Science and modern life

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Педагогика и дидактика

To introduce the topic ask students if they are studying science at school and whether they like it or not, why/why not, and what kinds of things do they do in their science classes. Then give the students the short general knowledge quiz.



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Science and modern life

Level: Intermediate and above

Lyudmila Morozova

A teacher of English,

School №10


Cherkassy region


  •  to develop vocabulary through brainstorming and dictionary work;
  •  to widen student’s knowledge about Science in Modern Life;
  •  to improve student’s reading and speaking skills.


Introduction to topic:

• To introduce the topic ask students if they are studying science at school and whether they like it or not, why/why not, and what kinds of things do they do in their science classes. Then give the students the short general knowledge quiz.

Which of the objects (the pictures of





5.X-ray machine


would you use if you wanted to:

• see if someone had broken a bone?

• make something tiny look larger?

• improve efficiency in a factory?

• take blood from someone or inject a medical drug into them?

• search for new planets and stars?

• perform a delicate medical operation or cut through a diamond?

Marie Curie was

A. a Chemist B. a Biologist C. a Physist

Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin in

A.1898  B. 1908  C. 1928

Now get the students to discuss the following points with their partners

• Do you think studying science is important?

Why or Why not?

• Who do you think are the world’s most famous scientists?

• Can you name any famous scientists from your country or from the UK?

• Do you think girls and boys have equal opportunities to study science at school and at university?

Main Part



How much do you know about famous scientists?

Make statements about the people choosing the correct information from the table.

Isaac Newton

Charles Richter

Marie Curie


Jacques Cousteau


Nicolas Copernicus

Vasco da Gama





The orbits of the planets

Mathematical laws

The telescope

The aqualung(used in scuba diving)

A sea route to India, going to Africa

The law of gravity

A scale for measuring earthquakes

Dictionary work:(3,4 (a.b)

3. Match the verbs (1-8) with the nouns (a-h) to make statements about the work done by scientists.

1 perform a factories to make them work more

efficiently with fewer people

2 condition

b new drugs and vaccines to immunise

people against diseases

3 apply

c research into various scientific issues

4 make

d experiments to test their theories

5 do

e people and animals to behave in a certain way

6 clone

f scientific knowledge to practical problems

7 automate      

8 develop g calculations based on statistical data

h plants and animals to make exact copies of them

4.a Match the list of statements (1-6) with the scientific and technological developments

(a-d) they refer to.

  1.  This is a real breakthrough in medical  a the splitting of the atom
  2.  science.

b the discovery of penicillin

  1.  This will mean dangerous speeds of up to

25km per hour.   c the invention of the aero plane

 d the invention of the car

3. This could cause the destruction of humanity.

4. This will make long distances seem like nothing.

5. This will give us immense power.

6. This will give people tremendous independence.

b Make statements about the advantages and disadvantages of automation and animal loning, using the expression on the one hand,... and on the Other hand,... Use the following ideas ) help you.

It has made factory production highly efficient.

It could possibly be used on human embryos.

It has given us the ability to standardise meat production.

It has forced many people to work in dehumanising condition

Group work

Give the students the worksheet and get them to do the ranking task individually.

Then re-group the students in small groups and get them to compare and discuss the differences in their answers, and to decide upon the top 5 most important discoveries as a group. Once all the group have decided, you can then get each group to report their top five back to the class.

Science and Modern Life

Which of the following scientific discoveries do you think have been the most important for modern life? Individually rank the following scientific achievements from 1 to 10 in order of importance. Number one being the most important, number 10 being the least important

  •  Atomic Bomb
    •  Wireless technology
    •  Computers
    •  Cloning
    •  Penicillin/Antibiotics
    •  Solar Power
    •  Air Travel
    •  Plastic
    •  Electricity
    •  Robots

Worksheet Dolly the Sheep

Before class you will need to prepare by cutting up the sentences of the text. One text will need to be cut up for each group.

First of all write the word cloning on the board and ask the students if they understand what it means. Then ask the students to tell you anything they know about cloning.

Now draw a little sheep on the board and write Dolly under it. Ask if any of the students know about Dolly the sheep and let them tell you whatever they know. Now tell them that they are going to read a text about Dolly the sheep.

Put the students in to small groups and divide the cut up sentences between all the members in the group. The students then have to piece the text together and find the answers to the questions. (Answers given in bold)

Dolly the Sheep

Where was Dolly the Sheep cloned? Roslin Institute, near Edinburgh

When was she born? In 1996

How old was Dolly when she died? Six years old

Why do researchers think she may have died so young? Because she was cloned from a sheep who was already six years old.

Worksheet Dolly the Sheep

Dolly the Sheep

Where was Dolly the Sheep cloned?

When was she born?

How old was Dolly when she died?

Why do researchers think she may have died so young?

Cut up sentences

  •  Dolly the Sheep, the first animal cloned from an adult cell, died in 2003.
  •  It had taken hundreds of attempts to produce Dolly and since many people believed that it was impossible to clone something as complex as a sheep, Dolly was a real scientific breakthrough.
  •  However, Dolly who was born in the Roslin Institute near Edinburgh, Scotland in 1996 died at only six years old.
  •  Sheep normally live between 10 to 16 years so Dolly was quite young when she died.
  •  Since Dolly was cloned from an adult sheep that was also six years old, investigators are researching into whether this may have had something to do with her early death.
  •  They believe that there is a strong possibility that the fact that Dolly's genetic material came from a six year old sheep may have caused her to age faster than normal.
  •  Dolly's death has sparked off further debate into the safety of cloning, and the ethics of cloning i humans.

Follow up

Do you think humans should be allowed to be cloned?

What benefits do you think cloning can have?

What negative aspects do you think that cloning can have?

Do you know what your countries policy on cloning is?

Would you like to clone yourself or anyone else?

If you could clone someone famous, who would it be and why


Some uses of do

Complete the following sentences with the correct form of do and the expressions from the boxes. Make any necessary changes.

  1.  I'd been working half the night in the laboratory and I thought a short walk would
  2.  Our daughter in computing at the moment.
  3.  Don't worry if you can't find the answers to all the questions. Just
  4.  Could you please, and help me with this experiment?
  5.  What does he ? Oh, he's a mechanical engineer.
  6.  We are both computer programmers and we're out at work all day, so when we get home in the evening we have a lot of household chores in front of us, like

Use of English

Read the following text and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space. 

Science promises to change our lives in many ways in the twenty-first century. Most people

probably (1) future scientific (2) with travelling to distant planets or with the

host of new (3) that will be available in twenty-first-century homes. However, it is

probably in the (4) of medicine that science will have the greatest (5) on

people's lives. (6) is going on to find ways to (7) people against AIDS, which

has claimed the lives of so many young people, and to (8) cures for terrible (9)

like cancer. Of course, before any of these are made available to the public, they will have

been thoroughly (10)

  1.  A connect
  2.  A developments
  3.  A mechanisms
  4.  A subject
  5.  A impact
  6.  A Research
  7.  A inject
  8.  A invent
  9.  A diseases
  10.  A proven

B link

B progresses

B gadgets

B department

B force

B Investigation

B immunise

B locate

B illnesses

B tried

C associate

C improvement

C instruments

C region

C change

C Studying

C defend

C discover

C sicknesses

C checked

D join

D advance

D machines

D field

D affect

D Analysis

D cure

D make

D infections

D tested

 Home Assignment

 Write an essay(200-250 words) based on the following topic.


The world today faces a serious challenge:

We don’t really understand the ways in which technology is changing our lives: our work/ education, our leisure, our communication, our relationships-everything. And if we don’t understand today’s world, how can we make sure tomorrow’s world is a good one for ourselves, our children, our children’s children….?

Морозова Людмила Сергіївна, вчитель англійської мови Смілянської загальноосвітньої школи І-ІІІ ступенів №10 Черкаської області


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