Is it easy to be a teenager?

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Last year 2009 is declared the year of young people. Youth is a very important period in the life of a man. This is the time when a person discovers the world and tries to determine the place in the universe.



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Тема: Is it easy to be a teenager?”

Мета: розвивати усне мовлення по темі уроку на основі проблемних питань та прослуханого тексту; систематизувати вживання вивченої лексики та висловів по темі; активізувати навички діалогічного мовлення; вчити учнів знаходити вихід із проблемної ситуації; виховувати в учнів повагу до своїх однолітків та дорослих.

Обладнання: підручник, картки, тексти, мультимедійна презентація, аудіо диск  

                                                       Хід уроку.


І.Підготовка до сприйняття іншомовного мовлення. 

1.Повідомлення теми та мети уроку.

Dear friends! You are welcome to our lesson dedicated to the problems of teenagers.

 Today you will:

-Listen, read and talk about…

  •  Yourself
  •  Youth problems
  •  Youth life and interests

-Learn how to…

  •  Find the necessary information quickly
  •  Characterize people


  •  Vocabulary


              .pieces of advice

2.Уведення в іншомовну атмосферу.

Last year 2009 is declared the year of young people. Youth is a very important period in the life of a man. This is the time when a person discovers the world and tries to determine the place in the universe.

II.Основна частина уроку.

1.Teacher:Young people face a lot of problems which are very important for them. Everybody of you is a teenager. What problems do you have in your daily life?

1.Problems with classmates.

2.My parents don’t understand me.

3.The first love.

4.Harmful habits.

5.Problems with friends.

6.I need pocket money.

7.I have too much homework.

8.I’ve got bad marks at school.

9.To dress well.

(Pupils speak on each problem)

2.Teacher: So, pupils, who are teenagers?

3.Teacher: Listen to the conversation between 5 teenagers. Try to tell me what is this dialogue about.

4.Teacher:Read the text and fill in the gaps in it:

politics, part-time, problems, spots, boring, money, chore, appearance, guy, drugs, grades

I am a teenager so my life isn’t easy. I have many (1)_______. My parents want me to get good (2)_______ at school. But I have so many subjects at school and some of them are extremely (3)_______. I have to do much homework and to read many foolish books, while some teachers don’t understand that their subjects are not the most important things in my life. Some of my friends worry a lot about their (4)_______ and their teenage (5)_______ which spoil our lives! I must confess that (6)_______, alcohol and AIDS don’t really bother me or my friends. The same I should say about (7)__________. What we really care about is how to impress a cute (8)_______ or an attractive girl. Of course I, like many other teenagers, have problems with (9)_______. Some of my friends found a (10)_______ job in order to have an opportunity to earn some money. But despite all these problems, the life of a teenager today isn’t a (11)_______, it is still fun.

1. problems;
2. grades;
3. boring;
4. appearance;
5. spots;
6. drugs;
7. politics;
8. guy;
9. money;
10. part-time;
11. chore

5.Teacher: Read the texts and choose the titles:

1. Teenagers’ Interests
2. Do Teenagers Have Problems?
3. Typical American Teenagers.
4. Are Teenagers a Problem?
5. What is a Teenager?

A. Officially, a teenager is anyone aged from 13 to 19 inclusively, but most people would probably think first of the younger age group and exclude 18 and 19-year-olds. After all, once you reach 18 you can vote, get married without your parents’ permission, and join the army. On the other hand, children are growing up and developing more quickly, and these days 11 and 12-year-olds would like to include themselves in the ‘teenager’ group.

B. According to ‘the older generation’, teenagers are lazy, they wear ridiculous clothes, and are appallingly rude to their betters and elders; they find it impossible to be polite, helpful, constructive, caring or hard-working. What’s more, they spend all their time listening to awful music and watching unsuitable films.

C. Teenagers are human so, of course, they have problems. It is a difficult time for them because it is a period of transformation. It isn’t quite as bad as a chrysalis changing into a butterfly, but it may seem like that. It isn’t easy to grow up, and the dramatic physical and emotional changes are often confusing and worrying.

D. Typical American teenagers are in fact very ordinary. They think their teachers make them work too hard; they love their parents, but are sure they don’t understand anything; and their friendships are the most important things in their lives. Some of them do have a lot of money to spend, but usually they have earned it themselves.

1. –;
2. C;
3. D;
4. B;
5. A

6.Навчальна бесіда Are you allowed to…

   - have parties?

   -watch films during the week?

  -have friends stay over 10 p.m.?

 -go out at the weekend?

  -play music after midnight?

7.Teacher: What features are suitable if you want to describe a typical teenager?

 Pupils: selfish, brave, creative, sociable, honest, decent, fun-loving, easy-going, well-wishing…

8.Teacher: Read the sentences and find the adjectives you think each sentence illustrates.

1.Sarah is friendly and enjoys being with other people. (…)

2.Mark was not at all interested in the project. (…)

3.Alfred was determined to be successful, rich and powerful. (…)

4.John isn’t afraid of anything- bunjee jumping, sky diving, even mountain climbing. (…)

5.Monica is sympathetic and kind about other people’s problems. (…)

6.When my cousin thinks that a situation is unacceptable, he usually shouts trying to make people do what he thinks is right. (…)

9.Teacher:Do the matching:

Match the adjectives to the reasons:

1.honest                          a) never stop talking

2.jealous                          b)not say a lot

3.talkative                       c)feel angry about not having what others have

4.shy                                d)talk to everybody

5.mean                             e)never betray friends

6.loyal                              f) able to think of new ideas

7.imaginative                   j)never tell lies

8.sociable                         h)hate spending money  

10.Listen to the dialogue and then you’ll do the task.

The teenagers of a secondary school are going to participate in a show programme "Face Art Show" during the English Language Week. Young fans all over the school know that the participants are very talented. Everybody is waiting for a fascinating show and an extraordinary disco party after it.

Ann: You look amazing! I've never thought I can paint on somebody's face. Like it?

Jane:  Let me have a look. Wow! How impressive it is! There's no doubt,

my face fits the character of Silver Moon now.

 Ann:   Just a second! Let me finish a star above your eyes.

Jane:  Oh, Ann! You are really a gifted person.

Ann: Thank you. I like the costume you are wearing. Have you made it by yourself?

Jane:  Not really. My mum made it, but I helped her to decorate it with

beads and all this romantic stuff.

Ann:   You look perfect! How about the show? You are supposed to

dance, aren't you?

Jane:  Yes, of course. It's the most difficult dance I've had. I've taken

up jazz and hip-hop*, but nothing could have ever prepared me

for dancing the waltz with my partner.

Ann:   Who is the one?

Jane: Andriy, he's a good dancer and the turns we do... It's so sweet and romantic...

Ann: Oh! You have to be proud of Andriy. Boys don't like classical . dances so he does an amazing job. Now I know that things are good with you, and where's Maria? I have to finish her face decor. Here she is! Hi, Maria! You look excited! What's up?

Olena: That's all because of Petro! He's run away again! We've never trained to dance break together. I know that he can dance well, but practice makes perfect.

 --Teacher: say if the statements are true or false :

1. The children are preparing for the school carnival.

2.They have painted their faces and made wonderful clothes.

3.Jane has never danced the waltz before.

4.Olena and Petro are going to perform a break dance.

5.Ann does the face décor.

6.The girls made their costumes by themselves.

11.Listening to the text:

I am very worried. My children play computer games very often. They eat their meals while they are playing. They don’t do their homework. Yesterday my son Leo came home at 5 p.m. He started to play on the computer. He played thirty minutes. Then my daughter came. They played for an hour more. I asked them to go out to ride bikes. They didn’t want to. They played computer games until 9 o’clock. I know computers are useful but not for my children. They don’t talk with me or with their friends. They always play computer games. What should I do?

-Answer the questions:

1.Who is worried about the children. Why?

2.What did her children do after school yesterday?

3.Did they go out to ride bikes?

4.How many hours did Leo play on a computer?

5.Did they communicate with friends?

6.What advice can you give to the mother.

-Grouping.( Find the ending or the beginning)

My children play….computer games.

They eat their meals…while they are playing.

They don’t …do their homework.

                 …talk with me.

                 …with my friends.

He played …thirty minutes.

                …for ten hours more.

I asked them…to go out.

Computers are…useful.

-Retelling of the text.

-True or false.

12.Work in pairs. Give pieces of advice to grown-ups.

13.Poem “Me”

I can climb the highest mountain,

Sail across the wildest sea,

Now that I’ve discovered

That I’m happy to be me.

I can study mathematics,

Be a man of high degree,

Now I’ve solved the puzzle

That I’m happy to be me.

I can make the finest music,

Write a book of poetry,

Now I’ve learned the lesson

That I’m happy to be me.

I can do the things

I dreamed of,

Live a life that’s great and free,

How I’ve found the secret

That I’m happy to be me.

                   John Edwards

14.How do you imagine your life ten years from now?

15.Teacher:Let it be as you want and listen to the song “Let It Be”

III.Заключна частина уроку.

1.Домашнє завдання 1)написати листа до мами

                                       2) підготуватись до диктанту

2.Підведення підсумків уроку.

 Is it easy to be young?


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