London. Known and Unknown

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Педагогика и дидактика

Objectives: to revise vocabulary and grammar of the topic; to summarize knowledge on the topic; to develop listening, reading, writing and speaking skills; to practice pair and group work.



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Topic: London. Known and Unknown

Objectives: to revise vocabulary and grammar of the topic; to summarize knowledge on the topic; to develop listening, reading, writing and speaking skills; to practice pair and group work.

Equipment:  a computer, a flashcard, handouts, a screen, cassette tape recorder, map of London, different photos. 


  1.  Warm up.

Hi, everybody! Nice to meet you! How are you feeling? How do matters stand with you?

  •   Fine, thanks. – Pretty much the same. So-so. O.K. all right

Today we’ll have a talk about travelling.

I want you to pay attention at these well-known quotations of the outstanding people. Read them and guess their meaning.

  •  “He travels far, knows much”

                           John Clarke, England

  •  “Travelling is one way of lengthening life”

                           Benjamin Franklin, the USA

  •  “If an ass goes travelling he will not come a horse”

                           Thomas Fuller, England

P1  P2  P3  - reading, translation.

T: I’d advise you to comment on them

Don’t forget to use these phrases

P1 To my mind travelling travelling is necessary for all of us. It keeps us from growing stale and old; it develops our imagination.

 P2  You can’t deny that one of the aims of travel is to go in search of beauty.

P3 I guess, yet even more valuable to the traveler is the knowledge which he gets of his fellow men by going among people of different character and different ways of life. The  proverb says ”so many countries, so many customs”.

P4    By all means there is for traveler the great joy of coming home again.

P5     I entirely agree with you. When our curiosity for new scenes is satisfied we turn our thoughts towards home where all the things are most familiar and we love them.

P6   I’d like to say that we can’t help having the warmest feeling of returning home.

P7    I’m convinced that travelling in another country is a very pleasant thing even if you don’t know the language of this country.

P8   There’s no doubt that travelling depends on the season of the year, tourists interests and hobbies.

P9    I’d like to say you always discover something new when you are travelling. The place may be an interesting city, a picturesque village, a remote island or some attractive place.

P10     It goes without saying that travelling broadens our outlook, acquaint us with the things we have never imagined or seen.

3) T: I see that you have a passion for travelling.

An advertiser has come to us to offer some interesting information about the places which are worth visiting.

T: Tourist’s brochure about London.

P: I’m an advertiser of the British Authority Council.

4) T: So, let’s look through a few pictures of some fantastic places of London, using laptop.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P: It goes without saying that travelling by air is a common thing. It is the fastest way of travelling. It is more convenient, more comfortable. The land below, looks like a small geographical map.

T-Ps But why does London attract us?

P1 I entirely know that London was founded at the time of the Roman Emphire.

P2 I guess London is worth visiting because we study the language of this country.

P3 You know, London is a city full of sights, history and atmosphere.  There are plenty of places to go.

P4 As far as I know the British museum is one of the greatest museums of the world

P5  I’d like to tell you that people all over the world prefer to visit the British Capital on holidays.

    Christmas is coming soon. I think a lot of people will go to London on Christmas.

T --- P And what do you know about the celebration of Christmas  in GB?

P 1   - Christmas is the main public holiday in Britain.

  •  People buy Christmas cards to send to their friends and relatives. The cards have the words Merry Christmas and pictures of the birth of Christ, Santa Claus and  a Christmas Tree.

  •  In churches people sing Christmas carols – special religious songs.

Let’s relax and listen to one of the oldest and nicest songs about Christmas.

P it is necessary to mention that the famous and underground is not only the oldest and the biggest but each line has a name and a different colour.

5) Imagine that P1 is an air hostess with British Airways. So we’ll make a tour to London.


P. – Hello, ladies and gentlemen!

- You are welcome on the board of the plane.

- the flight  lasts for about 3 hours

- We’ll land in the Heathrow airport in time.


- Let’s listen to the brief information about the British capital – London.

 Today most foreign visitors arrive by air, flying over the capital and landing at Heathrow Airport.

  •  It has a population of roughly 8,5 million And attracts nearly 20 million visitors a year.
  •  Many come for business, others come to visit friends and relatives.
  •  The majority come for a holiday.
  •  London is a major world capital.
  •  London consists mainly of streets, houses and communities.
  •  All streets have   a story to tell
  •  In London you’ll have the chance to see places of great historic interest: Westminster  Abbey, Tower of London, Saint Paul’s Cathedral. 
  •  http://www.tourist-information-uk.com/westminster-abbey.htm



Handouts of Parliament

Pair Work(Sample)

P – Stewardess. Excuse my disturbing you. Do you think it will take us much time to go through the customs?

S. – No, it won’t.  I guess, 1 half and 1 hour.

P – K Sorry, when does the plane land in London?

S: We are due to land  at 3.15 p.m.

P – K Could you tell us what is the weather like in London? Will it be foggy?

S: It’s warm. The temperature is about 5 degrees above zero. No wind. It won’t be foggy.

P – K: Will the passport control officer ask us about the purpose of your visit?

S: Sure. You are obliged to answer all the questions.

S: The plane has already landed. I wish you a nice holiday.

T: Attention, please!

   You’ll be allowed to get off the plane, after you have filled in declaration forms.

  •  If you have something to declare – don’t forget to fill in about it, don’t you?
  •  By the way, what is forbidden?

P1 Gold, alcohol and drugs are forbidden.

If you have nothing to declare you just will walk straight through the green streets!

T -   This model will help you to do it.

  •  You are to write your passport information.
  •  At the last point you are obliged to write about the purpose of your visit to London.

6)  T: Your dream has already come true.

What places of interest would you like to visit if you were in London only for one day?

On the blackboard:

If I were in London only for one day

                                             I would   visit

                                                            enjoy watching

                                                            prefer to see

                                                             go to

I wish I could…

P1 P2 P3 P4 P5

7) Listen to the tape-recorder, some information about sight-seeing tour in London and you’ll tell me what you were impressed most of all (about 3 minutes).

P1     I’ve read a lot about the Royal Palace but was impressed by hearing that Changing of the guard takes place every day at 11.30

P2     I’ve heard that the Tower of London was transformed to suit various functions; a royal residence, a prison, a zoo, but I was surprised hearing that the visitors can enjoy the company of raven that wonder about the tower’s grounds. They are an impressive sight to see. Tradition goes that if they disappear the building will collapse.

P3 I’ve known a lot of about the Crown Jewels but I was impressed by hearing that it contains the royal scepter which holds the biggest cut diamond in the world the “Star of Afraid”.

8) T --- Ps

As far as I know you’ve been to the National Gallery

  •  Your task is to tell some information about it.

P 1  The Nation Gallery

T --- Visitors all over the world can’t help admiring Big Ben. You are to answer these questions.

P 2 Big Ben

T --- It goes without saying that the Museum of Madam Tussauds is a must for every tourist.


---- Fill suitable words to fill these spaces.

T --- It’ll be interesting to know about the Crown Jewels and try to make admission to view the Crown Jewels.

P 3 The Crown Jewels

T--- Your task is to speak about the prominent architect Sir Christopher Wren and his outstanding masterpiece.

P 4  St.  Paul’s Cathedral and Sir Christopher Wren

T --- Express your disagreement and give the true information about Trafalgar Square

P5 Trafalgar Square

T --- You’ll complete the sentences about Westminster Abbey

T --- I think you’ll answer questions about modern London.

  •  Where do most visitors arrive?
  •  How large is London?
  •  What is its population?
  •  How many visitors visit London a year?
  •  Why do many people visit London?

9) T: Our tour of London is over, but we didn’t have enough time to think of a place you would like to visit if you came here again.

- If I came to London again some day, I would visit …

- If I happened to be in London for one day only I would like to visit ….

P1 P2 P3 P4 P5

T: We feel sorry for having missed so mane sights here due to lack of time. Tell your partner what sight you would have visited if you had stayed longer on the British Isles.

 e.g.    If I had stayed on the British Isles longer, I would have visited the HIGHLANDS.

P1 P2 P3 P4 P5

T: There are many places on the British Isles we didn’t see during our journey. Certainly we are sorry and we wish we have done it.

I wish I had done it…

10) There are still so many countries in the world we haven’t visited yet. Will we visit them some day? But we can express our wish even though it might be unreal.

P1 P2 P3 P4 P5


                        visited                                     Italy

I wish       I        went to                                  France                  some day

                        saw  with my own eyes          Spain


                                                                       The USA

                                                 Summing up

11) Our lesson is over. Your marks…

H/a: Write a composition about one of the most popular sights of London.

      Гордієнко Н.Ю., вчитель англійської мови Смілянської спеціалізованої школи І-ІІІ ступенів №12 Смілянської міської ради Черкаської області 


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