At the Shopping Centre

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Педагогика и дидактика

It’s Saturday afternoon and Tina and Tim are shopping with their mother. They go to a big shopping centre. The shopping centre is a big building outside the town. It has got many different types of shops.



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Topic: At the Shopping Centre

                                         Pre-reading exercises

  1.  Which ideas come to your mind with the word     “shopping”?


People: shop assistant, shop keeper, customer;

Kinds of shop: fruit shop, flower shop, sports shop, clothes shop, book shop, toy shop;

Things to buy: apples, flowers, story books, t-shirts, balls…

II.Look at the pictures and answer the questions

  •  Do you like shopping?
  •  Who do you go shopping with?
  •  Which kinds of shop do you like shopping?
  •  Who is shopping with the mother?
  •  What do they want to buy?
  •  How do we call the people who work in the shop?
  •  How do we call the people who buy things in the shop?

III. Match the words with the pictures                                                                                                                                    


1.Sports shop





2. Book shop                                                                                                                                                                    


3. Cinema


4. Snack bars


5. Customer


6. Fast food restaurant


7. Shop assistant


Read: At the Shopping Centre

It’s Saturday afternoon and Tina and Tim are shopping with their mother. They go to a big shopping centre. The shopping centre is a big building outside the town. It has got many different types of shops. It has also got restaurants, snack bars, and a big cinema

Tim and Tina’s mother goes to the supermarket. She buys chicken, rice, and some vegetables. Then she takes the children to a sports shop. She buys a pair of trainers for Tim in the sports shop. Here mother buys a story book for Tina. After that they are very hungry and they all go to a fast food restaurant. Finally, mother and the children go to the cinema. They see a very funny film called “My Uncle Joe”.                                                          

While-reading exercises

  1.  Controlled reading. Read the text and find answers to the questions.

-When are the children shopping with their mother?

-Where is the shopping centre?

-What types of shops has the shopping centre got?

-What do they buy in the supermarket?

-Where do they buy a pair of trainers?

-What kind of book do they buy?

-What is the title of the film they see?

  1.  In the text find antonyms to the following words:

  •  Inside ( всередині)
  •  Similar ( схожий)
  •  Small (маленький )
  •  Give ( давати )
  •  Sell (продавати )
  •  Slow (повільний )
  •  Sad (сумний)

Post-reading exercises

  1.  Finish the sentences. Choose the best endings to the sentence beginnings. There are two extra endings that you won’t need.
  2.  The children are shopping with their mother..
  3.  Firstly, they go…
  4.  Mother buys…
  5.  The shopping centre is…
  6.   We can buy rice and chicken…
  7.  The film “My Uncle Joe”…
  8.  You have to go the sports shop…

  1.  Outside the town.
  2.  A story book for Tim.
  3.  In the supermarket.
  4.  To the supermarket.
  5.  On Saturday afternoon.
  6.  To the cinema.
  7.  Is funny.
  8.  A story book for Tina
  9.  To buy a pair of trainers.
  10.  True or False. Mark the sentences with T if they are true and with F if they are false.

  1.  The children are shopping on Sunday afternoon.
  2.  Tim and Tina are shopping with their dad.
  3.  The shopping centre is a building in the centre of the town.
  4.  There are a lot of shops in the supermarket.
  5.  The supermarket has got a small cinema.
  6.  Firstly, they go to the supermarket.
  7.  Mother buys two pairs of trainers.
  8.  Tina likes reading story books.
  9.  The film ‘My Uncle Joe” is sad.

  1.  Ordering. Put the sentences(a-h) in the correct order(1-8)

  1.  The shopping centre is big and outside the town.
  2.   After that they are at the fast food restaurant.
  3.  Then mother buys a pair of trainers for Tim.
  4.  On Saturday afternoon the children go to the shopping centre with their mother.
  5.  Firstly, they buy some food in the supermarket.
  6.  It has got a lot of different types of shops.
  7.  Next, mother buys a story book for Tina.
  8.   Finally, they watch a funny film.
  9.  Multiple choice. Choose the correct variant.

      1.The children go to the supermarket because…

a. there is no food in the fridge.

b. they don’t go to school on Saturday.

c. they like shopping with the family.

2. This text is mainly about…

    a. Tim and Tina’s family.

    b. the types of shops in the shopping centre.

    c. the family shopping.

3. The shopping centre is…

    a. behind the library.

    b. outside the town.

    c. inside the town.

4. The children go to the restaurant because…

    a. they want to drink.

    b. their father works there

    c. they want to eat.

5. In the text, “snack bar” means…

    a. a place where you can buy small things to eat.

    b. a place where you can buy  and eat a meal.

    c. a place where you can  buy clothes.

6. The title of text is …

    a. My Toys.

    b. At the Shopping centre.

    c. In the Library.

V. Working with the vocabulary. Combine the words.  

    1snack                                 a. book

    2. shopping                            b. food

    3. Saturday                             c. trainers

    4. fast                                    d. film

    5. story                                  e. bars

    6. funny                                 f. centre

    7. a pair of                             g. afternoon         

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