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Педагогика и дидактика

You task was to revise the new words and prepare some information about shopping in Great Britain, Ukraine and other counties. You were divided into some groups. So, please at first let’s remind our words, look and try to match.



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1 чел.



Мета: формувати і вдосконалювати навички діалогічного мовлення на тему  «покупки».

Завдання: освітня: формувати та вести діалоги на тему ; розвинути аудіо навички, вміти володіти ситуацією по темі.

розвиваюча : сформувати здібності і готовність вступати в іноземне спілкування, розвивати усі види пам’яті.

комунікативн: розвиток уявлення , вміння перенести навички в певну ситуацію, розвинути мовні засади.

виховна: показати значимість вміння вирішувати комунікативні завдання через діалог, розширити кругозір, творчі здібності учить та виховувати комунікативні здібності.

Хід уроку.

І. організаційний момент:

Good morning dear

I’m glad to see let me

Begin our lesson with some

Riddles: if you guess them,

You will know what we are

Going to speak about

Listen to me and think

(презент 1 слайд)

  •  Usually two or more people take part in this process
  •  We do it in a special place
  •  We do it very often
  •  Usually women like to do it, men don’t like
  •  We can’t do it without money

T. What is it?

P: Shopping.

T. Yes we are going to speak about shopping. We’ll try to make up and  act dialogues,  repeat the works, do exercises, listen to the text. We have a lot of work. Let’s start.

ІІ. Активізація раніше вивченої лексики.

T. Do you like to go shopping?  What do you prefer to buy clothes or food? I went shopping yesterday. Can you guest what I bought?

(презент 3,4 слайд)

III. Перевірка домашнього завдання .

You task was to revise the new words and prepare   some information about shopping in Great Britain, Ukraine and other counties. You were divided into some groups. So, please at first let’s remind our words, look and try to match. Then we’ll check your answers:

(презент 6,7 слайд)

  1.  loan
  2.  discount
  3.  Bank account
  4.  savings account
  5.  guarantee

Thanks. You are brilliant! Let’s work with your information about shopping.

The first group is…….

The representative is…….

(The students presentations about shopping   )

IV. Аудіювання.

Open your books p.61 ex. 6

In pairs, students look at the photo of the  girl and read the list of six things. Try to guess which things she does.

Make your notes in to your copy books. Then we’ll check your answers   after listening to the recording.

So, how many things did you guess Taras?

P: 1,  3,  2,  1.

T: Ex. In the exercise №7 we have the worlds which the g irl says and which the

shop assistant says try to complete as you can Ex.7 p.61 (s. so exercise)

then let’s listen to the recording and some of students will read and translate the answers.

V. Діалогічне мовлення

Lets make dialogues

With some of the objects in Ex. 9

Some of you will be a customary,

Others – shop assistant.

(Read the exercise) Ex.10

  1.  Письмо(Writing) p.40. Ex.1

Now students I would like you to do some exercises into your  power books. Open your PB p.40 Ex.1

(Complete the dialogue)

VII. Підсумок. So, you were very active today. Thank you for the lesson.

VIII. Оцінки…

IX. Д\з: your task for the next time will be... Find people who work in shops, ask them if these people like their job. What kind of shops are the best to work in? What are advantages and disadvantages of working in shops.


А также другие работы, которые могут Вас заинтересовать

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57673. Образ жінки в мистецтві 162 KB
  These words are of the same meaning. A woman is the beginning of every starting. She is a source of happiness, joy and attraction. She is beautifull in her appearance, behaviuor and as a person as well.
57674. Великобританія та Україна 62.5 KB
  Yes, you’re right. But today I propose you to watch a TV programme about another one British park. Be ready to discuss the programme and we’ll practice the dialogues to improve your communicative skills.
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57677. Healthy way of life. What does it mean to ве healthy? 89.5 KB
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57678. In sound body - sound mind 129.5 KB
  Good health is a great gift. The English proverb says, «Health is not valued till illness comes». The most important thing in the world is our health. Each person is a creator of the human body. Now look at the blackboard. Here you see the main words of the proverb.
57679. Veterans Day 188.5 KB
  Veterans Day is observed with ceremonies at war monuments and cemeteries throughout the nation. Almost every village has a monument to veterans who served in one of the country’s wars.
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