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Dear pupils, teachers, guests. We are glad to see you on our tournament of English experts. Today we shall not only speak in English. We shall do a lot of fun activities. They will show not only your knowledge and skills of English, but also your thinking, smartness and general erudition. So, let’s start.



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A contest between the 10th and 11th forms.

Level: B1.

Objectives: - to practise pupils’ reading, writing, speaking, listening skills;

                  - to develop pupils’ artistic skills;

                  - to develop pupils’ critical thinking;

                  - to enhance pupils’ interest in learning English.

Equipment: hand-out with the tasks.


Teacher: Dear pupils, teachers, guests. We are glad to see you on our tournament of English experts. Today we shall not only speak in English. We shall do a lot of fun activities. They will show not only your knowledge and skills of English, but also your thinking, smartness and general erudition. So, let’s start.


Teams present their members, their motto, symbol and captain. Presentation of jury.


Teacher: I think the first task will be easy for you. Which word is different from the others? Find it and circle.

1. Road                                                           5. Gallon

   River                                                               Bottle

   Street                                                               Litre

   Square                                                             Pint

2. Book                                                           6. Boss

   Magazine                                                        Wife

   Television                                                       Son

   Newspaper                                                      Daughter

3. Arm                                                            7. Doctor

   Hand                                                               Medicine

   Head                                                               Taxi

   Hat                                                                  Ambulance

4. Eggs                                                            8. Postcard

   Salt                                                                  Stamp

   Pepper                                                             Letter

   Mustard                                                          Traveller’s Cheques


Teacher: Read this secret massage using the numbers. Each number corresponds to the letter in the alphabet. Who will be the fastest?



(Key: I want some books. Please, bring some.)


Teacher: Add the right words to complete the pairs, and the initial letters reading downward will spell an appropriate word.

1. ______ or NONE.

2. ______ or YES.

3. ______ or FALSE.

4. ______ or OFF.

5. ______ or OLD.

6. ______ or OLD.

7. ______ or LESS.

8. ______ or LARGE.


(Each team performs a popular song in English. It may be accompanied by dancing or acting out a scene.)


Teacher: Our next task is connected with logical thinking. Just use your heads to solve the following brain teasers.

1. New shoes.

  One day, two mothers and daughters were shopping for shoes. Their shopping was successful – each bought a pair of shoes, and all together, they bought three pairs. How is it possible?

(Key: Only three people went shopping: a grandmother, a mother, and a daughter – but remember that the mother was the grandmother’s daughter.)

2. Name the dog.

  Once a dog named Nelly lived on a farm. There were three other dogs on the farm. Their names were Blacky, Whitey, and Brownie. What do you think the fourth dog’s name was?

(Key: Nelly. If there are only four dogs on the farm, the fourth one must be Nelly.)

3. Coast to coast.

  Train A and train B are crossing the country, from coast to coast, over 3,000 miles of railroad track. Train A is going from East to West at 80 miles per hour, and train B is going from West to East at 90 miles per hour. Which train will be closer to the west coast when they meet?

(Key: When the trains meet they will be in the same place. Therefore, they will each be at the same distance from the west coast.)

4. Getting across.

  Ms. Waters and her twins, Danny and Army, want to cross from the east side of the river to the west side in a canoe. But the canoe can hold no more than 200 pounds. Ms. Waters weighs 160 pounds, and Danny and Army weigh 100 pounds each. How can all three reach the other side of the river in the canoe?

(Key: First the twins go to the west side of the river. Anny stays on the west side, and Danny comes back. Ms. Waters goes alone to the west side, leaving Danny on the east side. Finally, Anny comes back for Danny. Together they go to the west side of the river. You can shift Anny and Danny – it doesn’t matter which one goes first.)


Teacher: In this game which is called “CAPMAN” you have to fill in a special table with several columns:


-article of clothing;





  (Captain1 recites the alphabet silently till Captain2 interrupts him by saying “Stop”. Captain1 says what letter he has stopped at. For example, it is the letter “M’. Both captains fill in the table writing down the name of the city beginning with “M”, the name of the plant beginning with “M” etc. as fast as possible.

  The captain who has been the first to fill in the table says “Stop”. After that none is allowed to continue filling in the table. Then they compare the results. If the answers in the same column coincide, both captain get 5 points, if they are different, they get 10 point. If there is only one answer to the task, the captain gets 15 points.)


Article of clothing







morning glory




VII. Brain-ring. How much do you know?

Teacher: The next contest is based on a popular game “Brain-ring”. The rules are the following: First you listen to the question. You may answer it at once or you may have a minute for discussion. But remember, you have to give your correct answer before the other team.


1. Which is taller, a giraffe or an elephant?

2. Is Mexico closer to the equator than Columbia?

3. Which has more sides, a pentagon or a hexagon?

4. Which weighs the most: the brain, the heart or the liver?

5. Is the population of Pakistan bigger than the population of Japan?

6. Which is the world’s busiest port: Singapore, New York, or Rotterdam?

7. Is the Renaissance or the Middle Ages older?

8. Which has the most calories: a glass of wine, a Coke, or a glass of beer?

9. Does a banana have fewer calories than an orange?

10. Which contains more caffeine, coffee or tea?

11. Does an egg have more calories than a tablespoon of sugar?

12. Which weighs more, gold or silver?

13. Is Venus closer to the Earth than Mars?

14. Which is bigger, the Earth or the Moon?

15. Is London an older capital city than Paris?

Answer key:

1. A giraffe.

2. No.

3. A hexagon (a hexagon has 6 sides; a pentagon has 5 sides).

4. The liver (liver = 3.1 pounds; brain = 3.0 pounds; heart = 9.8 ounces).

5. No. (Japan = 120 million; Pakistan = 97 million).

6. Rotterdam.

7. The Middle Ages.

8. Beer (beer = 150 calories; coke = 145 calories; wine = 85 calories).

9. No (a banana = 100 calories; an orange = 65 calories).

10. Coffee.

11. Yes (an egg = 80 calories; sugar = 45 calories).

12. Gold.

13. Yes.

14. The Earth.

15. No (Paris dates from the 5th century B.C.; London dates from the 1st century B.C.).

game with fans.

(This game is conducted in order to fill in the waiting time while the teams have time to think over their tasks. The fans can add up points to their favourite team’s score by doing the task.)

1. Name 10 colours.

2. Name 10 animals.

3. Name 10 articles of clothing.

4. Name 10 part of body and face.

5. Name 10 plants.

6. Name 10 professions.

7. Name 10 holidays.

8. Name 10 vegetables.

9. Name 10 dishes.

10. Name 10 weather conditions.

VIIi. Summing-up. presenting winners.

Teacher: Jury, please, give the final score of our competition.  Do you agree with our jury? We greet the winners and give them these small presents. The second-place winners also get prizes. I hope you enjoyed the game and had fun.


1. Liudmila Rieznik “Brain boosters”, English №1, 2004.

2. “Word families”, Digest №15, 1996.

3. “How much do you know”, Digest №21, 1996.


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