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God blessed the monastery when Ukraine became independent. In 1993 it was opened by the efforts of many people. Mother Superior Vira and nuns of the abode accepted the responsibility to restore the old monastery.



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I. Read the text to get some  information about your native  place.

 Words below  help you to understand  the text.

1.Convent of the Holy Trinity – Свято-Троiцький монастирь

2. spiritual life- духовне життя

 3. nun- черниця

 4. hieromonk-

              5. Athos mountain- Афонська гора

 6. to turn one’s eyes upon smth.

               7. disciple

                8. abode

                9. diligence

 10. voluntary  offerings

              11. donation (contribution)

              12. a person of consequence

              13. to damage

              14. enclosure

              15. restore ( renew, re-establish)

              16. archbishop

              17. mass (public liturgy)

    18. fall into decay

              19. Mother Superior

              20. work of penance

              22. an insane  asylum



What  delight  for everybody to visit  our Gystynskiy Convent of  the Holy Trinity to pray and  speak to nuns full of spiritual life.     The foundation of the  Gustynskiy  Convent began in 1600.  The founder of this  Holy place was  a hieromonk  Joseph who came  from the  Athos mountain. His  aim was to find  a quiet  and empty of people place to build a mo – nastery. He turned his eyes  upon the island of  Gystynya. This  island  encircled with water and thick forests was a perfect  place for the life of monks. Joseph and  his disciples  began to settle a new abode.  They were not alone. News about buil –ding  of a new monastery spread  very quickly and  a lot of people  came to the  is-land, settled there and  helped the monks in there work. Food, money, building      materials were brought by  different people.  Thanks to diligence and voluntary of-ferings a little wooden church was built in 1614. Joseph was elected the  prior of the  monastery. From 1625 till 1671 the fire destroyed the monastery three times.   But after every fire the buildings of the monastery were restored. In 1674-1675 the Holy Trinity Church  was built by  hetman Ivan Samoilovich on his own funds.    Due to the contribution of famous people and  persons of consequence the monastery became the richest monastery in Ukraine called the “second  Lavra”.  Unfortunately the lot of the  monastery wasn’t  merciful  and in 1793 the monas-                       tery was closed  and by  the  time  the  churches and  enclosure were  damaged.     More than fifty years the monastery was  abandoned and neglected. In the 40-s of the XIX century the archbishop Gedeon  made everything  in his power to renew   the monastery of Gystynya and worshipping of mass began again. One of the ico-  nostases of the churches was created in St. Petersburg in Byzantine style.                                  

              And again God tested  faithfulness  of  those  who loved  Him. In 1924                             

after the October revolution  the monastery was closed. A community for homeless children and later an insane asylum were placed there. New dwellers destroyed the monuments of architecture and churches fell into decay. In 1943 the convent was

allowed but 16 years later it was closed thirdly.

               God blessed  the  monastery when Ukraine became independent. In 1993 it was opened by the efforts of many people. Mother Superior Vira and nuns of the abode accepted the responsibility to restore the old monastery. Since 1994 four churches  and  enclosure have been renewed, new  bells on the bell-tower have been  installed and houses for nuns have been built. Now there is a stockyard, a

poultry-yard, hothouses, an apiary, a refectory, a bakery on the territory of the monastery where nuns work. If pilgrims come here from other places they can stay in the inn.

                After  morning prayer every nun comes up to the Mother Superior to get her work of penance.

   From generation to generation people are accustomed to bring their joy and sorrow to the monastery to ask God to support, console and bless. The monas-

tery of Gystynya was burnt, destroyed, desecrated but retrieved from ashes. For  

400 years  the Gystynskiy  Convent of the  Holy Trinity has been gifting  love

and hope to Christians.

   II. Read and choose  the correct item to complete the sentences

                     1. People  come to the Gystynskiy Convent of the Holy Trinity_______.

 a) to pray

                      b) to study

         c) to have a rest

                       2. This island encircled with ________ was a perfect place for the life of monks.

         a) villages

                       b) fields and meadows

                       c) water and thick forests

                        3. This monastery is called ________.

                       a)  a  palace

                        b) the second  “Lavra”                                                                                        

                        c) a museum of architecture

                        4) One of the iconostases of one of the churches was created in                                         


                        a) Rome

               b) St. Petersburg

 c) Kiyv

                         5. If pilgrims come to the monastery  they can  have a rest in________.

                         a) an inn

                         b) the village of Gystynya

         c) the nuns’ rooms                                                                                                             6. Every  morning the Mother Superior gives nuns___________.                            a) money for shopping

               b) work of penance

               c) meals

               7. Monastery of Gystynya  is the place where people come to ask  _________ to bless and console.   

               a) God                               b) government                 c) the Mother Superior    

            III. Read the text again (if you need) and find what it tells  about the following.

                1. a person who founded the monastery

                2. the location of the abode

                3. the attitude of people

        4. the visit of the great poet and artist             5. the period  of neglect                        6. the life of the monastery after the October revolution          7. the life of the monastery nowadays.                      IV. Fill in the gaps with a suitable preposition from  the list below.

 to,on, for,  up, upon, by, from, to, into


 1. He turned his eyes _______ the island of Gystynya.

                 2. The Holy Trinity Church was built_______hetman Ivan Samoilovich ________his own funds.               3. A community _________homeless children was placed there.          4. After morning prayer every nun comes_______to the  Mother Superior.                    5. _________generation _________ generation people are accustomed _________bring their joy and sorrow to the monastery.          6. Churches fell________decay.       

  V. What new information have you found from the text ?   

                    (give 5 -7 sentences).





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