The City

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Now you can see that the title of topic is “City” Today at our lesson we’ll be travel agency. Imagine yourself travel agents indefinite routes. We are expecting a tourist, who whoud like to visit Ukrainian cities and interesting places. Your task is to give him this information.



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Тема: The city


  •  Развитие монологической речи;
  •  Развитие  краеведческих способностей;
  •  Развитие диалогической речи;
  •  Научить применять межпредметные связи.

  1.  Организационные моменты

Т: Good morning, children. I’m glad to see you. Haw are you?

P1: fine, thank you.

P2: I’m all right, thanks.

P3: not, bad

P4: So, so

T: I’m glad that you are in high spirit and let’s start our lessons with a well-know song “if you are happy”.

If you are happy and you know it,

Clap your hands, clap your hands.

If you are happy and you know it,

Clap your hands, clap your hands.

If you are happy and you know it,

And you really want to show it

If you are happy and you know it,

Clap your hands, clap your hands.

  1.  Сообщение темы и задачи

T. Children, lets solve the crossword and you’ll see the title of the topic

  •  It’s a building. We see you films there.
  •  It’s a place not far from the city. We can see many planes, airplanes there.
  •  Its one the mans of the transport (4 letters)
  •  It’s a place near house. The children lice to play in it.






















T: now you can see that the title of topic is “City” Today at our lesson we’ll be travel agency. Imagine yourself travel agents indefinite routes. We are expecting a tourist, who whoud like to visit Ukrainian cities and interesting places. Your task is to give him this information.

T:Oh!Who is that? Come in. It’s a tourist. Hir name is Mrs. Brown.

Mrs. Brown: What are you discussing in your meeting?

T:We are discussing big cities in Ukraine.

Mrs. Brown: Oh! Its very interesting. May I listen to it?

T:Oh!Yes,of course, Sit down here ,please. Are there a lot of big cities and small towns in Ukraine?

P 1:There are a lot of big cities.

T:What are they?

P1:Odessa  P2:Kiev   P4:Kharkiv   P4:Stakhanov   P5:Donetsk

T:There are many places of interest in the cities. What are they famous for?

P1:Kiev is famous for its  Khreschatyk, St.Sophya Cathedral, Lavra, the Dnipro river.

P2: Kharkiv is famous for its ancient buildings.

P3:Our native town is famous for its Stakhanov movement .In our town there are a lot of beautiful parks, squares.

T:We can speak much about these cities.But its not the main task of our meeting. What`s the main task of our meeting?

P1:The main task of our meeting is the presentation of our projects for our guest.

T:Yes!You have prepared the projects about your cities. We have got three groups. Mrs. Brown, you have got a good opportunity today to listen about three cities. Where are you from?

Group 1- We are from Kiev.

Group 2- We are from Stakhanov.

Group 3- We are from Kharkiv.

T:Now we shall learn some interesting facts about cities. Let’s begin our presentation.


P 1:Kiev is the capital of our country. Kiev was founded by three brothers- Kyi, Shchek, Khoryv and their sister Lybid. The city was named after Kyi, the eldest brother. Today Kyiv is one of the greatest ancient European cities, rich with monuments of art and architecture. It’s a political , cultural, scientific centre. The city has many hotels, cafes, restaurants. If you visit Kyiv in late May , you will witness a beautiful festival-“The days of Kyiv”.

P 2: It’s just a short walk to get to the Kyiv’s oldest survining church, Saint Sophia’s Cathedral. Saint Sophia’s is the highlight named after the Constantinople’s Saint Sophia’s Cathedral. The church became a holy place of worship for ancient Kyivites. Saint Sophia’s is a national treasure of Ukraine.

P 3: Kyiv central business district and most popular people watching street is the beautiful tree-lined Boulevard Khreshchatyk. Just up the hotel Dnipro is the Museum of Ukrainian Fine Arts. Built is the style of a Greek temple with a 6-column potico. The main Kyiv’s square is the Independent Square. It’s the most popular meeting place of Kyivites and visitors.

T:Thank you, sit down. What do you say Mrs. Brown?

Mrs. Brown: Oh, It’s very beautiful city.

T: Our next city Kharkiv.

P 1: Kharkiv is the ancient Ukrainian city .It has a long and interesting history. It’s more than 350 years old. It stands on the banks of the Kharkiv   Udy, Lopan rivers. It’s population is 1500000 people. Kharkiv is a big industrial centre. There are many factories and plants in it. Kharkiv is a large scientific, educational centre. There are universities and institutes and about 200 schools in it. Freedom Square is the largest in Europe.

P 2: Kharkiv is a beautiful and clean city. The two largest parks- Shevchenko and Gorky-are the best places to spend free time. It was built in 1985. In Sumska street there is one of the best Opera and Ballet House in Ukraine. In front of it you can see a wonderful fountain.

P 3: Kharkiv is a city of soldier’s fame. It has a lot of monuments and memorials. There is the monuments of Eternal Glory to the soldiers, died in the Second World War near the Uspensky Cathedral. Not far from the monument we can see the Regional History museum. I think this city is famous its ancient churches.  So Kharkiv a nice place.

Mrs. Brown: Oh! It’s a beautiful town, too.

T: And at last our third project.

P1: Hello! Nice to see you, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Stakhanov. My name is Nastya. I’m a guide and let us go on a sightseeing tour of our town. Take your places in our bus, please Are you  ready?

Ch: Oh! Yes.

We go, go, go by tour bus

We want to go sightseeing

With our friendly children.

P1: Every city is beautiful in its own way. Every city has its history. Our town is the only town in the world which caries the name of a working man-Aleksey Stakhanov. This is the view of our town in 60-s. Our town is not very large. It’s a quiet, clean, beautiful town. The ecological situation is rather good in Stakhanov, because the factories and plants are not work in our town.It’s a town of green trees. Grass and flowers. Its famous for its charming parks.

P 2: You can see our famous Centre park. There are many kinds of trees and plants in this park. We can meet oaks, birches, fir-trees. They are tall and beautiful. There is a rose garden in it. Near the garden there is a cafй. In our park we have a boating lake. We can see here ducks. It is an amazing place of our city

P 3:Now we are coming to our museum. It’s our Museum of Arts. It has large collection of paintings of the great landscape painters. Here you can see the National History Museum. There are large collections on zoology and botany in it.

Mrs. Brown: What is the symbol of your town?

P 3: Try to guess. It’s a dandelion. It’s a symbol of our town.

P.1: But we have a surprise for you Mrs. Brown. We have a musical film about our town, but it is only Russian language.

Mrs. Brown: I’ll see it with a great pleasure.

T: What do you say? Mrs. Brown: It’s very beautiful and interesting.

P1: Our tour is finished.

T: I’m so pleased with your projects. They were interesting and lovely. Well done! Mrs. Brown, do you agree with me?

Mrs. Brown: I agree with you. It’s very interesting and colours projects. Thank you. Bye.

T: Our lesson is over. Bye.


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