«Більше, сильніше, швидше». Олімпійські ігри. Спорт

Конспект урока

Педагогика и дидактика

Today we’re going to talk to learn about the Olympic Games and we’ll discuss it. You will listen to the text about the Olympic Games and do some tasks, discuss famous Ukrainian spotsman. So, let’s start.



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Тема: «Більше, сильніше, швидше». Олімпійські ігри. Спорт.

Мета: систематизувати знання по темі «Спорт», сформувати цілісну систему особистих знань з теми в процесі обговорення теми «Олімпійські ігри» та відомих українських спортсменів, формувати навички створення рекламних постерів та представляти їх; розвивати навички аудіювання та читання, розвивати творчі можливості учнів, вміння працювати в групі; виховувати любов до спорту, здорового способу життя.   

Обладнання: книги, магнітола, касета, плакат, постери, картки.

 Тип уроку: урок узагальнення та систематизації вивченого.

Методи: робота в групі,  робота в парах, мозковий штурм.

Хід уроку

І. Підготовка до сприйняття іншомовного мовлення.


Good morning, pupils. How are you? Who is on duty today?

Good morning. I’m on duty today…

2.Повідомлення мети та теми.

Today we’re going to talk to learn about the Olympic Games and we’ll discuss it. You will listen to the text about the Olympic Games and do some tasks, discuss famous Ukrainian spotsman. So, let’s start. Do you remember the poem which we’ve recently learnt by heart? It’s about sport, too. Who will recite us the poem?

3.Уведення в іншомовну атмосферу.

I like riding by bicycle,

I’m fond of playing chess,

My friend is good at judo-

We are keen on sport as you can guess.

And every kind of sport for sure

As it can even illness cure

And can for every girl and boy

Bring many moments of joy.

The proverb reads for everybody:

“The sound mind in a sound body!”

ІІ. Основна частина уроку

So, what proverb about Sport do we know?  Very well, a lot of thanks. And now we’ll have some kind of events.

Today there’re three teams, but we all have the same motto: “Bigger, stronger, faster.” You know, that was the motto of the Olympic Games. And I prepared the first task for you. The game’s name’s “Make up a word”. You should put  the letters on these cards in the correct order. Then you will have some Sports word and win one ball for your team. Let’s begin.

1.Making up  words from the letters.

  1.  O, M, C, N, H, I, P, A.      2.   A, C, T, M, H.                3. O, T, F, L, B, A, L, O.

1.  N, S, T, E, I, N.                    2.   K, I, S, T, A, G, N.         3.  C, A, R, E.

1.   I, I, K, S, G, N.                    2.   N, I, R, N, U, G, N.     3. P, I, G, J, M, U, N.     

1.   L, G, A, O.                           2.  M, I, W, N, M, G, I, S.  3. K, O, C, Y, H, E. 

1.   K, T, A, R, A, E.                   2. M, B, I, G, C, L, I, N.     3. N, F, I, G, E, C, N.

The answers: champion, match, football, tennis, skating, race, skiing, running, jumping, goal, swimming, hockey, karate, climbing, fencing.

You have worked well, and we should continue our event. Now you shall listen to the text, devoted to the origin of the Olympic Games. Before listening let’s look through the questions with variants of answers. Is everything clear? Let’s start listening.

  1.  Make up a dialogue.

-Who is your favourite sportsman?

-My favourite sportsman is Klychko.

-what sport does he go in for?

-He goes in for boxing.

-Is he a Ukrainian sportsman?

-Yes, he is a Ukrainian sportsman.

  1.  Аудіювання.
  2.  Where were the first Olympics?

a)in Rome;    b) in Greece;     c)in Egypt.

     2) How many events were there?

          a) one;            b) three;            c) two.

     3)  What was the prize for the winner at the first games?

          a) a plum;      b) an orange;     c) an apple.

     4) How often are the Olympics held?

          a) every five years;   b) every three years;  c)every four years.

     5) How many prizes are there for the each event?

          a) one;                        b) three;           c) two.

      6) Are there Winter Olympic Games?

           a) Yes, there are;       b) No, there aren’t;   c) Every two years.

      7) How many rings does the Olympic flag have?

            a) four;                       b) six;             c) five.

8) The Olympic flag shows the colours of    …...

      a) Greek flag;       b) flags of all countries;     c) nature.

The answers:  1b,  2a,  3c,  4c,  5b,  6c,  7c,  8b.    

The Teacher: A lot of thanks. You have your balls. And now next task.  All  teams will get four cards with the information about the Olympic Games. Your task is to put four cards in proper order, together, chose one representative of your team, who will retell the text to us. We have three teams and there’ll be three retellings. Get ready!

4. Розвиток  навичок читання та аудіювання.

  1.  The first Olympic Games took place in Greece more than six hundred years ago. They had the competitions not only in sport, but in music, speaking and theatre performances as well. Only men could take part in them, but not women.
  2.  Then for one thousand and five hundred years nothing was heard of them. The modern Olympic Games began again in 1896 and nine countries took part in them. The Olympics took place in Greece, but after that every four years the Olympic moved to another city.
  3.  The Olympic Games take place every four years. During the two world wars there were no Olympic Games because they can’t take place in a country which is at war. During the Olympic Games there are competitions in many kinds of sport like running, jumping, swimming, athletics and others.
  4.  Winter Olympic Games first took place in 1924, and they were the same year as summer Olympic Games. But after starting in1994, the Winter Olympic Games take place two years after Summer Games. Sportsmen from many countries take part in skiing, hockey, skating and other sports.

Good. Now we should only write down your balls again. Pull yourself together; the finishing line is not far. Let’s go on. I hope you are the members of different sport circles and want to find out what kinds of sport you go in for.

I go in for …..

5.Творче завдання «Зроби постер».

The Teacher: And now I propose you a creative task. With a help of some photos, word combinations you should make an advertisement of a Sport Club. You have sheets of papers, glue, everything for this task, now complete it and represent to the audience. Look at the blackboard. Here you have the plan and helpful tips.

                                             Тhe plan of the commercial.

  •  Unusual beginning
  •  Interesting facts about sport
  •  Add fine descriptions
  •  Write time, place, telephone.

Useful phrases

  •  Are you interested in….?
  •  It’s the most interesting…
  •  Come and train…
  •  Join us…
  •  You’ll enjoy...
  •  Keep fit, to be healthy, to make new friends, to have a good time, to look beautiful
  •  If you want to change, tobe….

Presentation of their adverts.

And now the last task for today. I propose you new text about our sportsman. Your task is to read the text and answer some questions. Three group have different questions.

6.Розвиток навичок читання.

My favourite sportsman.

Volodymyr is my favourite sportsman.he is a boxer. Volodymyr was born on March 25, 1976. He is 33. He was a good pupil and a good student. He graduated from the Perejaslav – Khmelnytskyj Pedagogical institute. Volodymyr began to go in for sport when  he was 14. He went to a sport school with his elder brother Vitalij. Vitalij Klychko is a famous Ukrainian boxer, too. Volodymyr is an Honoured Master of Sports of Ukraine. He is a champion of Olympic Games in Atlanta. He is a box champion of the world and Europe.  His hobby is playing the saxophone. He is very strong and clever. He is my favourite sportsman and I want to look like Volodymyr.

The questions:

  •  What sport does Volodymyr go in for?
  •  When did he begin to go in for sport?
  •  When was he born?
  •  How old is Volodymyr?
  •  What institute did he graduate from?
  •  Is Vitalij a box champion?
  •  What is the name of his brother and who is he?
  •  Who is a box champion of the world and Europe?
  •  What is Volodymyr’s hobby?

ІІІ.  Заключна частина уроку.

1.Підведення підсумків уроку Please, tell me what have we learnt today and what do you think about sports?

2. Оцінювання. What marks do you think you diverse?

3. Домашнє завдання the composition “My favourite portsman.


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