The Problems of Terrorism in the Modern World

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We live in uneasy world nowadays. From time to time we can learn from news on TV, radio and the Internet about this or that act of terrorism that happens in different parts of the world: Israel, Iraq, Turkey, Italy, the USA, recent suicide bombings on the Moscow’s subway system and at Domodedovo Airport in Russia.



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The Problems of Terrorism in the Modern World

                                                                        Lesson in Form 11

                                                                        Teacher Tselikova L.A.

                                 School 10,


                                        Lugansk region


-to activate vocabulary and speech habits of students;

-to develop writing and reading skills on the material covered;

-to encourage students to guess the meaning of the new words and expressions;

-to get students to think about the problems raised at the lesson;

-to teach students to open their hearts for sympathy and compassion to other people’s grief and pain.


I. Introduction

T: We live in uneasy world nowadays. From time to time we can learn from news on TV, radio and the Internet about this or that act of terrorism that happens in different parts of the world: Israel, Iraq, Turkey, Italy, the USA, recent suicide bombings on the Moscow’s subway system  and  at Domodedovo Airport in Russia. This list can be continued. In the result of all these inhuman acts thousands  of innocent people die. So we can say that terrorism has become a great problem in the contemporary world. Today at the lesson we shall try to find out what the aims of terrorists are and if we, ordinary people, can resist terrorism.

But before we start the discussion, let’s warm up and do some exercises.

II. Vocabulary Work

1. Match the verbs with the words and phrases.

1. assume            a) people

2. unleash            b) pain and grief

3. bully                c) an international character

4. make                d) ethnic conflicts

5. dictate              e) sympathy

6. express             f) in support of smd.

7. share                g) to people of good will

8. resist                 h) people live in constant fear

9. speak                i) one’s terms

10.appeal              j) terrorism

Key: 1c), 2d), 3a), 4h), 5i), 6e), 7b), 8j), 9f), 10g).

2. Continue the row:

Share grief, … resist terrorism, … express sympathy, ….

Share pain, happiness, secrets, troubles, hardships, knowledge, room, smd’s lot.

Resist to violence, racism, disease, to old age, drugs.

Express indignation, rage, distrust, love, respect, feelings, emotions.

3. Correct the mistakes (The students work in pairs)

1.The terrorists want to make people to live in constant fear.

2.They try to uleesh ethnic and religious conflicts.

3.The aim of terrorists is ___bully people.

4.They want to dictate our terms.

5. We should speak on support of victims of terrorism.

4.Match the question words with the answers

  1.  When          ?          a) 1,000 hostages
  2.  How many  ?          b) to bully
  3.  Where         ?          c) on the 1-st of September
  4.  How            ?          d) for more than two days
  5.  Why            ?          e) badly

6.   How long    ?           f) in the gym

III. Speaking

T: I’m sure, all of you remember quite well the tragic events  that took place three years ago on the 1-st of September during the holiday of the First Bell in one of the North Ossetian schools in Beslan. Let’s try to restore those events. Just imagine,it’s September of 2004. One of our pupils is a TV reporter who is working in Beslan at the moment and we can connect with him and learn the necessary information.

P: What is the Number of school that was captured by the terrorists?

R: They captured School #1 in Beslan in the North Ossetia.

P: How many terrorists were there?

R: There were 25-30 terrorists.

P: How many hostages did they capture?

R: They took more than one thousand people, including the schoolchildren, their parents and teachers.

P: Where did the terrorists keep the hostages?

R: They forced them in the school gymnasium.

P: How did they treat the people?

R: They treated them badly: they didn’t give them food and water to drink, they didn’t let anyone to leave the gym and use the toilet.

P: How many people died in the result of that terroristic act?

R: About 350 innocent people were killed and among them were 189 children.

IV. Brainstorming

T: Almost all of the terrorists were killed during the seizure. But why do terrorists commit their inhuman acts, to your mind? What aims do they pursue?

P: They try to lead panic among people

P: They want to bully people.

P: They want to make people live in constant fear.

P: They try to unleash ethnic and religious conflicts

P: They want to dictate their terms and make people live to their laws.

.T: And can we, ordinary people, resist terrorism? What should we do to oppose terrorism?

P: We must appeal to people of good will to unite in the fight against terrorism, because our strength is in our unity.

P: We can express our indignation and rage to the inhuman acts of terrorists.

P: We can express our sympathy to the people who suffered in the result of the acts of terrorism.

P: We should speak in the support of the victims of terrorism.

P: We can share grief and pain with the people suffered in the acts of terrorism.

The pupils sum up  everything they have just discussed.

Terrorism has become one of the most urgent problems of nowadays. It has assumed an international character, because there’s hardly ever place left in the world where the terrorists haven’t committed their bloody acts. One of the most inhuman and cruel ones became the tragedy in the North-Ossetian town in Beslan.

There on the 1-st of September a group of terrorists captured more than one thousand people including children, their parents and teachers. For more than 180 children it became their last school day. The terrorists kept hostages in a stuffy school gymnasium. They treated them badly. They didn’t give them food and even water to drink. Moreover, they didn’t let them leave the gym and use the toilet. In the result of this act 334 people died, among them 189 children.

The terrorists have their own aims. They try to bully people and make them live in constant fear in order they were able to dictate their terms. They try to unleash ethnic and religious conflicts.

But we must resist terrorism. We can appeal to people of good will to unite in the fight against terrorism, because our strength is in our unity. We must speak in support of victims of terrorists, express our indignation and rage of the inhuman acts of terrorism. We can share grief and pain with the people suffered in those acts and express our sympathy to the families of survivors.

V. Reading Activity

First  the students watch video about the collapsing of the two Twin Towers of the New-York Trade World Centre in 2001,September,11.

T: Where did these events took place? When did it happen? What anniversary did the people of the United States together with the people from all over the world mark this year? How many people died  after the suicide attack of the two towers of the famous World Trade Centre? Did many people manage to survive? Now let’s read the newspaper article and we can find answers to these and some other questions.

Pupils read the newspaper article.

On the 11-th of September, 2001 nineteen terrorists affiliated with Al-Qaeda hijacked four commercial passenger jet-airliners. Two of the airliners the hijackers intentionally crashed into the World Trade Centre, one each into the North and South Twin Towers, one was flown into the Pentagon, and the fourth crashed near Shanks Ville, Pennsylvania.

Three buildings in the World Trade Centre Complex collapsed on the day of the attack. The South tower fell after burning for 56 minutes, and the North tower collapsed after burning for about 102 minutes. A third building, 7 World Trade Centre collapsed after being heavily damaged by debris from the Twin Towers when they fell.

There were 2,974 fatalities, not including the 19 hijackers.1366 people died who were at or above the floors of impact in the North Tower. As many as 600 people were killed in the South Tower. Only about 18 managed to escape before the South Tower collapsed.

The youngest victim on the crashed airliners was a 2-year-old child, the oldest an 82 year-old passenger. In the buildings the youngest victim was 17 and the oldest was 79. The average age of all the dead in New-York City was 40.

According to the Associated Press, the city identified over 1,600 bodies., but was unable to identify the rest (about 1,100 people).

Many relief funds were immediately set up to assist victims of the attacks, with the task of providing financial assistance to the survivors and the families of victims.

Post reading activity

1. Find in the text the following English equivalents:

связанные с Аль-Каидой / affiliated with Al-Qaeda /

угнали четыре пассажирских самолета / hijacked four passenger airliners /

преднамеренно врезались / intentionally crashed into /

башни-близнецы / Twin-Towers /

обрушились / collapsed /

2,974 погибших в результате несчастья / 2,974 fatalities /

только 18 удалось спастись / only 18 managed to escape /

фонды помощи были немедленно образованны / relief funds were immediately set up /

помочь жертвам /assist victims /

2. Which of the following sentences are true?

1.Nineteen terrorists hijacked two passenger airliners. (False. They hijacked four passenger airliners.)

2.Two buildings in the World Trade Centre Complex collapsed on the day of the attack. (False. Three buildings collapsed on that day.)

3.The South Tower fell after burning for about an hour. (True.)

4.Almost 3,000 people died on that day. (True.)

5.In the building the oldest victim was 40. (False. The oldest victim in the building was 79.)

6. All bodies were identified. (False. Only 1600 bodies were identified.)

7. Many relief funds were immediately set up to assist the survivors and the families of victims. (True.)

3.Write questions for the previous sentences to know more accurate information.

Sample questions:

1). How many passenger airliners did the terrorists hijack?

2). How many buildings collapsed on that day?

3). How long did the South Tower burn before it fell?

4). How many people died on that day?

5). How old was the oldest victim in the building?

6).Were all bodies identified?

7). What assistance was provided for the survivors and the families of victims?

4. The class is divided into three or four groups. Each group has to give the title to the text and make a plan to it.

Sample answers:

Tragic Events of the 11-th of September;

Black date in the History of the USA

The Most Bloody Acts of Al-Qaeda

America on the 11-th of September

Sample plan:

  1.  Hijacking of the passenger airliners.
  2.  Collapsing of the World Trade Centre Complex.
  3.  Fatalities of the terrorist act.
  4.  Assistance to the survivors and the families of the victims.

5. The pupils give a short summary of the text.

VI. Language Spot

The Past Passive Voice

School # 1 was captured by a group of terrorists.

Many hostages were taken by the them.

Use the past passive to complete these sentences.

  1.  More than 300 hundred people /kill/ in the result of the act of terrorism.
  2.  The hostages /keep/ in the school gym.
  3.  They /treat/ badly./
  4.  They /not give/ food and water to drink.
  5.  No one /allow/ to leave the gym and use the toilet.
  6.  Four passenger airliners /hijack/ the terrorists.
  7.  The World Trade Centre /intentionally crash/.
  8.  1,100 bodies /not identify/.
  9.  Many relief funds /immediately set up/ to assist victims of the attacks.

VII. Conclusion

T.: Today at the lesson we tried to touch upon the problem of terrorism in the modern world, which has become one of most urgent and serious ones of nowadays. Acts of terrorism include threads of terrorism, assassinations, taking hostages, kidnapping, hijacking, bombs scares and suicide bombing. The terrorists want to create fear among the public. They want to encourage ethnic and religious hatred, turn the life of people into chaos in order to make people live to their rules, to change policies of governments by dividing them from their citizens. But we can oppose them. The people of good will all over the world should unite in the fight against terrorism.

We can’t remain indifferent to the sufferings of other people.

We should always remember that there’s no other’s grief and pain. “A person can’t be like an island, on his own “1, said Ernest Hemingway. Because each of us is a part of one community, one people, one mankind. And if a man dies somewhere it means that some part of us dies with him too. “That’s why, never ask for whom the bell tolls,” said E. Hemingway in his novel with the same title. “It tolls upon you.”

VIII. Home Assignment

  1.  To draw  a poster devoted to the problem of terrorism and think of the slogan to it.
  2.  To write an article to a school newspaper about today’s lesson and the issues touched upon at it.

1.Ernest Hemingway For Whom the Bell Tolls.-Progress Publishes. Moscow, 1978.


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