The Beatles Party

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Objectives: to involve students in extra-curriculum activities to improve students’ speaking skills and pronunciation to practice listening comprehension to develop students’ knowledge of the world musical culture



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Богородчанська ЗОШ №1

The Beatles


Suggested level B1 intermediate


  •  to involve students in extra-curriculum activities
  •  to improve students’ speaking skills and pronunciation
  •  to practice listening comprehension
  •  to develop students’ knowledge of the world musical culture


                                                                                     Матеріали підготувала      

                                                                                    вчитель англійської мови,

                                                                                    вчитель вищої категорії,

                                                                                    старший вчитель     

                                                                                    Дмитришин Лідія Василівна     




  1.  Introduction.
  2.  Biography of each member of the “Beatles”.
  3.  Interaction. Quiz.
  4.  The years of success.
  5.  “Imagine”. Listening Comprehension.
  6.  Interesting facts.
  7.  Summing up.


Pictures of the members of the group, tape recorder, cassets with songs, words of the songs for the participants of the party.             


Compere 1.  Today we are going to speak about the creative activity of the famous, world-known group “The Beatles”, - the Liverpool foursome.

Compere 2.  Have a look at the pictures of them and can you, please, name them:

(P1 names the members of “The Beatles”: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Star and George Hurrison).

C2. Thank you. Do you know why they still make people talk about them, listen to their music for so many years and sing their songs. What’s the reason?

C1. Firstly, they invented a new genre and a new direction in modern music. “The Beatles” combined absolutely different types of music: a classical and a pop-music.

C2. Secondly the boys were very talented: all of them composed songs, wrote poetry could sing, play musical instruments and even star in the films.

C1. In fact, they have influenced the lives of some generations of people who have been brought up listening to their amazing, true-life songs, so close the common people’s lives.

C2. Do you know what the word “beatles” means and how it appeared?

P1. I know that the name of the group was invented by John Lennon who changed the word “beetles” which means “жуки” into “The Beatles” which derived from the verb “to beat” – безперервно ударяти, стукати, відбивати такт.

     In American English “beat” is a sensation. So “The Beatles” can be translated as “жуки-ударники”.

C1. Now, I suggest that we should talk about each member of “The Beatles” separately.

2. Biography.

John Lennon

P2. (shows the picture of John Lennon) I’d like tell you about the central personality and the leader of the group John Lennon. He was brought up in the family of his aunt. From the very childhood John had strong, balanced and categorical character, a little bit aggressive something.

  At school he didn’t like to study bat he enjoyed writing short stories and drawing.

All the teachers marked his witticism and considered him to be extraordinary. He learned to play the guitar and banjo by himself. The first band he organized was “Quarry men”. They played in the streets and café’s. After leaving school Lennon entered Liverpool Arts Collage but he didn’t like to study there.

  In 1960 the group “Quarry men” was named   “the Beatles” with  the new stuff of musicians. So, a new era started in the British and world music.   


Paul Mc Cartney

P3.          I’d  like to tell about another “ beatle “ – Paul Mc Cartney. Paul was born in 1942 into a very friendly and happy family. He was a very gifted child. He finished elementary school successfully. His parents tried to give him the best education they could. After elementary school he entered Liverpool grammar school, the best school in Liverpool. His father was a professional musician and he told Paul to love music. There was a piano in their house and a teacher came and gave lessons to Paul. One day Paul asked his father to buy a guitar. Since then he didn’t part with it.

P4.          When Paul met John and his group Paul’s professional level was much higher than that of John’s. So Paul began to teach him everything he knew. They worked hard practising and playing at the concerts together. Their first songs appeared. Paul has always been self-disciplined, hard-working, nice and tolerant. He still remains one of the best singers of the world.

C2.           Who can tell us about George Hurrison?

P5.           George Hurrison  joined “the Beatles” in 1958 on the request of Paul Mc Cartney. His family was very friendly. He studied well at school and had a lot of hobbies. He entered Livepool institute where he met Paul Mc Cartney. At that time he was totally absorbed in music and the guitar playing. One day Paul Mc Cartney introduced George Hurrison to John Lennon, who was impressed by George’s skills and invited him as a leading guitar player in the group.

C2.           One more “beatle” is Ringo Star. What do you know about him? 

P6.           Ringo Star - is a nickname of Richard Starky.                                                                           His childhood was very hard because the family living in poverty. Richard often was ill and he couldn’t finish school. He was fond of music and liked percussion instruments. In 1962 he met “the Beatles” in Germany who badly needed a new drummer at that time and they asked Ringo to join the group. He eagerly agreed and became the fourth member of the group. He liked to wear rings on all the fingers. He was always very modest and quiet but eventually he became the best drummer of the world. He could play 16 percussion instruments at a time.

C1.    I hope you were attentive. And now there are some questions for you to answer:

1. Who studied at Liverpool grammar school? (P.Mc Cartney)

2. What did J.Lennon enjoy doing at school? (drawing and writing stories).

3.Who of “the Beatles” studied at the Liverpool Arts College? (J.Lennon)

4.What instrument did Paul’s father buy him? (the guitar)

5.Who liked to wear rings on all the fingers? (R.Star)

6.Where did George meet Paul? (Liverpool Institute)

7. What was the real name of R.Star? (Richard Starky)

8.Who brought up John Lennon? (his aunt)

C2.  Now let’s talk about the years of success of “the Beatles”. Do you know how and when it started?

P1. The first record “Love me do” was released in 1962 but it wasn’t a great success yet. Later on they gave some concerts on TV and it gained them a real triumph. They were announced to be the best singers of the year. The “beatlesmania” spread all over the country. The British youth admired the music of “the Beatles” because it was so exciting, amazing and wonderful.

P2. In 1963 the band took part in the most popular British show “Royal Variety”. The members of the royal family were present there and they liked the new stars. Fame and money came to “the Beatles” but it wasn’t sufficient for them. They wanted to win the hearts of the Americans.

P3.The manager of the band Brian Epstain went to America and organized an advertising campaign. So, when “the Beatles” arrived in America they were met by the crowd of 7000 people at the airport “The Beatles” impressed the Americans not only with the new style of music but also with their manners and breeding. All “The Beatles” were calm, intelligent and witty.

P4. In 1964 they shoot a film “A Hard Day’s Night” and recorded an album with the same title. The first song there was “And I love her”. It was the first ballade by Paul Mc.Cartney that he wrote for his girl-friend Jane Asher. Now you’ll hear this song performed by the boys. (The pupils sing a song “And I love her”)

P5. In 1964 “the Beatles” made a world tour. In Australia they were met by a crowd of 80000 people at the airport. Everywhere they were met with astonishment and admiration. Fans started to pursue the group and it became even dangerous for                  

the band to walk in the streets and at the restaurants.  Sometimes they stayed indoors all the time between the concerts during this world tour. Anyway they continued to work, wrote new songs. In 1965 they recorded a new album “Help”. The best song in it was “Yesterday”. Do you know how it was created?

P7.           Yes, I do. Once Paul Mc Cartney was preparing his breakfast and a beautiful melody came to his mind. He was in love at that time. Two days later John Lennon wrote the words of the song “Yesterday”. It has become the most popular song in the world.

C1.           Now I’d like to invite the pupils who prepared the song “Yesterday”           ( The pupils sing the song or it can be heard in the original) 

C1.          In the year 1965 Paul Mc Cartney and John Lennon wrote a beautiful


(The song is performed by the pupils or it can be heard from the record) 

C2.          During the year 1965 they again went to America and had a great success. Once they received 304 000 dollars for their concert. In 1965 they recordered another album “Revolver”. The best song there was “Yellow Submarine”. And again I ask the pupils to go out and sing the song for us and let’s all of us sing out a refrain:“We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine…”

                                          ( The song is performed)

C1.  Till 1966  The  Beatles were at the top of the fame. But when during the interview  to American  journalists J Lennon said that the Christianity wasn’t so popular as The Beatles.  In fact it caused an  indignation in the society and the band had to leave the USA and continue their work in the studio, and they had  stayed  together till 1970. Their last mutual work  was the album “Let it be”. The best song here is “Let it be”. Let’s ask our performers to sing this song.

                                  ( The song “Let it be” is performed )

C1.           Thank you for such a beautiful singing. So, after 1970 “the Beatles” started to work separately, but only one of them has reached a success on his own. It is Paul Mc Cartney who has been working up till nowadays.

C2.            Obviously, if John Lennon hadn’t been killed in 1980 by the mad man M.Chapman he would have given the world plenty of beautiful songs..                        Do you know that the last song written by J.Lennon was “Imagine”?

C1.            Yes, and this song is about a man who dreams of the world as a “brotherhood of men”. Now, you’ll listen to the cassette with the song all the way through and you’ll try to understand it.Do you  know the meanings of the words imagine, hell, possessions, greed?                                                                                           The pupils listen to the song once, then they listen to the song for the second time and translate it. Let’s  sing this song along with the tape.

C2.           Thanks. It was great. For many years “the Beatles” have made people talk about them, admire them, sing their songs and listen to their music. Our pupils have found some interesting information and they’ll  share it with you.

Pupil 1 - The most remarkable event in the history of this group was that they were awarded the order "The member ofthe British Empire" because they enriched the British treasury (in 500 mln poundsfrom the sale of the records).

Pupil 2 - In 1965 the English heard the first New Year greetins from the Queen and the second one - from "the Beatles".

Pupil 3 - In 1964 their names were put down into the British Enciclopedia.

Pupil 4 - When "Beatlesmania" spread all over the country the British Parliament discussed the problem how to keep the social order during the concerts of the group.

Pupil 5 - The wax figures of "the Beatles" were immortolized in the Madamme Tessaud`s Museum in London.

Pupil 6 - During the years of his fame John Lennon got 12 thousand letters a day.

Pupil 7 - I know that by the middle of 1966 "the Beatles" recorded about 100 songs and they recorded about 200 songs altogether.        

Teacher.            To crown it all I’d say that more then 52 years have passed since the first concerts of “the Beatles” and still their music is alive and popular because it’s a music of high quality and the passing 50 years have  proved it. We see that “the Beatles” are always “the Beatles”


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