Life of a Society. People Make History

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Педагогика и дидактика

Specific: to teach students to take responsibility for their own learning to summarize the topical material to practise filling in questionnaire to teach students to think in detail about what they have learnt Materials: questionnaires, list of prominent people



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Theme:  “Life of a Society. People Make History.”



                       General:   to master  students’ aesthetic thinking

                                        to test students’ skills and language input


                        Specific:  to teach students to take responsibility for their own   


                                        to  summarize the topical material

                                        to practise filling in questionnaire

                                        to teach students to think in detail about what they have


                     Materials:  questionnaires, list of prominent people

            Lesson Structure

       I.   Organizing class.

     II.    Reporting subject and aims of  the lesson.

                                Today we’ll summarize the topical material “Life of a Society.

               People Make History”. You’ll practise filling in a questionnaire, you’ll

               increase your  cultural awareness, master aesthetic thinking.

   III.     Warming up.

                                 To begin with, answer these questions.

                   What is your first name?

                   What is your last name?

                    What is your patronymic?

                    What is your full name?

                    Where are you from?

                    What is your native language?

                    What kind of school have you chosen to get secondary education?                                      


                    How old are you?

                    Are you of age?

                    Are you under age?

                    When will/did you come of age?

                     What’s your favourite subject? Why?

                     What’s your hobby?

   IV.  Filling in a questionnaire.

                       And now, please, read this questionnaire and fill it in.

                       All right. Besides, do you remember your social security number?

           You must always  have this information with you. Be sure you know your

           zip code and the area code of your telephone number.


   V.   Creative work. Summarizing the topical material.

                           Here’s a list of prominent people. Match, please, people who

           made or make US history and say what they are famous for.


          Samuel Langhorn Clemens                   Martin Luther King

          Rebecca Rolfe                                       John F. Kennedy

          Betsy Ross                                             Pele

          Margaret Thatcher                                 Jackie Kennedy

          George Washington                               David Hockney

          Abraham Lincoln                                   Acadamician Korolyov

          Brothers Lumiere                                   John Harvard

          Neil Armstrong                                       Magellan

          Benjamin Britten                                    Henry Ford

          Katherine Mansfield                               Bill Gates


  VI.   Checking home task. Solving quiz.

                  And now a quiz for you. You’ll listen to some description of people

       and their deeds without naming  people. Your task is to guess who he/she is.

           A.  “A few miles away a young minister was dying of a lung disease. He had come to America only a few months before to start a new life with his bride. A graduate of England’s Cambridge University,  the minister believed strongly in education. When he learnt he was going to die, he wrote a will.  In it, he left half of his estate to the new college in Massachusetts”

                                                       (John Harvard)

            B.  “After saying his farewell, he started home to Mount Vernon. On the way he stopped in Annapolis, Maryland, where the Continental Congress was meeting.  He told the Congress that, with peace, his work was done. He led his country to glory independence. “I retire from the great theater of action,” he said. He was leaving public life for ever, he thought. Saying his good-bye, he mounted his favourite horse, Nelson. By riding hard, he reached Mount Vernon on Christmas Eve”.

                                                       ( George Washinton)

             C.  “Suddenly a little girl rushed up to him. She put his head in her arms and begged for his life. Maybe this was prearranged: maybe not. No one can know for sure but the important  thing was John Smith was saved. The men with the clubs drew back and John was helped to his feet”.


              D.  “She quickly stepped into her new role. Her first major project was the historical restoration of the White House. She created a White House Fine Arts Committee to guide and authenticate the work, created the post of White House curator, oversaw publication of a guidebook for visitors, established the White House library and Rose Garden,  and promoted legislation to raise the presidential mansion to museum status”.

                                                        (Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy)

             E.   “A US producer of films, especially cartoons. He won 39 Oscars for his work and people remember him as one of the greatest producers of family entertainment. He also had a television programme  and  created the original  US amusement park in 1955 at Anaheim, California”.

                                                           (Walt Disney)

             F.  “At private Lakeside school he discovered his interest in software and began programming computers at age 13. Then he went on to Harvard University. But he never finished college. When he left, he knew exactly what to do. He started up his own computer company. And there should  be a computer in the pocket of everybody in the whole world”.

                                                             (Bill Gates)

            G.    “He is the imaginary person who represents the US and its government. He became an official symbol in 1961. He has a white beard  and wears red, white and blue clothes with stars on his tall hat. He was probably named after “Uncle” Sam Wilson (1766-1854) who examined army supplies for the US government during the war of 1812. During both world wars, a picture of him appeared on posters telling young men that they should join the armed forces”.

                                                                     (Uncle Sam)

  VII.   Summarizing.

                 Thank you. I hope you’ve extended your knowledge of US famous people, learnt some new facts about them and enjoyed the topic.

VIII.    Home assignment.

                                        Find and tell your classmates a joke connected with a

                                        famous person.    


 IX.    Ending the lesson.                           



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