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Well, now I am sure that you can easily guess the subject of our today’s lesson. Yes, you are right; we are going to talk about jobs. If to be precise we are going to focus on tricky jobs.



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The Subject:  TRICKY JOBS

The Objectives: 1. розвиток навичок аудіювання; розвиток монологічного та діалогічного мовлення на основі прослуханих текстів та переглянутого фільму

2. закріплення вивчених лексичних одиниць, виховувати культуру мовлення

3. посприяти свідомому вибору майбутніх професій

The Procedure of the Lesson

  1.  Preliminaries.  Warming-up

Look at the pictutes shown and match the pictures with the jobs in the list:

combat soldier, trapeze artist, vet.

Suggested answers:

  •  The man with the dog is a vet.
  •  The man under the parachute is a combat soldier.
  •  The woman hanging from the rope is a trapeze artist.
  1.  Revising vocabulary related to jobs and training pupils to use it in their speech.

For which of these jobs do you need to be: TOUGH, TALENTED, COURAGEOUS, CARING, DEDICATED?

Suggested answers:

  •  A vet has to be caring because he treats sick animals. He also has to be dedicatedbecause he helps animals.
  •  A combat soldier has to be tough and corageous because his job is very dangerous and risky.
  •  A trapese artist has to be talented and this job requires natural and technichal skills. He also has to be corageous because his jib is dangerous.

Well, now I am sure that you can easily guess the subject of our today’s lesson. Yes, you are right; we are going to talk about jobs. If to be precise we are going to focus on tricky jobs.

  •  “Tricky jobs” means jobs that require skill and good judgement as they are difficult, dangerous and risky.

By the way, what are the risks involved in these jobs?

  •  Some animals needing medical care can scratch, bite or be dangerous enough to kill a vet.
  •  A combat soldier may have problems with a parachute or he could be seriously injured or even killed by the enemy.
  •  A trapeze artist can slip and fall off the trapeze and be seriously injured.
  1.  Developing listening and speaking skills. (listening for identifying speakers, note taking and for specific information):

Now I’d like you to be subdivided into three groups. We are going to listen to the same recording but the tasks of yours are a bit different.

How many of us used to dream of joining the circus when we were children? Well, Chris Sayers, a trapeze artist at Zippo’s Circus, did just that. It took him ten years of training before he felt confident enough to perform six meters above the ground. Since then he has become one of the few people in the world who can do four somersaults one after the other. There are many risks involved in this job. Trapeze artists need to work with a partner the can depend on. When flying though the air at 60 mph, they have to be sure their partner will catch them. “Many times in the past, if I hadn’t had a partner I could trust, I would have fallen and probably hurt myself seriously,” says Chris. People who work in the circus love the risks and the thrill of their profession. Broken bones are part of their job. “I just wish they didn’t take so long mend,” Chris explains. He earns £500 per week, but it is certainly not easy money.

There are only two hundred combat soldiers in the British Army who can parachute into the sea, dive for hours in freezing waters and then spy in enemy territory successfully. James Renée is one of them. This isn’t his real name, because his own identity hat to be kept secret. “It’s a very exciting job, but it’s also tough and dangerous. You have to be courageous,” says James. It takes five long years of training before such a soldier can go on a special mission. According to James, the toughest part of the business is spying. “I’ve been on a lot of missions that involve this kind of work. If the enemy had caught us, they would have killed us.” £45,000 per year might sound like a lot, but few people would risk their lives for less.

Most patients are thankful for the care they get from their doctors, but when in comes to animals it’s a different story. Every vet knows that animals are much more likely to turn round and bite rather than thank them. Steve Divers is an experienced vet and has been bitten by countless cats and dogs. With more dangerous animals, through, he takes special care. For example, with poisonous snakes, he keeps them in a cloth bag and uses a metal instrument to keep the head down and the teeth away from his hands. “If I didn’t know how to handle some animals, I would probably have permanent scars by now,” Steve says. Although it takes many years of study to become a vet, it is a very rewarding and well-paid career. “All animals in need must be treated. I would never ignore a sick animal, even if it was dangerous enough to kill me,” says Steve.

Group I Listen   to the three texts dealing with the jobs discussed earlier and match them to the pictures:

Text A – is refferred to the picture showing the trapeze artist

Text B – is refferred to the picture which shows the combat soldier

Text C – matches the picture showing the vet.

Group II – Read the sentences and while listening to the recording find out who said what: the trapeze artist, the combat soldier or the vet.

  1.  “I d never ignor a sick animal, even it was dangerous enough to kill me” – (the vet)
  2.  “I just wish they didn’t take so long to mend” – (the trapeze artist)
  3.  “If I didn’t know how to handle some animals, I would probably have permanent scars by now” – (the vet)
  4.  “Many times in the past, if I hadn’t a partner I coulsd trust, I would have fallen and probably hurt myself seriously” – (the trapeze artist)
  5.  “If the enemy had caught us, they would have killed us” – (the combat soldier)

Group III: Listen to the texts and say what positive and negative points of each job are:

Trapeze artist

Positive points: (thrilling and well-paid)

  The job of a trapeze artist is thrilling and well-paid.

Negative points: (dangerous, can be seriously injured or break bones, a lot of training involved)

However it can be dangerousas doing this job you can be seriously injuredor break bones. It also involves a lot of training.

Combat soldier

Positive points: (very exciting, excellent salary)

A combat soldier’s job is very exciting. He gets and excellent salary.

Negative points: (dangerous, tough, very secretive life, a lot of training)

On the other hand this job is dangerous, tough and life threatening. It needs a lot of training. Combat soldiers sometimes have to lead a very secretive life.


Positive points: (very rewarding, well-paid career)

The job of a vet is very rewarding and highly-paid.

Negative points: (may be scarred, bitten, many years of study before becoming a vet)

While doing their jobs vets may be scarred or even bitten. What is more, they need to study many years before becoming a vet


If you had to do one of the three jobs mentioned, which would you choose and why?

  •  I would choose to become a vet because I love animals and I would like to help themwhen they are ill or have been injured.
  •  I would definitely not choose to become a combat soldierbecause it is a dangerous, violent joband you could easily be killed.

Nowadays there is a great variety of jobs we can choose from. It seems to me to make the right choice means to be successful, but to do this you should be aware of pros and cons of the career you are going to be involved. Thus, you are supposed to listen to the recording and fill in the missing information.

Group I will complete the table dealing with advantages and disadvantages to doing the job of a news reporter:



1) ………………..



travel around the world and meet lots of

2) ………………..

The news stories I do are 3) ……………….. every day



5) …………………


have to do everything in a very 4) …………..…time

often work in places where there are wars



6) …………………



the job needs a lot of skill

it’s great being able to 7) …………. people’s lives


8) ………………..



work long, unsteady hours

responsible for people’s lives

Advantages:  exciting, meet different people

Disadvantages: dangerous, short

Group II will deal with advantages and disadvantages of being a surgeon

Advantages:  well-paid, save

Disadvantages: tiring

The task is following:

Group I – Discuss advantages and disadvantages of being a newsreporter and in a few minutes talk about them.

Group II – Write an article about the advantages and disadvantages of being a surgeon.

There is one more point which we can’t but mention today. Ajob interview is a common thing now and you need to attend it to get a job which you would like to do. So Group III  you will watch a short video. (Video Enterprise 4)While watching, do the fallowing task:

  1.  Mark the statements T or F and correct the false statements.

1. Clare Jenkins saw the advert for the job while applying for another post.

2. Clare doesn’t have a CV.

3. Clare hasn’t worked at a similar position before.

4. She referrers to her free time activities rather than her work experience.

5. Her former employer fired her because she was always late.

6. She asks if she could work shifts.

7. The interviewer doesn’t seem satisfied with Clare’s interview.

  1.  F
  2.  F
  3.  T
  4.  T
  5.  F
  6.  F
  7.  T
  8.  Complete the interviewer’s notes with two to four words and dramatize the similar dialogue.

Cambridge   Evening News   9-5:30

Manager   large hotel   Monday-Friday

Professional   advanced career  occasional weekends

Suggested answer:

         A: Could you tell me where you saw the advert for this job, please.

          B: Yes. In  the Cambridge Evening News.

A: And have you got your CV with you?

B: Yes, I have indeed.

A: Thank you. And you have some good experience. Could I ask you what relevant experience you have for this job?

B: Well yeah. I was the catering manager at a large hotel for a number of years where I organized and oversaw conference meals, wedding meals and such like.

A: That’s fine. And could you tell me why you left your previous job?

B: Well, I felt I wanted to pursue a more professional and more advanced career. And I think a business manager of a small company like this would be perfect for me.

A: Excellent. Any questions you would like to ask us?

B: Yes. What are the working hours for this job?

A: The working hours are 9-5:30. That’s Monday to Friday. You might be asked to work the occasional weekend but we do pay overtime for that.

B: Right. Thank you very much.

A: You’re welcome.

  1.  advert
  2.  CV
  3.  expensive
  4.  relevant
  5.  organized
  6.  previous
  7.  advanced
  8.  business manager
  9.  working hours
  10.  overtime
  11.  Feedback

Read the sentence. What does it mean?

A bad workman always blames his tools.

What does it mean?

  •  An unskilled careless or irresponsible person won’t admit that he has done wrong or produced something bad, but will blame everything on his tools and materials.

Well, you’ve done a great job today. You are about to leave school and to make the most important choice in your life. So I wish you luck and I am sure you will be responsible, careful and skilled.

5. Home Assignment: Essay. Pros and Cons of  being a Teacher.  


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