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Text, exercises are aimed at learning new vocabulary. Pupils are offered to complete the chart, find true or false sentences, give short answers, put questions to the statements, find the odd word, make up sentences with words, find and correct the mistakes.



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Text for reading “Shops and shopping” with exercises.

Text, exercises are aimed at learning new vocabulary. Pupils are offered to complete the chart, find true or false sentences,  give short answers, put questions to the statements, find the odd word, make up sentences with words, find and correct the mistakes.


  It’s a well-known fact that we can’t imagine our life without shops. There are shops in cities, towns and small villages.

We can buy goods and food at different shops, supermarkets, department stores and markets. In cities and towns there are a lot of different food-shops. They are: baker’s, butcher’s, grocer’s, greengrocer’s, dairy, fishmonger’s.

At baker’s you can buy white and brown bread, rolls, cakes, buns, biscuits.

At butcher’s there is a wide choice of different sorts of meat: pork, veal, mutton, beef, poultry. Besides you can buy here different sausages, ham, smoked meat.

Greengrocer’s shops supply us with fruit and vegetables: potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, carrot, cabbage, dill, parsley, red-beet, garlic, apples, pears, peaches, plums, cherries, bananas, pine-apples, lemons, oranges, grapes, melons. So, you can choose whatever you want and need.

At grocer’s you can buy tea, coffee, sugar, salt, cereals, pasta, spices, soft drinks, sweets. At dairy the customers buy milk, sour-cream, cottage cheese, yoghurt, cheese, butter.

Not to go to different shops for food and household items people in big cities prefer to go to supermarkets. A supermarket is a very big shop. Usually people can buy food there. There are no shop-assistants, so when a customer goes into a supermarket, he gets a metal trolley for holding the things he wants to buy. When you have put your tins, packets and boxes of food into the trolley, you take them to the checkout point and pay  the cashier.

The main advantages of buying things at the supermarket are: you save your time, there is a great variety of goods, and the food is cheaper than in a small shop.

But many people go to the market to do the shopping. The farmers sell vegetables, fruit, berries, flowers which they grow in their fields, gardens and vegetable gardens. They also sell meat, eggs, milk, butter, sour-cream, cottage cheese and other things. At the market you can bargain, hear the local news and communicate with a lot of people.

As for department stores they are popular all over the world. Large shops with a lot of departments are department stores. In a department store you can buy everything you want. In the shop windows you can see the things which they sell there.

In the department store there are such departments as:

Footwear                                   stationery                                textile

Ready-made clothes                  perfumery                               household goods

Hat                                            haberdashery                          toys and some others

At the footwear department you can buy shoes, boots, sandals.

If you want to buy a pair of trousers, jeans, a coat, a raincoat, a dress, a suit, a blouse, a shirt, a skirt you must go to the ready-made clothes department.

At the perfumery department the customers can buy shampoo, lipstick, soap, lash-colour, washing powder.

At the stationery department people buy exercise-books, pens, pencils, pads, rulers.                                                

Children like to go to the toy department to look at or to buy different toys.

Recently there have appeared a lot of boutiques, which are very popular with people who are interested in the latest fashion and who want their clothes to be modern, unique and unordinary.

As for me I like  (dislike) going shopping. As a rule I do my shopping at __________.

I. Complete the chart. Say what you can buy at:











make clothes department





  II. Read the text and mark statements below as T (true) or F (false).

  1.  Nowadays there are shops everywhere.
  2.  In big cities you can buy food only at the big supermarkets.
  3.  People go to supermarkets to save their time and money.
  4.  You pay shop-assistants at the supermarkets.
  5.  A market is also a popular place to do one’s shopping.
  6.  A department store usually has a lot of departments.
  7.  In a big supermarket you can buy not only food but household items.
  8.  To buy clothes you should go the haberdashery department.
  9.  Children have their favourite department store.
  10.   Boutiques are for rich people.













 III. Short answers

      Answer questions using a maximum of three words.

  1.  What do people do at different shops, supermarkets, department stores, markets, boutiques?
  2.  Where can you buy different sorts of meat?
  3.  Where can you buy fruit and vegetables?
  4.  Where can you buy a loaf of bread?
  5.  Where can you buy a packet of milk and butter?
  6.  What shops save your time and money?
  7.  Where do you pay your money at the supermarket?
  8.  What can you see in shop windows of big supermarkets?
  9.  Where can pupils buy things for school?
  10.  Where do people go to buy modern, unique and unordinary clothes?

IV. Put questions to the statements.


It’s hard to imagine our life without shops.


There are shops in cities, towns and village.


They are baker’s, butcher’s, grocer’s, greengrocer’s, fishmonger’s, dairy.


They supply us with fruit and vegetables.


You can buy here pork, veal, mutton, beef, poultry.

6. –

It is a very big shop.

7. –

No, there are no shop- assistants.

8. –

You can bargain, hear the local news and communicate with a lot of people at the   market.

9. –

Yes, they are very popular all over the world, because you can buy everything you want here.

10. –

They are comparatively new kind of shops.

V. Find the odd word.

1. Supermarket, department store, post office, market;

2. Carrot, cabbage, plum, red-beet;

3. Garlic, pine-apple, grapes, melon;

4. Pork, veal, ham, mutton;

5. Sour-cream, cheese, butter, pasta;

6. Tin, packet, pad, bottle;

7. Trousers, jeans, lipstick, blouse;

8. Shampoo, soap, raincoat, washing powder;

9. Pad, ruler, lash-colour, exercise-book;

10. Bread, cake, yoghurt, bun.

VI. Make up sentences with these words.

  1.  Sell, at the market, the farmers, fruit and vegetables.
  2.  Like, to, the toy, children, to go, department.
  3.  Go, want, a coat if, to buy, to you, the ready-made clothes, department.
  4.  Shopping, to go, I, very much, like.
  5.  A trolley, things, a customer, at the supermarket, gets, for holding.
  6.  Are, different, there, food, in, cities, a lot of, shops and towns.
  7.  A great, of food, there, at the super, is, variety, markets.
  8.  A lot of boutiques, appeared, recently, have.
  9.  See, a lot of, good, you, in, can, the shop windows.
  10.   With, supply, greengrocer’s shops, fruit, vegetables, and, us.

VII. Find and correct the mistakes.

  1.  There is shops everywhere.
  2.  At baker’s you can buy loafs of breads.
  3.  Greengrocer’s shops supplies us with fruits and vegetable.
  4.   Usually people buy foods at supermarkets.
  5.  The food are cheaper in supermarkets than in small shops.
  6.  The farmers can sold vegetables and fruits at the market.
  7.  If you want to buy a trousers and a jeans go to the ready-make clothes department.
  8.  There has appeared a lot of boutiques recently.
  9.  Boutiques are very popular with people which is interested in the latest fashion.
  10.   At the perfumery department the customers can buy a shampoo, a washing powder.


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