Sport. My favourite sport

Конспект урока

Педагогика и дидактика

Objectives: - 1) To practice words and word combinations in pls’ speech; to practise and check pls’ skills of listening comprehension for specific information; to practice pls’ reading skills for getting useful information...



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15 чел.

Subject:  Sport. My favourite sport.

Objectives: - 1) To practice words and word combinations in pls’ speech;

                               to practise and check pls’ skills of listening comprehension for        

                               specific information;

                               to practice pls’ reading skills for getting useful information;

                               to practise pls’ speaking skills in pairs and groups;

                               to introduce email-advert format;

  1.  To develop pls’ memory, attention, quick reaction to select necessary  words;

     to develop pls’ listening and reading skills;

  1.  To  develop pls’ creative skills in searching friends using the Internet;

     to introduce pls with likes and dislikes of their   contemporaries  abroad;

  1.  To mould  positive attitude to healthy lifestyle;

to teach pls to analyze and generalize given information.

Equipment: a tape recorder, CDs, laptops, cards, pictures, samples of an email-advert.


I. The beginning


T: -Good morning, pupils!

Cl: -Good morning, teacher!

T: -Glad to see you!

Cl: -Glad to see you too!

Warming up 

Teacher: Do you like word games: crosswords, puzzles, jumbled words?

Here is the word game for you (Slide1). Look at the quiz with different letters very attentively. Make up as many words as you can with these letters and write them down on the board.

Look at these words and guess what the topic of our lesson is (free time, hobbies, sports, favourite activities). 

Super girl: Who said the word «sport”? You? You? May be you? I am crazy about sport! I am a super girl! I have got a super club and need a super team!

Are you quick?

Are you active? Are you attentive? Are you creative? Are you clever? Mmmmm, you can be the members of my super club? Let’s check! Let’s compete!

Teacher: Super girl is going to be a referee in your competitions. If you do your best, you can join her super club. You will be given the stars. The more stars you have, the more chances your group can have to be a winner.

II. The main part

Practising the usage of the vocabulary

  1.  Task 1. Find and circle the hobbies words in the line.(Slide 2)


  1.  Task 2. Match the pictures with the word combinations( Slide 3,4, 5,6, 7, 8, 9)

  •  Play volleyball
  •  Play basketball
  •  Play badminton

  •  Play tennis

Play volleyball

  •  Play basketball


Play cards

  •  Play rugby
  •  Play football 


Computer games

  •  Board game
  •  Word game 

  1.  Task 3. Write out the word that does not go with others and explain why.(slide 10)

  •  football, basketball, volleyball, tennis (Football, basketball and volleyball are games we use a big ball; tennis is a game we play with a small ball).
  •  ski, swimming, sledge, skate(Skiing, sledging, skating are winter sports but swimming is summer sport).
  •  play, swim, skate, ball, run( Playing, swimming and running are activities but a ball is an object).
  •  jump, run, read, ski, play( Jumping, running, skiing and playing are outdoor activities but reading is indoor activity).
  •  piano, stamp, guitar, computer, cards( We can play piano, the guitar, computer and cards but we can’t play stamps).
  •  watch TV, draw, skate, write, read( Skating is indoor activity).

           d) Task 4.Match the parts of the sentences ( slide 11)

  •  Different people like                              *  different hobbies
  •  Different people have                           * hobbies is collecting

      *  A hobby is something you                    *  fond of sports and that is their                                  

  •  One of the most popular                      * fond of travelling and gardening

  •  Some people are                                    *  doing different things

  •  Many boys and girls                             *  like to do in your free time 
  1.  Task 5.Make up as many sentences using these words as the number of the dice is.

4.Task 6.Listening Comprehension.

Teacher: Look at the picture of the girl.(slide12) Would you like such a girl in your team, super girl?

           Supergirl: I think… yes..why not…

  1.   Teacher:
  •   What do you think how old she is?
  •  What country is she from?
  •  What is her hobby?

  1.  Guess what sport she(slide13)
  •  does often? ( swimming)
  •  likes watching? ( athletics)
  •  thinks  is boring? (golf)

thinks is dangerous? (hang gliding)

  1.  Listen to the conversation and check your guesses.


Boy: This is my first time at this pool

Girl: Really?

Boy: Yeah. So do you come swimming often?

Girl: Yes, I do., three times a week

Boy: And do you do any other sports?

     Girl: Yeah, I quite like ice-skating. I go occasionally.

Boy: And what sports do you like watching?

Girl: Er, I like watching athletics on TV.

Boy: Me too, I love the Olympics.

Girl: Yeah.

Boy: And do you like golf? I really love it.

Girl: Golf! Golf! I hate golf. It’s really boring.

Boy: Oh, I don’t think so.  And I love extreme sports. My favourite is hang gliding. Would you like to do it?

Girl: Gang gliding? Oh, I wouldn’t do that! It’s really dangerous.

Boy: Not really, you know. It’s good fun

Girl: Oh, no. Look at the time! I’m late. Nice talking! Byeee!

Boy: Bye!

  1.  Answer the questions:
  •  What does the girl say about ice skating?( She quite likes ice skating. She goes occasionally)
  •  What does the boy think about the Olympics( He loves the Olympics)
  •  What does the boy say about hang gliding?( It’s his favourite extreme sport. It’s not really dangerous. It’s good fun).

Relaxing minute. Songs. 

Song1. School Yard Song.

Let’s play tag.

Let’s play tag.

Let’s play hide and seek.

Let’s play soccer.

Let’s play cards.

Let’s play hide and seek.

Let’s play tag.

Let’s play tag.

Let’s play hide and seek.

I like soccer.

I like cards.

I like hide and seek.

                                                                    Song2. Sack Race Chant.

                                                                    Sack race, sack race

                                                                    Racing in a sack.

                                                                    Come one, everyone!

                                                                    Hopping, jumping

                                                                   Trying to run

                                                                   Racing in a sack is fun.

                                                                   It’s not easy.

                                                                   Don’t fall down.

                                                                   Come one, everyone!

                                                                  Hopping, jumping

                                                                  Trying to run

                                                                  Racing in a sack is fun.

  1.  Task 7.Reading comprehension. Listening Comprehension.

  1.  Teacher: All of you have got friends, haven’t you? People usually choose friends with the same interests, hobbies, favourite things. Where can you find friends?( at the parties, in the street, at school, in the yard, on the internet.)
  2.  Look at these texts. What do they look like? ( like internet pages)Yes. You are right. It’s the international Email Penfriends.

  1.  Look at the pictures and guess the answers to the questions about the people there.(Slide14)

  •  How old are they?
  •  Where are they from?
  •  What are their favourite sports or hobbies?
  1.   Read the emails and check your guesses.

1) Slide15

Hi! My name is Teresa and I am from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. I am eighteen. I have got two sisters. I love sport. I play tennis and beach volleyball and go diving and windsurfing. My favourite football team is Vasco da Gama. Please, write to me soon.

2) Slide16

Hi! My name is Colin and I am seventeen. I am from Sydney in Australia but my mother and father are from Serbia. My hobby is photography. I take photos of people and animals. I have got brilliant photos of koala bears! I love music and I collect music magazines. I don’t play sport and don’t watch TV! Email me soon.


Hello! My name is Lena and I am from Durban in South Africa. I am sixteen and I am at school. I have got one brother and my grandmother lives with us. I like art. I paint pictures of the countryside. I also sing and play the guitar in a group with two friends. My favourite singer is Beyonce. Email me!

  1.  Listen, find and underline the six differences between the recording and the emails.

(-Teresa isn’t eighteen, she is seventeen.

- She doesn’t play tennis, she plays basketball.

-Colin isn’t from Serbia, he is from Hungary.

- He hasn’t got pictures of koala bears; he has got pictures of kangaroos.

-Lena hasn’t got a grandmother, she has got a grandfather.

- She doesn’t play the piano, she plays the guitar.)

  1.   Choose a good penfriend for Colin- Teresa or Lena. Give reasons.

(1) I think Lena is a good penfriend for Colin. They both love music. Lena can sing and plays the guitar.2) Colin likes taking photos and Lena likes art and paint pictures of the countryside. They both aren’t interested in sport. 3) To my mind Teresa can’t be a good friend for Colin as she is fond of sports. Colin doesn’t play any sport.)

  1.  Task 8.Role-play
  2.  Teacher: When we are looking for a friend which information are we interested in?( we need to know his name, age, country she/he is from, his likes and dislikes.)

If we want to ask for this information what questions do we usually ask?

(- What is your name?

-How old are you?

       - Where are you from?

-What is your hobby?

-What do you like doing?

-What don’t you like and you think it’s boring?)

b) You are given the cards with some personal information about different people. Roleplay the situations “You are meeting a new friend” using the headings in your cards.

* name

* age

* country

* likes

* dislikes

* favourites

  1.  Task 9.Writing activity.

Teacher: Have you ever looked for a pen friend on the internet?(no)

Look! What is it?(slide 18)(It’s the electronic advert for a penfriend. )

  His name is Russell and he is looking for a penfriend. So he has written an email giving some personal information about himself.

  1.  Read the advert.

Name: Russell Brown

Email: rbrown@mail.ru

From: Dunedin, New Zealand

Age: 13

Occupation: school student

Languages: I can speak English and French

Sports/ Hobbies: I like diving and football. I like reading books.

Favourites:  Collecting stamps and watching basketball on TV. I love chess because it trains my brains.

Comments: I want to find a penfriend (age:13-16) from Europe. Please, email me soon!

  1.   Would you like to reply to Russell? Why? Why not?

(-I’d like to reply to Russell because he can speak English. I can speak English, too.

- I’d like to reply to Russell because he likes football. I am fond of football as well.

- I want to reply to him as we both like playing chess. It’s my hobby.

- I’d like to reply to him as we both like reading books

- I don’t want to reply to him as he is 16. He is older than me.)

b) Now you are going to reply to Russell or someone else. Write an email for your penfriend. Follow the stages and instructions in your cards.

1. Read the headings in the advert.

2. Make some notes about yourself. Use them at home writing your email.

III. The ending

  1.  Hometask setting
  2.  Your home task is to write an email ”Penfriend Wanted”. Use your notes you have made at the lesson. Try to use as many words and word combinations we have learnt at the lesson as you can. 
  3.  Now our friend Super girl will count the scores you have got at the lesson and choose the most active and the cleverest team. How many medals has the first team got? What about the second? So, the winner is…… 

Super girl: You were so active, attentive, quick and clever. You are worth being the members of my super team! These Club badges are for you!!!!!! 

  1.  Your marks are….


А также другие работы, которые могут Вас заинтересовать

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  Важнейшее звено политического ПР. Политический ПР связан с реализацией общих и процессуальных функций политики встроен в осуществление политического руководства. В современном обществе система политического ПР диверсифицируется еще дальше можно фиксировать возникновение отдельных структур и технологий направленный например на поддержание и реализацию гос.проектов системы лоббирования формирования персонального политического ПР и т.
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45530. Специфика ПР-службы в некоммерческом секторе: структура, функции, содержаниедеятельности 42 KB
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45531. Специфика деятельности ПР-службы в коммерческом секторе: структура, функции, содержание деятельности 38.5 KB
  БизнесПР наиболее динамичный и перспективный отраслевой сегмент СО. В России тенденции развития бизнесПР сейчас определяют общие тенденции ПР. Следовательно характерные черты бизнес ПР: Динамизм в развитии. Стабильное увеличение финансовой емкости рынка бизнесПР.
45532. Структура и направления деятельности PR-отдела 55 KB
  Структура отдела и функции персонала Структура отдела определяется взглядом вверх и вниз по иерархической лестнице. Мы понимаем что наилучшим вариантом для руководителя ПРотдела является его включенность в команду высших управленцев. Питер Грин формулирует это следующим образом: Независимо то размера организации или размера создаваемого ПРотдела необходимо иметь прямую связь от ПР к руководству для эффективности необходимо иметь руководителя ПР в числе самого высшего руководства даже если ПР будет только частью его ее обязанностей .
45533. Сущностные характеристики PR-деятельности и профессиограмма специалиста по PR 31 KB
  Специфика РRдеятельности выражается в следующем: пиармены подчинены целям и задачам своего субъекта и символизируют собой его идеологию; профессиональная ориентация пиарменов выражена преимущественно в обслуживании субъекта они становятся выразителями интересов ограниченной конкретной социальной группы; профессионализм пиармена определяется также и с внешним согласием с общественной политикой своего субъекта лояльностью к нему умением идентифицировать себя с ней. Содержание и структура ПРдеятельности: Творческая поиск...
45534. PR – тексты 102.5 KB
  К вторичным источникам также можно отнести прессревю. а Медиатексты тексты написанные ПР сотрудниками и обработанные журналистами и доведенные до определенного сегмента общественности исключительно через СМИ: Имиджевая статья Имиджевое интервью Кейс стори б первичный исходит от прямого предметного базисного или технологического субъекта ПР: Простой ПР текст это конкретный текст как определенная отграниченная от других текстов данность существующая в пространстве ПР коммуникаций: Пресс релиз приглашение бэкграундеры лист...
45535. Хактеристика комбинированных PR-текстов 28.5 KB
  Издание или механически пресскит простых первичных текстов объединенных общей тематикой новостным поводом. Могут содержать в себе тексты журналистские и рекламные пресскит туда могут входить: прессрелиз бэкграундер фактлист биография лист вопросовответов это набор представляющих интерес для прессы разножанровых простых первичных текстов а также иконических материалов которые объединены одним новостным поводом и дают максимально полную информацию о конкретном новостном событии. Таким образом мы рассмотрели жанровые...