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The topic of our lesson today is Love and Marriage. Let’s start our lesson from the small episode about a person who had all kinds of love in her life: people love, mother’s love, the love of the nation and who was a beloved woman.



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ТОК-ШОУ «Кохання та одруження»

Підсумковий урок

Практична мета: Активізація монологічного та діалогічного висловлювання з метою контролю засвоєння даного лексичного матеріалу на базі всього пройденого граматичного матеріалу з теми кохання та одруження.

Виховна мета: Виховувати повагу до загальнолюдських якостей людини, серйозного ставлення до шлюбу та кохання, відповідальність за свої вчинки.

Розвиваюча мета: Розвивати вміння дискутувати, відстоювати свою думку, вдосконалювати навички творчості та самостійної роботи.

Обладнання: Вислови про кохання, фільм «Принцеса Діана», телевізор, DVD.

Хід уроку

І. Вступне слово вчителя.

Teacher: The topic of our lesson today is Love and Marriage. Let’s start our lesson from the small episode about a person who had all kinds of love in her life: people love, mother’s love, the love of the nation and who was a beloved woman. 

(Перегляд відеосюжету).

So you see she was one of the happiest people in the world. Love is one of the eternal things in our life.

Today we have an unusual lesson because we are going to speak about love. We are the guests at one of the most popular TV talk show “Let it be said”. So meet the charming hostess of the programme Mary Grey.

ІІ. Проведення ТОК-ШОУ.

Mary Grey: Ladies and gentlemen! I’m Mary Grey. Hi! Welcome to our show “Let it be said”! The topic of our programme today is “Love and marriage”.

Today we’ll try to answer the letters of our TV viewers. I’d like to introduce you our guests: Sindy Brown, the youth psychologist; Alex Mitchell, the family psychologist. All the questions and problems will be discussed with our audience and our specialist.

OK. I have a lot of letters, but I’ll try to find the most interesting of them.

The first letter:

Mary Grey: It’s a good start. What is going to say our studio? 

Love or money?

Audience (possible answers):

1. Money is a very important thing in our life.

2. Love is the main thing in the life.

3. The future marriage is impossible without love, but money is not a less important problem.

4. I consider she must find the third boy with love and money.

Mary Grey: OK, Sindy Brown. The floor is yours.

Sindy Brown: I’ll try to answer this question. I’d like to advice the girl to consider what is more important in her life: money or love. If you want to be happy listen to your heart.

Mary Grey: Thank you very much. Well, the next letter.

Mary Grey: Well, we have a problem: a baby or a husband. Let’s try to solve it. Who is going to help?

Audience (possible answers):

  1.  I think every man wants to have his own child.
  2.  Probably he doesn’t want to connect his future with her.
  3.  I don’t know how old he is, but I think he is very young to keep the family.
  4.  I consider him to be afraid of responsibility.

Mary Grey: Please, Mr. Mitchell, help us understand this problem.

Mr. Mitchell: I think he is afraid of duties like to take care of baby. Wait some time and he’ll change his mind. He’ll adapt to the situation. Just give him some time.

Mary Grey: Oh, thanks. I think the following situation happens very often. Let’s listen to it.

Mary Grey: Well, now the spectators’ opinion.

Audience (possible answers):

  1.  He lives with you. It’s nice.
  2.  Try to have a lover.
  3.  You have to part for some period of time.
  4.  Try to be a friend to him and he will make his choice.

Mary Grey: Sindy Brown is trying to help us.

Sindy Brown: He lives with you, spends much time with the family. It means that you are dear to him. You should talk with him about your problems and troubles and solve them together.

Mary Grey: Love between a young girl and an old man is like a game in dolls. Listen to the next letter:

Mary Grey: Nowadays such situations are not unusual. What is your opinion?

Audience (possible answers):

  1.  Find the young boy and merry him.
  2.  I’m forty, my wife is 26, but we love each other. I’m not afraid to look old with her. Many people laugh at us, but we don’t think about it. We are happy.
  3.  Perhaps, he will be a better husband than a young boy.

Mary Grey: Well, Mr. Mitchell, can you assist us?

Mr. Mitchell: Love is possible in different ages. I advise you to introduce him to your mother.

Mary Grey: It’s high time to adverts. Don’t change your channel, stay with us!


Mary Grey: It’s me again, Mary Grey! Now I’d like you to answer some questions. Are you ready? Start answering.

The first one: ”What does it mean  being in love?”

Audience (possible answers):

  1.  … is all you need.
  2.  … makes you suffer.
  3.  … makes you lose control.
  4.  … is bad for your health.
  5.  .. is only for young people.
  6.  … is better than having all money in the world.
  7.  … means wedding rings.
  8.  …. quickly changes to habit.
  9.   …. is like being on a roller-coaster – one minute you are high and the next minute you’re very low.
  10.   … is the strongest emotion you will ever feel.
  11.   … is painful.
  12.   … is playing a fool’s game.
  13.   … is the chocolate sauce on the vanilla of life – without it, life is nice but not delicious.
  14.   … distracts you from the most important things in life.

Mary Grey: Well, I see the most of your answers are romantic, not realistic and cinical. It is not bad, because we want to have romantic relations every day, flowers, presents, words of love, supper with candles and so on. And now the 2 question: “Do you believe in love at first sight?”

Audience:        1.


Mary Grey: OK. And now we’ll try to find out what makes a successful marriage.

Audience (possible answers):

  1.  Accepting your partner as he/she is.
  2.  Having a good relationship with your in-laws.
  3.  Having a home of your own.
  4.  Being from a similar class and culture.
  5.  Both partners being able and willing to cook.
  6.  Being able to make each other laugh.
  7.  Being able to respect each other’s needs.
  8.  Having similar interests.
  9.  Being faithful to each other.
  10.   Being honest.
  11.   Both partners being of similar intelligence.
  12.   Being able to communicate with one another.
  13.   Having similar views, e. g. about politics and religion.
  14.   Being willing to work at the marriage.
  15.   Being handy about the house.
  16.   Having a good physical relationship.
  17.   Having good health.
  18.   Having children.

Mary Grey: One more interesting question. Being married or single? Let’s collect “pros” and “cons”. (Possible answers):

Being married


  •  you have a person who always waits you;
  •  you have your “second half”;
  •  you can bring up your children;
  •  marriage keeps couple together;
  •  live together with your wife (husband) happy and die in the same day;


  •  you have many duties;
  •  you can’t go wherever you want and when you want;
  •  you must go with your with (husband) almost everywhere;
  •  you have to share with your money;
  •  your wife’s (husband’s) problems become your problems;
  •  you lost your freedom

Being single


-you are independent;

- you can go anywhere you want;

- you have no duties;

- no control


- you have not any support;

- you have to cook by yourself;

- you are alone

Mary Grey: So, you see, tastes differ. You have listened to all “pros” and “cons” and come to a conclusion. But first of all, you must listen to your heart!

But here the adverts again. Stay with us. We’ll return in some minutes.


Mary Grey: It’s me, Mary Grey with new interesting guests and their stories.

The pop-star and the footballer Donna Flynn and Terry Wiseman.

This is the most famous couple in Britain. She has had six N1 records, he has scored 50 goals for Manchester United.

Donna: We really have to try very hard to be together. We have both flown all over the world.

Terry: People say: “You have got all this money. What are you going to spend it on?” But the best thing is that money buys us the freedom to be together.

Donna: Our perfect Saturday night is sitting in front of the telly with a take-away. We don’t like to spend time in pubs and clubs with a whole load of famous people.

Terry: I’m very shy. But I loved her at first sight and said to myself: “She’s the one for me. I’m going to marry her one day.”

Donna: Naturally, it’s hard when you are away from each other, but in a way this has made us stronger.

Terry: She is the only woman I’ve ever loved. We have been together for just over 5 years.

Donna: We are so totally in love. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

Mary Grey: It’s very romantic. Thanks a lot. We wish you to live together in love all your life.

And the other guest is Dolores Valentine.

Dolores: I know all about love. I’m 65 and have been married six times. My first wedding day was on my 17th birthday. The last time I got married, I was 62. My bridegroom that day was 75 and he died two weeks later.

I’ve married six times, but I have never been divorced. All my husbands died while they were married to me. Six times I have been a loving wife and six times I have been left a widow.

Now I am engaged again and I’m going to marry a man much younger than I am. My fiancé is a 39 year old farmer – strong and healthy. But I am not going to be the one to die first and leave my husband a widower. I’m not worried. I am going to have a good time and enjoy life, because I know that you are only as old as you feel.

Mary Grey: Really, love can be experienced many times in life. Be healthy and happy. Thank you.

This is the end of our show. I think the most important thing in our talking is love, because Love makes the world go round.

Don’t you agree that successful marriage is impossible without love? And what about the eternal problem “Fathers and sons”? It will be the topic of our next show. Write. Ring. Ask.

See you next  Friday. Forever yours, Mary Grey.

ІІІ. Заключне слово вчителя: підсумок уроку, оцінювання учнів.

Our discussion is very fruitful I suppose. You had some time to think whether to love or not to love. It’s up to you. But we are at the lesson and your hard work must be evaluated. So darlings, your marks are ….

IV. Домашнє завдання: 

Середній рівень: Скласти проблемні питання з теми «Батьки та діти»

Достатній рівень: Описати проблему взаємовідносин «Батьки та діти» (25 речень.)

Високий рівень: Знайти прислів’я з теми та пояснити їх знач

“I have a problem. I’m infatuated to two boys. But I can’t make a choice. One of them is rich and handsome. He sends me flowers and different presents every day. He is to my liking. Another boy is very funny and he always smiles. It’s very interesting to communicate with him. I think I love him. But his family is not rich. I’d like to have a lot of money. I don’t know what is more important for me: love or money?”

“I love my husband very much. He loves me too. But we have one problem: I’m pregnant and he doesn’t want to have a child. Dear Mary, I want to have children and I don’t understand my husband. We have all opportunities to have a baby. I don’t want to lose my first child. Mary, he doesn’t love me? I’m 19 years old and I am afraid that when he wants to have a child I shall not be able to have it. He’ll divorce me. ”

“Dear Mary Grey! I don’t know what to do. My husband has a mistress. We have a child Alex. He loves his son very much and we spend much time together. But I don’t know if he loves me.”

I’m 25. I love a man who is much older than me. He is 53. I’ve just graduated from the institute and my mother doesn’t let me merry him. What can you advise me?”

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