Going to the cinema. My favourite film

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Педагогика и дидактика

Objectives: - to systematize lexical materials on the topic; to practice the active vocabulary of the topic; to develop speaking, reading, listening skills through various activities; to develop students’ thinking, memory, imagination, attention and creativeness.



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Oxana Sushko, school 11, Bila Tserkva, Kyiv region

Topic: Going to the cinema. My favourite film.

Objectives: - to systematize lexical materials on the topic;

  •  to practice the active vocabulary of the topic;
  •  to develop speaking, reading, listening skills through various activities;
  •  to develop students’ thinking, memory, imagination, attention and creativeness.

Level: Elementary (“Oxford Team”)

Aids: a fragment of the cartoon “Dinosaur”; multimedia presentation.


I. Beginning of the lesson.

  •  Good morning, boys and girls. Nice to meet you in our English lesson.
  •  We start our lesson with pronunciation rising and falling intonation.
  •  When do we use rising intonation?
  •  When do we use falling intonation?
  •  Listen and repeat the tongue twister.
  •  Practice the tongue twister with your partner.
  •  Please, repeat the dialogue to the class.

II. Follow up.

Activity 1 (brain storm)

  •  Today we’ll continue to talk about movies and for the end of our lesson you’ll be able to tell about your favourite film. Open your daybooks and write your home task for the next lesson S.B.p.93, ex, 6.
  •  So, I invite you to the cinema. Do you like going to the cinema? What kind of films do you like to see?
  •  Let’s write the names of them on the blackboard.

(romantic film, cartoon, historical film, western, comedy, war film, adventure film, horror film, musical, drama, thriller, science fiction film)

Activity 2.

  •  Thank you. And now look at the screen and find the definitions.

An adventure film






Horror film


Science fiction film

Activity 3.

has a serious story.

has cowboys in it.

makes your laugh.

often makes an exciting story about crime and police.

has lots of exciting action.

has lots of songs and music.

has facts which you can’t explain.

often makes your scary.

has unusual actors.

  •  Which adjectives we use to say about our emotions, our opinion for smth? Let’s divide these words into two columns: which we like and which we don’t like.


favourite, exciting, amazing, funny, relaxing, interesting, amusing, useful, good, romantic, unusual, kind


terrible, boring, sad, scary, depressing, frightened, horrible, bad

Activity 4.

- Face to each other and ask about different kinds of films. And answer using the adjectives to show your attitude to this kind of film. (- Do you like cartoons? – Yes, I do. They’re funny and relaxing.)

- Thank you. Ask your friend, please. (Ann, tell me please, do you like …?)

Activity 5.

  •  Look at the screen. ( fragment cartoon “Dinosaur”)
  •  Which film is it?
  •  Has anyone seen it? Did you like it? Why? (Why not?)
  •  Vitalij has special task to find extra interesting information about this cartoon. Let’s listen to him.

(The places in the film “Dinosaur” are all real. The filmmakers found and filmed scenes around the world – in Australia, Jordan, Venezuela and Hawaii. The dinosaur scenes are produced using computers. Disney took twelve years to make “Dinosaur”, and it’s only eight-four minutes long. The film was presented in May 2000. It’s an adventure story about young dinosaur called Aladar. He is raised on an island by a family of lemurs but when a meteor shower destroys their home, Aladar and his adoptive family are forced to flee to safety. Along the way he meets another group of dinosaurs who are searching for a safe nesting ground.)

  •  Vitalij, translate your story, please.

Activity 6.

  •  Your home task was to read, translate the text and answer the questions. Let’s check it.
  •  Find the translation in the text.

Мій улюблений фільм, чудова анімація, головний герой, у фільмі Аладар –маленький динозавр, кілька добрих тварин доглядали за ним, він з’явився з великого яйця, у нього не було батьків,  відбувся жахливий випадок і вони пішли в нову країну, намагався допомогти, незвичайна сімя, знайти безпечне місце для життя, це мій улюблений фільм тому що, анімація чудова, музика хороша, сценарій захоплюючий, спеціальні ефекти.

Activity 7.

  •  Answer the questions. (2 pupils).

Activity 8.

  •  And now let’s think. Що таке прикметник?
  •   Для чого потрібно вживати прикметники у мовленні? (описати іменники, надати мовленню більше фарб, яскравості, мелодії).
  •  OK. Let's read the writing tip. Translate.
  •  Please, underline all the adjectives in the model text in Ex.1.
  •  Please, name and translate them.

Activity 9.

  •  Ex.5 complete the sentences with the adjectives in the box. (2 pupils)

Activity 10.

  •  And now let’s work in group of two. In Ex.3 we have some questions about favourite film. Ask and answer with a partner.

Activity 11.

  •  And now I’d like to tell you about my favourite film.

- My favourite film is Stuart Little. It’s an excellent comedy and the main character is a cute little mouse Stuart. He is very funny mouse who can talk, clean his teeth and even drive a car.

In the film, Stuart lives with his adoptive family in New York. He has a lot of exciting and very funny adventures with the cat Snowhite. In the second part they are friends and save the little bird Margalo.

It is my favourite film because Stuart is clever and funny, the music is good and the story is exciting. This is a wonderful film for all the family.

- And now you try to tell us about film which you like using the beginning of the sentences as a plan.

My favourite film is …

It is a …

The main characters are …

In the film, …

It is my favourite film because …

(5-6 pupils)

III. Summary of the lesson.

-Your stories were very interesting. But if you have no favourite film I suggest you go to the cinema with your friends at the weekend or you may borrow (take) some exciting videos and see it at home with your close people. I believe you’ll have a lot of impressions, and enough words to write and tell us about your favoutite film at the next lesson. And be very attentively; use the adjectives to make your writing more interesting and emotion.

- Thank you for the lesson. It was very interesting, useful, exciting and relaxing.

Resources: www.films.ua; www.cartoons.ua; www.oup.com; www.english4u.com.



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