Welcome to Ukraine

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The aims: Practical aims: to teach the new vocabulary, by the end of the lesson pupils will have revised the information they have learned about Ukraine, will have recollected some facts about our country by doing different tasks...



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«Welcome to Ukraine»



                                                                     англійської мови

                                                      Кричківської ЗОШ І-ІІ ст.

                                                            Рудяк Іванна Іванівна

The subject of the lesson:
Welcome to Ukraine!

The aims:

Practical aims: to teach the new vocabulary, by the end of the lesson pupils will have revised the information they have learned about Ukraine, will have recollected some facts about our country by doing different tasks: dramatizing the dialogues, working with the maps, making up sentences, completing the table.

Educational aims: pupils will have practiced listening, speaking, reading, writing.

Cultural aims: to foster love for Ukraine, its culture and traditions.

Materials and visual aids: national symbols of Ukraine, pictures, cards, a tape recorder, an audio cassette, strips with letters, blackboard.


I. Greeting and conversational warm-up.

T: Good morning children! Glad to see you! Who id on duty today? Who is absent? What day is it today? What date is it today? So, it is spring now and what do we celebrate on the 8th of March?

P1: We celebrate All Women's Day.

T: Yes, and at this day you greet your teachers and give some presents to your mothers. So, I want to ask you «Who has made something for his mother by himself?» I must admit that you are very talented.

II. New material representation (defining the topic of the lesson)

T: Now, look around our classroom. You can see the simple symbols of Ukrainian land: branches of pussywillows, snow-ball trees in a jug, an embroidered linen table-cloth, some Ukrainian towels made of flax, the national flag, the trident…

Please, tell me, what are we going to speak about today?

You are right. We'll continue speaking about Ukraine, our Motherland. So, our today's topic is «Welcome to Ukraine». And the motto of our lesson is «East or West home is best». Ihor, do you agree with this proverb? Why? You are right and today we are going to show everybody that Ukraine is the best place to live in and the best place to visit.

The main part of the lesson.

III. Group work.

T: First of all I want you to answer my questions. Who considers Ukrainians to be very talented? Just rise your hands. Now I want you to sit together because you are the first group and this doll which symbolizes all Ukrainian women and girls is the emblem of your group.

  Well, who thinks that Ukrainians are religious? Sit together too, because you are the second group and this angel, a spirit, who lives with God in Heaven is the emblem of your group. And all the rest sit also together, so you are the third group and this house shoe, which is a sign of good luck is the emblem of your group.

  Now, we have three groups and I have a task for you. Here I have three pictures with different stereotypes, which are connected with Ukrainians. First one tells us that Ukrainians are very talented, the second picture shows that Ukrainians are religious and the third one shows that Ukrainians are great tea-drinkers. I give all these pictures to you and your task is first to discuss them and ten tell me if they are true and explain your point of view. For this task you’ve got two minutes. Your time is over, the first group, your answer, please. What about the second group? Are Ukrainians religious? The third group, is it true that Ukrainians are great tea-drinkers?

  Well, I think that all groups have coped with their task.

IV. Home lesson check.

T: Now, I want you to open your books at page 112 and we are going to read and to translate the text «Welcome to Ukraine», because your home task was to read and to translate it, but before reading the text, I want you to pay attention to these words and phrases:

independent                                     eastern

a state                                               a resort

an undiscovered treasure                 a sense of humour

remarkable                                       a tourist

T: I’m going to read them and you should listen to me carefully. Now, let's translate them together. Well, repeat after me.

  So, the task for the first group is to read the text, the second group should translate it and the third group should answer my questions.


- Is Ukraine an independent state?

- When do we celebrate the Independence Day?

- What is the capital of Ukraine?

- Are there many places of interest in Ukraine?

- What are the Ukrainians like?

V. Let's find some words.

T: I have got some tables with letters. I give them to our group and your task is to find as many words as you can. You should remember that the words are across and down. So, out of letters you should make up words. For this task you’ve got 2 minutes. Well, your time is over. So, first group read your words. And who has got some other words?
































































T: Now, take your places.

VI. Relaxation period. Listening to the tape.

T: Are you tired? I think you are. Let’s listen to a beautiful song which is a soundtrack to the cartoon «The Spirit». You have already seen this cartoon and you know the main idea of it. So, listen to this song and think about something pleasant.

(Pupils listen to the song)

T: By the way, do you like this song? I like it too. Its my favourite one.

VII. Speaking practice.

T: In this song Bryan Adams associated his native land, his home with many pleasant things. So, what association come across to your mind when you hear the word «home»?

(Pupils fill in the sun «home». The examples of the satellite notions)



                        house                                  friends


                        happiness                            dream


P1: I associate home with dream.

P2: I associate home with my family.

P3: I associate home with happiness.

P4: I associate home with friends.

P5: I associate home with warm-heartedness.

VIII. Pair work.

Role-play in pairs.

T: Ivan and Taras I have a special task for you. Taras, imagine that you are a foreigner. You are on holiday in Ukraine and you want to visit some places of interest in our region. So, your task is to ask questions. Ivan, imagine that you are a travel agent and your task is to answer Taras' questions and to give him some useful information. For this task you’ve got some minutes.

  Ira and Lida I have a special task for you too. Here I've got some pictures of your native village, so you should make a short presentation of it.

  Dima, here are some pictures of the Crimea, well, your task is to make an advertisement of this place. You’ve got some minutes for this task too.

IX. Grammar rule review.

T: All the rest should revise our grammar, especially our grammar construction


                                         + auxiliary verb

       Neither / Nor

Well, we use SO when we want to agree with positive statement, for example:

       I can swim. So can I.

And we use NEITHER / NOR when we want to agree with negative sentence, for example:

       I don’t like to eat an Italian food. Neither do I.

Now, I give you some sentences and your task is to write them down and to agree with them using so and neither + auxiliary verb.


1). I don’t like to travel.

2). I enjoy playing tennis.

3). I am not interested in this excursion.

4). I have never been in the USA.

5). We went for a walk last night.

6). Lida and Taras were going on holidays.

7). We celebrate many religious holidays.

8). Ukrainians are very talented.

9). I like to sing songs.

10). I am a good football player.


T: Ivan and Taras have you coped with your task? Well, read the dialogue.

P1: Hello! My name is John. I’m from London.

P2: Hello! I’m Ivan. Can I help you?

P1: I think you can. Well, my granny lived in Ukraine many years ago and that’s why I’m interested in Ukrainian folk art.

P2: Oh, it's good because the centres of folk crafts in our region are Kosiv, Yavoriv, Kosmach and Kolomyia.

P1: And is it really true that embroidery is one of the most popular crafts in Ukraine?

P2: Yes, it is. You can buy original souvenirs (I mean embroidered towels) even here in Ivano-Frankivsk.

P1: And what about wood-carving?

P2: Well, it is also an ancient art, by the way, the museum of folk art in Kolomyia has a fine collection of the works of embroidery and wood-carving.

P1: How can I get there?

P2: You can easily get there by bus, by car or even by train.

P1: Thank you very much.

P2: You are welcome. Good-bye.

P1: Good-bye!


T: Girls, go to the blackboard, please, and tell us some words about your native village.

P3: We live in Krychka. It is not a big village, but it is rather beautiful. It is one of the loveliest corners of our region. There are also many places of interest here. Our church with its long and interesting history, the house of culture, which is situated in the centre of our village, many shops, which are full of souvenirs make this part of Precarpathia especially attractive.

P4: The nature of Krychka and especially of the mountains is just wonderful. Dense forests, cold mountain river and fresh air will help you to relax after hard week days, so, visit Krychka and we are sure that you will enjoy your visit to this place.

T: Dima, go to the blackboard and read your advertisement.

P5: Dear visitors! This is the view of the Crimea. Nothing is more beautiful than this part of Ukraine. Here you can get to know everything about lots of nationalities, you will be pleased to watch exciting festivals, to get a good treatment at a lot of health reasorts and enjoy some of the finest Crimean wines. And there are just some points of the program. So, visit the Crimea and this wonderful jorney will be one of the happiest moments in your life.

T: Thank you. So, you see that Ukraine is really a beautiful and fantastic country and there are many places of interest her I mean. Yaremche, Kosiv, Kosmach, even this little village Krychka has its long and interesting history.

X. Summing-up «Microphone».

T: Now, imagine that I’ve got a real microphone. Well, your task is with the help of it to answer my questions. You have already known the rules of this activity. So, in chain fashion, answer my question: «What have you learnt at our English lesson today?»

T: Unfortunately, time flies quickly, that why I want to ask you to do the following:

Love your dear Motherland, love it when it is in trouble, love when it's happy and I'd like to address you with this beautiful poem:

Love your dear Motherland,

Love it with your whole heart,

Love Ukraine when the days are happy,

Love when the days are dark,

Cherish your Mother tongue,

Cherish your family root,

Never stop thinking of your parents

And make their life good.

XI. Evaluating and giving home task.

T: Today you’ve worked rather well and shown a good knowledge of the topic. I’m pleased with you.

(The teacher tells pupils marks)

At home you’ll write a short composition under the following title «He who loves not his country, can love nothing»

You may be free. See you later. Have a nice day! Good-bye!


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