s unique? Why?

(it is beautiful, perfect for people animals and plants, everything is connected, the diversity is impressive, the planet is full of everything we need, it’s only one that we know where living beings exist …)

Основна частина уроку:

  1.  Well, I think that the fact that the Earth is unique doesn’t need to be proved, but it will be interesting to have a look at it from the space. Let’s imagine that we are the cosmonauts and our spaceship is somewhere in the space. We look out of the illuminator and see our native planet. But be attentive and we shall do the test later.

The project The Space to be watched (Power Point)

  1.  Are you impressed? Was it interesting to watch the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and other planets? And if you were careful in watching, it won’t be difficult to do the tasks.

The pupils work with specially created tasks (Power Point).

  1.  Now, let’s come closer to the surface of the Earth. What can we see from the helicopter, for example?

(Forests, rainforests, deserts, savannas, mountains, fields, gardens, steppes, rivers, seas, cities, towns, villages…)

Make groups of four and choose one of the things that you have mentioned. Now imagine that you are the thing you have chosen (for example a forest) and prepare a short presentation of it. Tell us about the way you look like, about your life, problems, etc. I will give you an example.

Hi! I am a forest. I am very big and strong. I consist of not only trees and bushes, but also grass, animals, insects, birds. Every season I look different. In spring I am the happiest. The leaves are fresh and green, the birds begin singing their songs and building nests, the sun warms me and I am very beautiful. In summer I am thick and full of life. The rains wash me, the winds strengthen me and my life changes day by day. In autumn I am graceful. My dress is colourful, I am rich in mushrooms and berries. And I prepare for winter. Like people sleep at night, I sleep in winter. I need this rest to get ready for the next spring. The most important problem for me is that people cut down trees and I become smaller. Please, stop it. My inhabitants and I won’t be able to go on if you don’t!

And as soon as you are ready, present your pairs. Don’t forget that you are a group and everyone must take part in work and speak in the presentation.

  1.  It’s time to have some rest. Let’s play a telephone game. Make a line. I whisper the sentence to the first pupil and each of you repeats it to your neighbour. If you have the same sentence in the en – you win, if it changes – I win.

The nature on the Earth is very wonderful, rich and colourful.

The seasons are parts of the year which differ in weather.

There is no doubt that the Earth is beautiful.

  1.  Well done! And now lets work with the text. It is written on the blackboard. First we read and translate it, then I shall clean off some words and you will try to read it filling them in. I shall clean the words until there will remain half of them.

Animals are living organisms. They come in many shapes and sizes. They live throughout the world. No one knows exactly how many kinds of animals there are. Birds are animals with feathers. All birds have wings, however not all birds can fly. All birds lay eggs, the majority of them live in nests. Fish are animals that live in water. The various kinds of fish differ greatly in shape, colour and size. Almost all fish have fins, which they use for swimming. Insects are small six-legged animals. About one million of animals are insects. The world of insects includes some of the most beautiful and fantastic animals on earth.

  1.  Now you almost know the text by heart and you can operate the information from it.

What is the text about?

What kinds of animals do you know?

How do they differ?

  1.  Imagine that you have your Biology class and the teacher asks you about different kinds of animals. Think about short dialogues and act them out. Make pairs. One is a teacher, the other is a pupil.


  •  Tom, who the animals are?
    •  The animals are living organisms.
    •  Right. And are the insects animals?
    •  Yes, the insects are six-legged animals.
    •  What animals have fins?
    •  Fish have fins, which they use for swimming.

Well, today we were speaking about the world. We watched at it from the space, we imagined ourselves different parts of the landscape, we learned much about the animals. But where is our place in this world? Do people stay aside? Of course not. We are the part of the world like everything else.

Заключна частина уроку:

As a summary of the lesson listen to the quotation and say what you think about it. Does it relate to our lesson?

“The deer, the horse, the great eagle, these are our brothers. The Earth is our mother. All things are connected like the blood which unites one family.” Chief Seattle

Can we say that we are the family? That animals are also our relatives?

Аналіз, оцінки.

Домашнє завдання: Write a short report the epithet for which will be the quotation by Chief Seattle.

Автор: Ю. Нікул. Заступник директора з виховної роботи Лубенської спеціалізованій школі І-ІІІ ступенів №6.


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