Save our nature

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Педагогика и дидактика

Well, you see that there are a lot of problems in our life. Today in our lessons we begin to discuss one of them: “People and nature”. During the lesson we’ll understand the reasons, compare activities in our country and in England and try to find the way out of some problems of our world.



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1 чел.

9th form

Save our nature


to learn and activate new vocabulary

to practise grammar

to involve students to work in groups

to develop students’ thinking

to discuss the problem

Equipment: a tape-recorder and a cassette, pictures, cards with tasks

Type: a double – lesson


I 1. Warming-up

T: Let’s speak about your life: “What problems do teenagers have?”

The students share their thoughts on the topic. They say words, expressions or sentences one by one. For example, our problem is political and financial situation; education; bad people in our life; bad marks, etc.

T: Well, let’s take a wider task: “What problems does our land have?” I want everybody to write this problem on the paper, and then read it aloud.

S: bad roads, people, politics, money, friends and enemies, pollution, etc.

2. Introduction

T: Well, you see that there are a lot of problems in our life. Today in our lessons we begin to discuss one of them: “People and nature”. During the lesson we’ll understand the reasons, compare activities in our country and in England and try to find the way out of some problems of our world.

II Save our Nature

1. Listening (The text is taken and changed from the “New Hotline”)

Save Our Trees

Oleg Are you coming to the demo on Saturday?

Ivan What demo?

Oleg Don’t you ever read anything, Ivan? Look at this leaflet. Olya wrote it, you know.

Ivan ‘Save Our Trees. Last week permission was given for the Wood Company to cut down the old trees at the end of Green Street. The land is needed for new offices and flats. Those trees are nearly two hundred years old. They were planted in the time of Olexa Dovbush. Unless we do something, they will be cut down next week and three hundred years of history will be destroyed. Letters have been written to the local council and a petition has been organized. A demonstration will be held at the trees on Saturday at 9.30 a.m. Please come along and support us. Save Our Trees’. Are you going?

Oleg We all are. I’ve already made a placard. Nina made a big banner.

On Saturday

All Save Our Trees. Save Our Trees.

Nina Will you sign our petition, please?

Ivan. I’ll take this pole.

2. Retelling

Answer the following questions which are on the blackboard:

  1.  What is this text about?
  2.  Who are the heroes?
  3.  What problems are describing in it?
  4.  Do teenagers in our region have such problems?

Possible answers:

  1.  The text is about the demonstration
  2.  The heroes are the young people, friends, the members of the demo
  3.  The protection of the nature
  4.  Yes, sometimes

3. A group work

The class is divided into 4 groups. Each group has its task. They have 5-7 minutes to do the tasks.

Everybody has the text of the dialogue.


  1.  Readers. Learn reading the dialogue in roles.
  2.  Correspondents. Answer the questions.
  3.  Explorers. Find the definitions of the words in English. Students have a vocabulary for the help.
  4.  Scientists. Explain grammar tenses and find the examples.

Questions for the group 2

  •  Why does the Wood Company want to cut down the trees?
    •  Why shouldn’t they cut the trees down?
    •  What has Olya written?
    •  What else have they done?
    •  When was the demonstration?

Words for the group 3

A demo, a leaflet, permission, a company, the land, to destroy, a local council, a petition, a placard, a banner, a pole

4. A work with the text

The members of every group show the results of their work.

  1.  Readers act the dialogue.
  2.  Correspondents answer the questions. One student reads the questions, the other – answer them:
    •  They want to cut down the trees to get the land for new offices and flats.
    •  They shouldn’t cut the trees down because of the protest.
    •  Olya has written a leaflet for the all townsmen.
    •  They have made a placard, a big banner and a petition.
  3.  Explorers explain the words.

A demo – a meeting in which people protest or support something

a leaflet – a paper with some information

permission – allowing to do something

a company – an organization

the land – the territory, ground used for buildings or farming

to destroy – to ruin something

a local council - an organization in the town that has a power

a petition - a paper with some information signed by people

a placard - a large paper with slogans

a banner - a placard with poles

a pole – a stick for a placard

  1.  Scientists explain grammar tenses:

Active Voice

The Present Simple Tense: know, do, don’t

The Past Simple Tense: wrote, made

The Future Simple Tense: I’ll take

The Present Perfect Tense: I’ve already made

The Present Continuous Tense: Are you coming, Are you going,

Passive Voice

The Present Simple Tense: is needed

The Past Simple Tense: was given, were planted

The Future Simple Tense: will be cut down, will be destroyed, will be held

The Present Perfect Tense: have been written, has been organized

5. A work with the new words

Each group is given two sets of words. The task is to find the synonyms.

A demo – a demonstration

a leaflet – a booklet

permission – an agreement

a company – a corporation

the land – the territory

to destroy - to annihilate

a local council – a home committee

a petition – an appeal

a placard – a poster

a banner – a hanging

a pole – a stick

6 A project work

T: There are several pictures of nature (animals, birds, plants, flowers, water, the planet, etc). You have to take one of them and in 5 minutes write down a petition on the topic ‘Save our Ukraine’. We continue to work in groups. To help I give you a list of necessary words:

Сміття: dust, rubbish, litter, refuse, debris, waste, garbage, trash, junk.

Смітник: dust-heap, rubbish-heap.

Смітити: to make a mess, to litter.

Забруднювати: to pollute, to soil, to make dirty.

Забруднення: pollution

Students’ projects

A group 1 – the picture of the land

A group 2 – the picture of the waterfall

A group 3 – the picture of the sea

A group 4 – the picture of the bird

‘Save our land’

The land has a great role in our life. Many people want to see its beauty and grandeur. But a lot of tourists visit different places and make a mess everywhere. We want to put some cameras to look for visitors in popular

rest-places. We want to ban visits so-called “black archaeologists”. The nature can’t fight with our pollution if we don’t want to help, that’s why we must save our land for our descendants.

‘Save our waterfall’

Our waterfall is very beautiful. It is one of the famous places in the Carpathian Mountains. Many tourists come to see this wonderful place. Bad people pollute it. We organized scavenging several times but waste is in different places not only in the dust-heaps. Save the territory of the waterfall! Our nature must be clean and beautiful! Support us. A demonstration will be on Friday at 10 a.m. at our local council.

‘Save our sea’

Our sea is needed to help. There are many animals and fishes in it. The people have a rest on its beaches. But there are two problems: visitors and factories. There is a factory not far from the coast that pollutes the nature. Some businessmen want to build new factories here. We have to order to stop them. Save our sea from garbage. Don’t allow anybody to make dirty our territory!

‘Save our birds’

Some birds and animals are in danger because people make dirty their places of living, cut down the trees and destroy their houses. Our air isn’t clean and that’s why a lot of birds die. We want to ask all people of the world to protect our little brothers. They must be free not only in the National Parks but everywhere. Some birds, like eagles, have a right to fly in the blue sky and be not afraid of hunters. Support our movement, please!

III Summing-up

T: Now there are only two big groups in the class. You have to prove that people are

the friends of the nature                                                             the enemies of the nature

E.g. we plant trees                                                                       we cut the trees

       we look after homeless animals                                         we pollute the air

       we                                                                                       we

T: I hope that we solved some serious problems and you – our builders of future life – will become thoughtful about the relations between people and nature. I hope that you understand that the problem of pollution hasn’t any borders and we have to protect nature in all the countries, in the whole world.

Our lesson is coming to its finish and I want to thank everybody who took part in our work. Our work was great and we’ll continue it in our next lessons. Your home-task is to do the projects on ecology.



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