«Ромео і Джульєтт». Вистава за трагедією Вільяма Шекспіра мовою оригіналу (театралізоване свято)

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Педагогика и дидактика

When William married, he was still a teenager. r He had three children, but in 1587 he went to London. There he began to act and to write plays. Shakespeare became a veiy important member of a well- known acting company.



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«Ромео і Джульєтт». Вистава за трагедією Вільяма Шекспіра мовою оригіналу (театралізоване свято).

Мета заходу:

сприяти формуванню позитивних мотивів освітньо-пізнавальної діяльності учнів;

підвищити рівень володіння англійською мовою;

ознайомити учнів з культурним та соціально-економічним сферами життя народу, мова якого вивчається;

розвинути у дітей сенсорне сприйняття, інтелектуальне,

емоційне, рухове та мотиваційну сфери

Театралізовані вистави слугують не тільки розвагою для дітей, а й засобом вивчення мови, вироблення в учнів мовних навичок та вмінь, одним з основних способів розвитку творчості та уяви. Такий вид діяльності розвиває у дітей сенсорне сприймання, інтелектуальну, емоційну, рухову та мотиваційну сфери.

Театралізовані інсценівки в позакласній роботі з англійської мови сприяють вирішенню цілого ряду навчальних завдань, серед яких основними вважають навчання живої розмовної мови, придбання відомої свободи в звертаннях, привчання виступати перед суспільством в якості оратора. Ці інсценівки є театром користі та справи, а також разом з цим - театром задоволення і розваги.

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The life and creative work of William Shakespeare

"He was a man, take

Him for all in all,

We shall not look upon

His like again"



Leading l

Leading ll


Leading I: Dear ladies and gentlemen. Today we'll speak

about William Shakespeare


William Shakespeare is a great English dramatist.

He was born in 1564 in Stratford-upon -Avon.

His father was a glove-maker.

William went to a grammar school and got a good education there.

When William married, he was still a teenager. r He had three children, but in 1587 he went to London. There he began to act and to write plays. Shakespeare became a veiy important member of a well- known acting company.

Most of his plays were performed in the Globe Theatre. William Shakespeare went back to Stratford where he died in 1616.

His plays are still actual and modem. They are played in many theatres of the world. Leadingll: All or Sh"s plays came under five headings: tragedies, comedies, history plays, and Sonnets.

Leading I: And now to your attention Sonnets by William Shakespeare.

Sonnets 130

My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun;

Coral is far more red than her lips red:

If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun;

If hairs be wires grow on her head.

I have seen roses damask'd„ red and white,

But no such roses see I in her cheeKs;

And in some perfumes is there more delight

Than in the breath that from my mistress reeks

I love to hear her speak, yet well I know

That music hath afar more pleasing sound;

I grant I never saw a goddess go;

My mistress, when she walks, treads on the ground;

And yet, by heave л I think my love as rare

As any she belied with false compare.

Leading I: And now to your attention Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.

Сценарий " Romeo and Juliet"

By W. Shakespeare.






Lord Capulet




The group of young ladies and gentlemen.

I-st Narrator: The two chief families in Verona werethe Capulets and the Montagues, both veiy rich families.An old quarell between these two families had grown toa great height.

II-nd Narrator: And they were such enemies that even their followers and servants could not meet without fierce words, which sometimes caused blood to run.

I-st Narrator: Once old Lord Capulet gave a great supper. All the beauties of Verona were present, except the house of Montague.

II-nd Narrator: So to your attention some scenes from Romeo and Julliet by W. Shakespeare.

I-st Narrator: Great supper in the house of Capulet.

Scene I

(Звучит музыка. Входят молодые люди - девушки и юноши. Они танцуют вальс. А вот появляются трое молодых людей - Romeo, Benvolia, Mercutio. Они в масках ).

All: May we come in?

Capulet: Oh, young people you are welcome to our party. There are plenty of ladies fcr you to dance with.

Romeo: Great thanks.

(молодые люди входят, вдруг Ромео видит Джульету. Он подходит к ней)

Romeo: Who are you a beautiful girl?

Juliet: I'm Juliet

Romeo: Oh, I haven't seen you before. Your beauty shows by night like a rich jewel. Your beauty is rich for use, too dear for early. You are a white bird among black ones. Your beauty dear Julliet and your perfection's shine above all other ladies, (появляется Tybalt - the nephew of Lord Capulet)

Il-nd Narrator: You see Tybalt the nephew of Lord Capulet, he has quick and angry temper. Suddenly he knows Romeo by his voice.

Tybalt: Dear ladies and Gentlemen! This dirty Montagne comes here under cover of mask to make fun of us at our feast, (выхватывает меч, пытается ударить, подбегают друзья, начинается потасовка).

Lord Capulet (разнимает ) Tybalt I don't let you do any harm at this time both because of respect of my guests and because Romeo has behaved like a gentle man.

Tybalt: So, well! I'm try to control myself. But at another time you pay dearly for your uninvited entrance. (Romeo подходит к Juliet)

Romeo: Oh, Julliet you are a holy place, which I do wrong to touch. I'm a humble pilgrim and will I kiss you to repair the wrong.

Juliet: Good pilgrim! Saints have hands, which pilgrims may touch, but not kiss.

Romeo: have not saints lips and pilgrims too?

 Juliet: Yes, lips which then must use in prayer.

 Romeo: May I invite you for dance.

 Juliet: with great pleasure. (танцуют танец )

 Romeo: And who is your mother?

Juliet: I'm a daughter of a rich lord Capulet, the great enemy of Montagues.

Romeo: What? But I'm a son of Montague. So, bye! (отходит в сторону) - What can I do? She is a daughter of our enemy and I have given my heart to a member of that family.

 Juliet: Romeo is a Montague and I have been suddenly struck with love for him. It is a wonderful birth of love, but I shall love for my enemy.

Scene II

I-st Narrator: the moon shines in the garden with a light. Julliet was in the garden ((Romeo climbed over the wall into a garden of Juliet's house). She all this time thinking herself to be alone, exclaimed:

Juliet: Ah, me! О Romeo! Romeo! Why are you called Romeo? Leave your father and refuse your name and I will no longer be a Capulet. (слышен голос Romeo ).

Romeo. Oh my love! (Juliet подходит к нему) there is more danger in your eyes than in twenty of their swords, if you only look with kindness on me, lady, I'm safe from my enemies. I will be better that my life is ended by their hate, that I shall live without your love.

Juliet: How did you come into this place? Who guided you?

 Romeo: Love guided me.

Juliet: You have heard my words and this is true.

Nurse: (слышен голос) Juliet it is time for her fed. (Juliet уходит и возвращается )

Juliet: Romeo, if your love indeed is honorable, and you wish to marry me, I will send a messenger next day to fix a time for our marriage.

Romeo: I wish you sweet sleep and rest.

Scene III

II-nd Narrator: So, this morning, Romeo and Juliet joined their hands in holly marriage. The good friar prayed that the heavens will smile upon this act and that the union of young, Montague and young Capulet will end forever the old quarrel between their families.

I-st Narrator: But this day there was a quarrel between Tybalt and Benvolia with Mercutcio and Romeo. Mercutcio was killed and Romeo kept his temper no longer. He killed Tybalt. Romeo was ordered to leave Verona.

II-nd Narrator: So, Romeo Sadly said farewell to his dear wife and if was the beginning of tragedy.

(in the house of Capulet)

Lord Capulet: Dear daughter I have chosen for you a young man for marriage. It is count Paris, a brave young and noble gentleman. He will be a suitable husband for you.

Juliet: Oh, dear father I'm very young to marry.

Lord Capulet: No! Say me nothing, It is my decision.

Juliet: But I'm too weak to meet a husband with the face of joy, because of recent death of Tybalt.

Lord Capulet: Dear Juliet I'm deaf to all your excuses and I order you to get ready for marriage by the next Thursday.

Juliet: But I don't agree, oh father, father but I can't.


I must go to frier for advice.

Scene IV

Juliet: Good morning, dear frier! I need your advice.

Frier: Dear Juliet are you brave enough to risk a dangerous remedy.

Juliet: Oh, yes, of course. I will go into the grave alive than marry Paris.

Frier: So, go home and appear marry and say that you are willing to marry Paris. But next night you must drink the dangerous liquid. You'll be cold and lifeless for 42 hours. Then you will be carried to the family tomb.

Juliet: Thank you very much I'll do so.


Oh my God! Romeo, Romeo! I love you very much (пьёт напиток, падает. Музыка Прокофьева).

I-st Narrator: At this time Romeo reached Verona and found the church and the tomb.

( подходит к Juliet, целует её ) Farewell my dear lady! ( выпивает яд, падает рядом с Juliet).

II-nd Narrator: At this time the frier went to the tomb to set the lady free.

Juliet: (просыпается) Where is Romeo?

Oh! (она подходит к Romeo, берёт яд, целует его. Слышен шум. Juliet быстро выхватывает кинжал пронзает себя).

Frier: Oh my god, oh my god! Great power had ruined all our plans.

I-st Narrator: It is the end of Romeo and Juliet. A terrible punishment heaven had sent them.

II-nd Narrator: The god found a way to punish their unnatural hate.


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