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Prior to this lesson your task was to visit my teacher's website and read the materials that would help you in work on the topic of our project. Raise your hands, those who visited the site and looked through the materials. So, what was your homework?



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Василенко О.П., вчитель англійської мови ЕБГ „Гармонія”

Тема: Вибір професії. 9 клас

          Choosing a career.
Навчальні цілі:
- Активізувати вживання в мові учнів лексику по темі "Вибір професії" через різні види мовленнєвої діяльності: читання, говоріння, письмо;
Вдосконалювати навички усного і писемного мовлення.


-Удосконалювати вміння робити висновки за допомогою технології  роботи в малих групах.
Розвивальні цілі:
-Розвивати мовленєві, інтелектуальні та пізнавальні здібності, зорову й довгострокову пам'ять, увагу, уяву.
- Розвивати в учнів уміння аналізувати свої особистісні якості, стосовно  даної професії;
 - Сприяти розвитку вміння визначати професійні якості особистості.
Виховні цілі:
- Сприяти вихованню розуміння в учнів важливості і необхідності реалізації своїх умінь і здібностей через обрану професію.

Розширювати кругозір, виховувати любов до знань та бажання дізнаватися більше нового.
Обладнання: комп'ютер, мультимедійні проектор, презентація уроку, роздатковий матеріал(картки для роботи в групах, тести, анкети).
Хід уроку

1. Організаційний момент. Вступне слово вчителя.
Good morning, students and guests. I am glad to see you. Today we have an unusual lesson. I am a teacher of English in our grammar school “Harmony”. I`m sure,that most of you have already Known me, but for those who do not know me and for our guests-let me introduce myself. My name is Oksana Petrovna. Today we are going to spend our lesson together. I hope that the lesson will be for you interesting and informative and we`ll our best today,
Prior to this lesson your task was to visit my teacher's website and read the materials that would help you in work on the topic of our project. Raise your hands, those who visited the site and looked through the materials. So, what was your homework? (учні повідомляють вчителю, що їх домашнім завданням було створити проект з теми з використанням мультимедійної презентації і підготуватися до захисту).
One of the most difficult problem for you is to choose you future profession. You are in the 9th form and you should decide what to do after finishing the 9th form: to leave school for getting a job in technical school or to continue education at school in the 10th form. It is not an easy task to make a right choice.
2. Актуалізація наявних знань заповнення кластера "Professions".
Teacher:So, students, let's revise all the professions you know.
Write down the names of professions in your word-web. (Потім учні по ланцюжку читають назву професій, які вони згадали
Teacher: There are a lot of classification
s of professions. Now we'll classify them in 6 groups. Students listen to the definitions of each group and think over about the examples of professions:
Clerical - the jobs are done in offices and deal with people or simple office machinery.
Scientific - the jobs that need a background of interest in one sort of science.
Practical - the biggest group of all, it depends on skills other than those needed in exams.
Outdoor - these jobs are easier to find in the country than in the town.
Creative - these jobs need flair, skill and lots of luck.
Social jobs are ones where you help other people.
3. Робота з лексикою.
I: It is important for you to know how to use the word "job", "profession" and "career". Let's read the definition.
(Див. додаток слайд 11)
A job is the work that a person does regularly in order to earn money.
A career is the series of jobs that a person does in his / her life.
A profession is a job that requires special training and brings a rather high social status.
4. Закріплення вивченої лексики.
(Див. додаток слайд 12)
Fill in this information about career education with job, profession, or career.
a) In their last three years at school, teenagers receive____________advice. There are a lot of_______________to choose from.
 b) A______________teacher helps teenagers
to discover their interests and make the first steps to future________________
 c) A lot of teenagers have a part-time________________
 d) Annabel hopes to make painting her________________ although she knows it will not be easy.
 e) A special booklet provides some tips for finding-the right__________________It gives information about nearly 250________________
5. Виконання тесту.
What would you like to be? Do you know what type of job you would like to have? Answer the questions and see what our career specialist says about you! You must put a cross in the box marked Yes or No.

1. Do you like to travel? Yes No
2. Do you prefer to work indoors?
3. Do you like talking to people?
4. Do you prefer to work alone?
5. Are you energetic?
6. Do you like organizing things?
7. Are you patient?
8 Do you like animals?
9. Are you noisy?
10. Do you like to work with your hands?
11. Are you artistic?
12. Do you like working with numbers?
13. Do you like children?
14. Do you like looking after people?
Г5. Are you calm?
16. Are you musical?
17. Do you like sport?
18. Do you like working at night?
19. Do you mind seeing blood?
20. Do you like talking on the telephone?
Check your answers and add up (підрахувати) your score.
          Yes  No
1. 10 5

2. 10 5

3. 10 10

4. 2 2

5. 20 5

6. 1 0

7. 5 0

8. 4 3

9. 0 5

10. 1 2

11. 5 5

12. 2 2

13. 2 5

14. 10 2

15. 2 10

16. 4 2

17. 5 4

18. 5 7

19. 1 4

20 5 4

Quiz. (Див. Додаток слайд № 13)
If your score is between 5-45
You enjoy working with people and helping them. You are also a practical person. One of these careers will suit you: teacher, doctor, nurse, social worker, psychologist, zoo keeper, policeman
If your score is between 45-90
You like to work quietly and concentrate on the task. You prefer to work on your own. One of these careers will suit you: laboratory technician, librarian, artist, bank clerk, hair-dresser, architect.
If your score is between 90-135
You like to be very busy. You like to be with people and you like organizing things for them. One of the following careers will suit you: travel agent, journalist, hotel manager, salesperson, fireman.
. Формування лексичних навичок та активізація їх у мовленні.
T: Do you know that personal qualities and your character traits are very important for choosing profession.
Now we'll read, translate and remember the personal qualities. (Students read the new world all together, then one by one.
( The teacher asks student translate into English and into Russian some of the words).
Character traits: Attentive - уважний Confident - впевнений Cooperative - вміє співпрацювати Considerate - уважний до інших, жалісливий Creative - творчий Deferent - шанобливий Fair - чесний, порядний Flexible - поступливий, гнучкий Forgiving - поблажливий Friendly - доброзичливий Generous - благородний Gentle - м'який, добрий Polite - ввічливий Practical - практичний Clever - розумний Talkative - балакучий Reliable - надійний Honest - чесний Kind - добрий Patient - терплячий Punctual - пунктуальний Responsible - відповідальний Sincere - щирий Tactful - тактовний Temperate - стриманий Tolerant - терпимий Sociable - товариський Optimistic - оптимістичний Sensible - благородний.
7. Робота в групах.
Учні діляться на 3 групи на 5 осіб, і кожна група отримує картку із завданням.
The task: You should advise your classmate to make the right choice. You should consider the personal qualities of your classmates and the traits of character. Discuss the task in groups.
Card № 1.
1.Vova wants to be a computer programmer.
 What personal qualities should he have?

2. Solve a problem. You are the boss of the company. You’ll have to hire one of the two employees. One of them is a very efficient worker. The other is not. But he is your close relative. What would you do?

P1. If I were a boss I would never hire any of my relatives, instead of a talented worker, because I wouldn’t start risking my business and I would offer this job to the efficient employee.

P2. I am in two minds. On the one hand I would like to help my relative, but on the other hand I wouldn’t like to run a risk.
Card № 2.
1.Anna wants to be a dress designer.
 What personal qualities should she have?

2. Read the definition of professions, try to guess and name them.

someone who can count well and keeps the money records of a business

someone who makes walls with bricks

someone who designs clothes

someone who writes computer programs

someone who gets cash or pays out money in a shop

someone who repairs cars

someone who works at the reception desk of a hotel

someone whose job is to design buildings

someone whose job is to manage a company

someone who studies or works in physics
Card № 3.
1.Ira wants to be a journalist.
 What personal qualities should she have?

2. Practice the dialogue in pairs, choosing the proper word and make the dialogue of your own.

Susan is applying for a job at the personnel office of National Electronics.

A: Please have a seat, … (name).

B: Thank you.

A: Now, what kind of job are you interested in?

B: Well, I enjoy … (1) and I’m good at … (2).

A: Can you …(3)?

B: Yes, I can.

A: How about a job as a … (4)?

B: Well, that doesn’t sound very … (5). Is there anything else?

A: Would you like to work in the … (6)?

B: As a … (7)? Yes, I think I’d like that.

A: OK. Let’s think about that.
1. working with people

2. working under the pressure

3. operate a computer

4. secretary

5. interesting

6. customer relations department

7. customer service representative office work
(Учні виконують завдання в групах 3-4 хвилини. Потім відповідають вголос)
I: Well done.
8. Захист проектів.

T: I think some of you have already chosen your future profession.

What profession would you like to choose? Why?

What do you want to be? And why?

I would like to choose a profession of …,because…

I would like to be …, because… (учні презентують свої проекти)
9. Гра: "The most"
Назвати професії, які, на вашу думку, найбільшою мірою відповідають даній характеристиці, і обгрунтувати свою відповідь.
Сама зелена;
Найбільша грошова;
Найбільша дитяча;
Сама товариська;
Найбільша творча.
10. Розвиток творчої діяльності.
The teacher of English:
I think you know the Russiand and English provebs and statements about professions and works. Match them. "The early bird gets the worm" "God helps those, who help themselves" "Live and Learn" "It takes the character, the never - say - quit spirit to succeed in business" "Для того, щоб досягти успіху в бізнесі, потрібно характер і вміння не здаватися "" Хто рано встає, тому Бог дає "" Вік  живи - вік учись "" На бога надійся, а сам не зівай "
11. Підсумки уроку. Висновок.
I Want to Ве
Some people often say to m
уоu decided what уоu want to bе?"
I usually answer, "I don't know,"
But it isn't really so.
I want to win
аn Olympic race,
I want to see the Earth from space,
I want to travel to Katmandu
I want to b
е rich and famous, too.
I want to b
е оn Hollywood's screen,
I want to invent
а new machine,
I want to b
е very clever and wise,
I want to win the Nobel prize,
But most of all, I want to b
Healthy and strong, and nice.

Thank you for your work
, children, you`ve done it perfectly. I`m satisfied with the results of our leson. I wonder if you are as satisfied as I am. Just on this occasion, I`ve prepeard these cards of different colours. If you are pleased with the results of our work, you`ll rise red cards. If you have some doubts about your satisfaction it will be a yellow card. And if everything wasn`t as good as might be, you`ll show me brown cards. Please do it.(Аналіз і оцінка роботи учнів)
I wish you good luck! Good-bye!


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