Person’s appearance and traits of character

Конспект урока

Педагогика и дидактика

Objectives: - to practice vocabulary and structures on the topic; - to develop students’ writing and listening skills using active vocabulary on the topic; - to develop students’ fluency in using the language; - to teach student’s attitude towards other. Equipment: screen projection unit, flash cards, pictures.



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12 чел.

Topic: Person’s appearance and traits of character

Class: 7

Teacher: Vakhotska O.V.


- to practice vocabulary and structures on the topic;

- to develop students’ writing and listening skills using active vocabulary on the topic;

- to develop students’ fluency in using the language;

- to teach student’s attitude towards other.

Equipment: screen projection unit, flash cards, pictures.



Ι. Introduction

T. Good morning boys and girls!

I am glad to see you. How are you today?

Ps. Fine. Ok. Thank you.

T. Then, let’s start our lesson. Look at the blackboard, give the explanation of the proverb and try to formulate the topic of our lesson.

“Appearances are deceitful”

P. Sometimes people look nice and kind but when you get them to know better and closer you find out that you are mistaken about them and their character is not so nice. Some people just pretend to be good.

T. Well, today we are going to talk about person’s appearance and traits of character. And I think, the best epigraph of our lesson would be “So many men, so many characters” I guess, this lesson will help you define priorities in life and understand that love, patience, kindness and self control are features of a successful person. And I wish you to become one.

Ι Ι. Writing

Objective: Revising writing skills

Activity #1. Running dictation

T: I will divide the class into 2 groups. You will have to read the words from your cards, run to the blackboard and write the words there.

Ambitious                 calm

Competitive             moody

Considerate             sociable

Reserved                  forgiving

Witty                         aggressive

Energetic                  cheerful

Industrious               optimistic

Sincere                      timid

Impatient                  slow

Activity #2. Matching synonyms

Now, match the synonyms, make up sentences using them and dictate the sentences to your class.

Neat                             faithful

Quiet                            shy

Loyal                            calm

Timid                           industrious

Intelligent                   smart

Hard-working             tidy

Activity #3. Finishing sentences

You should finish the sentences without showing them to your partner. Then exchange them and read aloud.

1.A person who never betrays his/her friend is….

2. A person who always comes in time is….

3. A person whose room is always in mess is….

4. A person who never shares things with other people is ….

5. A person who envies other people is….

6. A person who always looses his/her things is….

Activity #4. Matching opposites

They say that tastes differ and beauty may be different. Look at this “pretty” witch and write opposites words.












Ι Ι Ι.

Listening and speaking

Objective: To develop students’ listening and speaking skills.

Now look at the screen and describe your favourite character. Do you recognize him? Yes, you are right. This is Harry Potter. Now use all adjectives you know for the description of Harry’s appearance and traits of character. I shall give a minute to prepare your story. In order to make your work easier use this plan for the description.

Suggested plan:



Body built


Traits of character

Attitude to him/her

Pupils’ possible answers

Harry is not very tall and thick. His face is round. He is green-eyed boy with dark hair. I think he is brave, honest, clever, polite, educated, independent.

T. And now you will have to describe your best friend according to the plan. Write quickly, please. In 5 minutes you should be though with it.

T. I’d like one pupil from each group to read his/her description aloud. But don’t mention the names. Your classmates will try to guess.

P1. He is outgoing. He is constantly the centre of attention. He is kind, considerate and understanding.

P2. She is quite witty, amusing and she always cheer the classmates up. She has a wonderful sense of humour.

I think her only fault is endless chatting with her friends in the lesson. She is not attentive; she doesn’t study enough. I admire her because she is so bright and energetic. And when she is impatient with me, I just laugh and she laughs too.

V Ι.Summing-up

T. Remember: if you are in trouble and you need a helping hand, and nothing is going right, just close eyes and think that you have a friend!

( All the pupils sing the song “I’ve got a friend”.)

I’ve got a friend

When you’re down and troubled,

And you need a helping hand,

And nothing, oh nothing is going right.

Just close your eyes and think of me

And soon I will be there.

To brighten up your darkest night.


You just call on my name,

And you know wherever I am.

I’ll come running to see again.

Winter, spring, summer or fall,

You’ve got a friend.

If the sky high above you

Should grow dark and full of clouds

And that old cold north wind begins to blow.

Just keep your poor head together now,

And call my name outloud.

Pretty soon I’ll be khocking on your door.


You’ve got yourself a friend in me.

You’ve got a friend in me…

T. Thanks everybody for the lesson. I hope it was useful for you. You have learned something new and interesting about traits of character of different people. We’ll continue to work with this material in the next lesson. See you later.


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