The Golden Horse-shoe of Cherkasy Region

Конспект урока

Педагогика и дидактика

Objectives: to develop students’ cognitive and creative skills; to provide students with an opportunity to practise listening, reading, writing and speaking skills; to encourage students to work on projects...



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Бобошко Людмила Василівна, учитель англійської мови Уманської     загальноосвітньої     школи I-III ступенів  №9 Уманської мiської ради

Черкаської    області

Конспект уроку з англійської мови

«The Golden Horse-shoe of Cherkasy Region»

Level: upper-intermediate

Theme: The Golden Horse-shoe of Cherkasy Region

Objectives: to develop students’ cognitive and creative skills; to provide students with an opportunity to practise  listening, reading, writing and speaking skills;  to encourage  students to work on projects; to broaden students’ knowledge about Cherkasy region; to cultivate students’ feeling of  pride for their native land. Equipment: a computer, DVDs with  films ” The  Prominent Countrymen ”, “Uman Wonder”,a  CD with Chaikovsky’s music,  a  map of  Cherkasy region,  cards,  Shevchenko’s, Khmelnytsky’s., Pushkin’s portraits, pictures, photos.


I. Warming-up

T. Children! Look at the blackboard, read these scrambled words and guess the theme of our lesson:


So, let’s make an excursion around the settlements which are included into “The golden horse-shoe of Cherkasy region”. I think we’ll start with  places which are closely connected with the name of the person who glorified Ukraine far beyond its borders, the man who devoted his verses to his Motherland and nowadays they are read and reread throughout the world. It’s T.G. Shevchenko.

II. Main part

1.Checking home assignment

T. For today you were to prepare  projects  “The Cradle of the Great Ukrainian Bard”

  •  Group 1: about  Moryntsi
  •  Group 2: about  Kyrylivka
  •  Group 3: about  Budysche
  •  Group 4: about   Kaniv

The pupils of each group present their projects and mark the place on the map of Cherkasy region. All the rest make mind-maps, writing down the most important features   of the settlement and the dates linked with it.  

2. Listening

T..And now we’re going  to speak about the place which is connected with the name of another prominent countryman -  Bohdan  Khmelnytsky.  It’s  high time to watch the film about Chyhyryn.

The pupils are shown the film

  •  While-listening task

Watch, listen to the film and underline all the mentioned proper names: Siberia, Maksym Zalizniak, Ivan Honta, Kaniv, Medvedivka, Smila, Bohdan Khmelnytsky, Zaporozhska Sich, Oliver Cromwell, Ostafii Dashkevych, Dmytro Baida Vyshnevetsky, Petro Sahaidachny, Koliivshchyna, Chyhyryn, Chernihiv, Kyiv, Poland, Turkey.

  •  Post-listening task

Mark the statements as T (true) or F (false)

1) Cherkaschyna has not long but glorious history;

2)  the victorious spirit of our people was formed in pre-historical times ;

3) Cherkasy Cossacks glorified  Ukrainian  cossackdom by their heroic deeds; 

4) during the liberation war of the 17th century the hetman’s residence in Chyhyryn was the port of destination for Russian, Polish, Turkish and Swedish ambassadors; 

5) it was the place where B. Khmelnytsky signed more than 300 bills defining the strategical lines of the Ukrainian domestic and foreign policy;  

6) contemporary Ukrainians compared Ostafii Dashkevych with Oliver Cromwell;

7) it was  Petro Sahaidachny who was called the savior of the whole Rus. 

3. Reading

T. You are offered to read the text  about Chygyryn. You’ll get to know more about  that glorious town if  you arrange the paragraphs into the right order.

The pupils work in groups

  •  While-reading task

Arrange the  mixed strips of the text in a logical order:

  1.  Under Zamkova Gora the bronze kobza-player glorifies the victory of  brave Cossacks who struggled for freedom of the mother Ukraine.

B. On the top of  Zamkova Gora the majestic monument to  Bohdan Khmelnytsky overlooks the  town. The glorious Hetman blesses his native land from  the         birds-eye view. A multi-figure sculptural composition reproduces various pages of           the brave fight of the Ukrainian people against invaders.

C. A lot of them perished defending their homes. At the place where the Cossacks cemetery of the 17th century was located dozens of  Cossacks and their wives were buried. Then carefully collected bones of the victims were carried to St. Pokrova Chapel which was built not far from   Zamkova Gora. And nearby a red snowball tree is weeping bitter tears for the fallen.

D. The first thing that comes into view when entering Chygyryn is Zamkova Gora. The green hill towers over the town as if a giant ship looking for a landing place. The high hill rises into the sky above the native steppe, the Tyasmyn. They call it Zamkova (in Khmelnytsky time there was a fortress there), others – Bohdanova (under the hill the palace – residence of Bohdan Khmelnytsky – is situated) or simply – the  Stone Hill.

E. No wonder that Chygyryn was called the Cossacks heart of  Ukraine. The proud and courageous Cossack, the defender of the  native land, cordially meets guests on the border of the district. He bravely offers defense to all those who visit the glorious land with good intentions.

F. The town of Chygyryn  is located on the bank of the  Tyasmyn. Chygyryn   is more than 450 years old. Many memorable events took place there. The name of the town is linked with the liberation war and struggle of the Ukrainian people against the enslavers.

Keys: 1-F; 2-E; 3-D; 4-B; 5-A; 6-C

  •  Post-reading  task

 Make the mind-map of  the places of interest in Chygyryn.

4. Grammar review

Practicing the use of modals of possibility, probability and logical assumptions.

T. Your next task is to listen to music and guess who created it.

The pupils listen to  Chaikovsky’s music and make suggestions using modals may/might/could/must + present infinitive.

T. Right you are.  It’s  P. Chaikovsky.Please, mark on the map the town  which is connected with the name of the great composer.

The pupils mark Kamyanka.

T. Who knows how his life is linked  with that small town?

The pupils make suggestions using modals may/might/could/must + perfect infinitive.

5. Speaking

T. By the way, Kamyanka is associated  with the name of another outstanding personality -  A. Pushkin. Do you know what other city of Cherkasy region he visited?

If you know, come to the blackboard and mark it on the map.

The pupils mark Uman

  •  Role-play 1.

T. In pairs  exchange the information  according to the situations.

Situation1: One of you has read the book about the history of Uman. The other doesn’t know anything about it. Ask as many questions as you can to enrich your knowledge.

Situation 2: One of you has been living in Uman  for many years.  The other is visiting  Uman for the first time. Ask  questions to learn more about the city.

Situation 3: You have just had a trip around Uman. Share your impressions about the city with each other.

The pupils work in pairs.

  •  Role-play 2.

T. What is Uman famous for  all over the world?

Ps: For its  park ”Sofiyivka”.

T. Right now you will be shown the film ”Uman Wonder” but it is silent. Imagine that you are an announcer and  your task is to sound it.

The pupils  watch the film and simultaneously make up sentences about  the main Alley,  the Flora Pavilion, the Snake fountain, the Grotto of Thesas, the Island of Love, the Valley of Giants, the Elysian Fields, the Styx River and the Dead Lake, the Assembly square, the Rose Pavilion.

6. Writing

T. You have just  described the corners  of  Sofiyivka. Do you know that  every composition of  our beautiful park expresses the idea of a legend or a myth? To get acquainted with one of them you have to read the  text  and   put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.

An  Apple of Discord.

One of the most picturesque places of  Sofiyivka is the Assembly square.1)……you ……(notice) the statue of Paris nearby? Do you know why that Greek hero 2)……(hold)  an apple in his hand? According to the ancient legend  once upon a time there 3)…… (live)  the mortal Peleus  and the sea nymph Thetis. He 4)……(fall)  in love with her and they 5)……(decide)  to get married. All the Gods  6)…...(invite) to the wedding except Eris, the Goddess of spite and quarrels. Nevertheless she 7)…...(arrive) by midnight. Eris 8)…...(bring) a  golden apple which  she 9)…...(inscribe) with the words ”For the most beautiful”.  Hera, the Goddess of marriage and childbirth, Athena, the Goddess of war and wisdom, and Aphrodite, the Goddess of beauty, love and fertility, 10)…...(claim ) to be the most beautiful. The three goddesses 11).…..(quarrel) for  many hours before Zeus 12)…...(send) them on  the Earth to ask the Trojan prince Paris to solve the problem. No wonder that  Aphrodite 13)…...(judge) to  be  the most beautiful goddess. It 14) …...(be) Paris who 15)…...(give) her an  apple of discord. 

Keys:1) have noticed; 2) is holding; 3) lived; 4) fell; 5)decided; 6) were invited; 7)  had arrived; 8) brought; 9) had inscribed; 10) claimed; 11)   had been quarrelling;  12) sent; 13) was judged; 14) was; 15) gave.

7. Summing up

T. Your last task for today’s lesson  is to link all the marked places on the map.

The pupils  link  the marked places on the map.

T. What do you see?

Ps. It’s something like a horse-shoe.

T. It’s the golden horse-shoe of Cherkasy region. What a beautiful place our land is! What interesting history it has! What prominent forefathers we have! What talented people  live here! Remember that! Be proud of our native land!

8. Home assignment

Make a tourist-guide brochure” The golden horse-shoe of Cherkasy region”



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