Values of life in the tale «The happy prince»

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Педагогика и дидактика

As you know, books are wisdom and collection of experience of many generations. That’s why tell me, please, Are you fond of reading? P1: Yes, I am. Reading is my hobby T: Can you imagine your life without books? P2: Of course not. I can’t imagine my life without books.



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«Цінності життя в оповіданні О. Уайльда»

«Щасливий принц »

Учителя- методиста англійської мови

Валяви Людмили Олександрівни

Тема уроку: Values of life in the tale «The happy prince »


1.Практична: навчити учнів використовувати лексичні одиниці з даної теми, спілкуватися іноземною мовою, аналізувати зміст прочитаного тексту.

2.Освітня: формувати повагу та толерантність  до  суджень однокласників, формувати  навички роботи з автентичним  художнім текстом.

3.Розвивальна: розвивати творчі здібності, уміння і навички під час роботи

над проектом.

4.Виховна: виховувати в учнів духовність, почуття поваги, дружби, взаємодопомоги.

Тип уроку: комбінований, форма уроку: ток–щоу.

Обладнання: постери, ілюстрації,схема; презентації учнів, публікація учнів, аудіо запис.

План уроку

І  Початок уроку.

•Оголошення теми та мети уроку.

•Підготовка до сприйняття  іноземного мовлення.

І І     Мовленнєва зарядка

І І І   Головна частина.

1. Прослуховування  тексту.

2. Визначення основної ідеї тексту, який  був прослуханий.

3. Обговорення і аналізування оповідання О.Уайльда

«Щасливий принц »

4. Рольова гра.

5. Декламування вірша.

6. Вислови відомих людей про дружбу та щастя.

ІV  Аналізування  ток-шоу  та репрезентації проектів.

 V  Підсумки уроку.

Хід уроку

І. Початок уроку.

  •  Привітання T:How do you do! I’m glad to see you. Today we have talk-show. Are you ready? Well, so lets begin.
  •  Оголошення теми та мети уроку.

T: Сьогодні ви захищаєте проекти в формі ток-шоу по темі: «Цінності

життя в  оповіданні О. Уайльда «Щасливий принц». В процесі ток-шоу ви покажете уміння аналізувати і працювати з автентичним  художнім текстом, уміння вести бесіду, поважати думки один одного, глибоке розуміння сенсу життя людини, як в процесі над проектом ви розвивали творчі здібності.

The motto of the talk-show:Beauty will save world”


ІІ. Мовленнєва зарядка

T: As you know, books are wisdom and collection of experience of many generations. That’s why tell me, please,

Are you fond of reading?

P1: Yes, I am. Reading is my hobby

T: Can you imagine your life without books?

P2: Of course not. I can’t imagine my life without books.

T: Is classical literature boring from you?

P3: No, it isn’t, because books are our friends.

T: Do you agree, that books reveal all the defects of the society and teach us how to live.

P4: I agree with this.

T: Children, look at the blackboard and read the quatation of Oscar Wilde:

“Books that the world calls moral are the books that show the world’s own shame“

O. Wilde.

III Головна частина

T: Look at the diagram. You can see, that in the centre of it you can read – the man and the sense of life.

T: What does life of people consist of?

P1: As far as I know, our life consists of material things and spiritual things.

T: In order to understand which of them are more important I suggest you to listen to legend.

1.Прослуховування тексту


Long ago there lived two men. When their children were born they left their families and traveled around the world with sacks on their backs. While traveling they put small stones into their sacks. A lot of years passed. The men decided to return to their wives and children. They were very happy to be again with their families. In the evening, when they opened their sacks they found that the stones disappeared. One of them found flowers instead of stones. They were Health, Jove, Happiness and Friendship. He gave these flowers to his children and asked to guard them. He told the children that those beautiful flowers were the values of life.

Another man found spiders and snacks in his sack. He had nothing give his children. He collected greed, thirst for money and envy.

2.Визначення головної ідеї легенди

T: You see, children, we have different values of life. But which values of life are more important? Let’s speak about “Happy Prince” and values of life in his tale.

3.Обговорення і аналізування оповідання “Щасливий принц”

T: As far as you know, O.Wilde showed the contrast between wealth and poverty. Tell about wealthy life of Happy Prince.

P1: I should like to tell about Happy  prince’s life in the palace. When Happy    prince lived in Sans-Souci he didn’t know the tears were. In the daytime he played with his companions in the garden and in the evening he danced in Great Hall. His courters called him happy. Sorrow were not allowed to enter in the palace.

T: As you see, the Happy prince haven’t possibility to see the real life of city. But when did he get a possibility? What did he see?

P2: Happy prince saw a real life when he had put up over the city. He could see all the misery of the city.

T: Give the facts that convince us in this!

P3: I try to tell about embroider. Her face was then and worn. She had red hands, all pricked by the needle. She was embroidering passionflowers on a satin gown for the Queen’s maids of honour at the next court- ball

T: Tell me, please, why did the Happy prince begin to give his jewelries?

P4: When the prince saw the ugless life of poor people he wanted to help them. O. Wilde glorified the unselfish, kindness and generosity.

T: Prove, that the Happy prince was generosity.

P5: I think, he was generosity, he asked the swallow to take the ruby out of his sword and give the sick boy, because his mother had nothing to give him but river water.

T: As far as you know, statue’s feet were fixed to his pedestal and he could not move. Tell, who helped to carry out his plan and why?

P 6 The swallow helped him to carry out the plan. He was kind, fair, responsible, serious. The swallow agreed to stay and flew to the young fellow, which was hunger and couldn`t write a play for theatre and gave him the ruby. The swallow didn`t go to Egypt, though it was cold and waited for winter. He helped and helped poor people.

T:  What did O.Wilde glorify in the tale?

P7: I think, it is a real  friendship.

T: Why did the swallow make all the statue`s commands?

P8: I think, the swallow had as kind heart as the prince.

T: Tell me, please, why did O.Wilde touch upon the eternal: values of life?

P1: I think, O.Wilde wanted to save world from cruelty, make people happy,

change the world.

T: Do you consider that friendship is the main value of life?

P2: I`m sure, that our life is impossible without friendship. I believe, lucky are the people who have friends. We all need in friendship, no malter how wealthy or successful we are.I think, we are uncompleting without it. Friendship is a real treasure a book of Wisdom says: “Two are better than one, if one down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up.

Friendship is a bridge between loneliness and fellowship, frustration  and confidence, despair and hope, setbacks and success.

T: Can we say the Happy prince and the swallow were real friends:

P2: I am sure, they were real friends, their friend ship was unselfish. The swallow gave his life for a sake of their friendship.

Рольова гра.

The poor little Swallow grew colder and colder but he would not leave the Prince, he loved him too much. He kept himself by flapping his wings.

The Swallow:   Good-bye, dear Prince. “Will you let me kiss your hand”.

The Prince:    You have stayed too long here; but you must kiss me on the lips, for I love you.

The Swallow:  It is not to Egypt that I`m going. I` m going to House of Death. Death is a brother of sleep, is he not?

Authors words.  He kissed and fell down dead at his feet.

T:  Children, read the proverbs about friendship and say what of them coinside with our theme?

1. They are rich who have true friends.

2. Friends are thieves of time.

3. Friendship cannot stand on one side.

4. Friend is need is a friend indeed.

5. Friend to all is a friend to none.

6. Friends may meet but mountains never greet.

T: People devoted to friendship their poems.

Now I open our heart for poem.


Among the most human values

The friendship takes the toppest place,

Because we can not probably imagine

The life without any friends

And during our young years

We try to get acquainted with

Our neighbors children, adults,

And even different animals and pets

But in every life of every person

There was, is and will be the best friend,

Who comes to help without any reason

And is always ready to understand

So, keep your friendship and please, don’t quarrel

Because the life is only one.

And if you lose your real friendship,

It will be hard to find a new one.

Helen Demidenko, 11-B

T: What quotation about friendship do you want to read?

P3: True friendship is never screen.

(Marie de Rabutin-Chantal)

Be slow in choosing a friend, slower in changing.


T: Can you say that the Happy Prince and the Swallow loved to each other?

P4: No doubt that everything in our life begins with love. You cannot be happy without love. Love makes friendship. We can not love friends without loving people. To love means to give rather more than to take. Love adds happiness. Love is the highest value of life. It is makes our life complete and full of sense.

T: Were the Happy Prince and the swallow happy? And why.

P4 Yes, they were, because they had the main treasure of life- Love and  friendship.

T: Can you prove this?

P5 Yes, of course. The God ordered the Angel bring two the most precious things in the city. And the Angel brought the leaden heart of the Happy Prince and the dead Swallow.

T: Why did the Angel choose these two things?

P6: The Angel chose them because their values of life were Friendship-Love- Happiness.

T: What is Happiness. Let us read the words of Dostoevskiy?

”Happiness does not lie happiness itself but in the achievement of it”

    ( Dostoevskiy )

T: Some people think that gold can make happy. Do you agree with this  statement?

P7: No, I don’t agree because gold is a material thing and values of life are  spiritual thing Friendship, Love and Happiness is eternal. We can buy them for money as you see to be happy means to live with harmony within soul.

T: So, we can say that Friendship, Love, Happiness, Health are the main values of life. These values you can give your children, wealth is not eternal.

P: I am sure ‚ no jewellary can substitute happiness. No money can  make such a miracle as  a warm word of dear people, their tiny present, not so expensive, can make us happy.

T: Let's sing a song

Sipping cider

The sweetest girl  /  ever saw

Sat sipping cider through a straw

I said: “ Fair  Miss,/ I you implore

Why sip you cider through a straw”

I said to him:/ “There is no law

Giants sipping cider through a straw”

So cheer by cheek / and jaw by jaw

We both sip cider through a straw

And now I 've  got /a mother – in law

By sipping cider through a straw.

So cheek by cheek / and jaw by jaw

We both sip cider through a straw

IV Аналізування ток-шоу та презентації проектів

V Підсумки уроку


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