Проблеми жінки у світі. Статус жінки у суспільстві (The problems of a woman in the world. The status of a woman in the society) (Граматичний матеріал) Пряма/Непряма мова - Direct/reported speech)

Конспект урока

Педагогика и дидактика

Everyone knows that men and women are very often confused by each other (it`s not surprising). The author of the international bestseller John Gray says it is so because they are from different planets. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.



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Урок в 11 класі

Вчитель: Гуреш Наталя Олександрівна

Спеціалізована школа №200 м. Київ

Тема уроку

Проблеми жінки у світі. Статус жінки у суспільстві

(The problems of a woman in the world. The status of a woman in the society)

(Граматичний матеріал) Пряма/Непряма мова- Direct/ reported speech)

Мета: навчальна:

  •  поглибити знання учнів про статус жінок в минулому, ознайомити з основними проблемами жінок у сучасному суспільстві;
  •  визначити їх статус.


  •  закріпити лексичний матеріал з теми; повторити вживання прямої та непрямої мови поповнити мовний запас учнів новими лексичними одиницями.


  •  формувати вміння діалогічного та монологічного мовлення,
  •  розвивати навички читання та аудіювання.


  •  виховувати повагу та шанобливе ставлення до жінки як до матері та бабусі.

Обладнання: роздруківка тексту для читання, завдання з читання та аудіювання, текст пісні Ані Лорак з пропущеними словами (вчитель вибирає які слова закреслити), презентація до уроку.

Хід уроку


Rudyard Kipling

" It isn't beauty, so to speak, nor good talk necessarily. It's just it. Some women will stay in a man's memory if they once walked down a street. "

(Why does he say so? In what way do you imagine a real woman?)

So the theme of our lesson is the status of women in the society. Their success and problems. Their ideas and wishes.

Brain Storm

Task №1

Here is a square. You can see some question words which are on it. You are to make up questions concerning women and answer them.

1. What… duties...?

2. How often…?

3. Where...?

4. Do they…? Why…?

5. When do they…?

6. Can women…?


1) What duties do the women have? (They look after children, cook, clean the house, iron clothes help children with school work read to them too, go shopping)

2) How often do they have a rest?

(Never, from time to time)

3) Where do they work?

(at school – teachers), singers, at the theatre – actresses, in a farm-milkmaids dancers, hotel managers, photographers, driver, (air hostess), police woman, stewardess politicians, directors, architects, lawyers, archeologists, translators (interpreters), bakers, cooks.

4) Do they always agree with the men`s opinion?

5) Why don`t they want to be house wives?

6) Can they live without men? Where do they like to buy cosmetics or perfumes?

Maim part

Teacher: Everyone knows that men and women are very often confused by each other (it`s not surprising). The author of the international bestseller John Gray says it is so because they are from different planets. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.
A. Short dialogues: (you are given the beginning of the dialogues find the end and add more own ideas)

(Answers are given; the teacher can mix the parts)

1. Pair:

- Everyone ignores me. – I`m sure some people notice you.

2. Pair: - I`m so tired, I can`t do anything. – This is ridiculous. You are not helpless.

3. Pair:

- The house is always a mess. – It`s not always a mess.

4. Pair:

- No one listens to me anymore. – But I`m listening to you right now.

5. Pair:

- Nothing is working. – Are you saying it is my fault?

6. Pair:

- You don`t love me anymore. - Of course I do. That is why I`m here.

B. But the list of these problems can be much longer.

Work with these ideas

find important or the most urgent problems in modern society. Why you think so?

1. Some women can’t choose a fur-coat in the rich shops.

2. Some women are treated cruelly by their husbands in the families.

3. Some of women can’t choose perfume they want to buy.

4. Some of women can’t become mothers because of problems (they have to find a surrogate mother in order to give birth to their babies).

5. Some women are prisoned because of committing a certain crime.

6. Some women don’t know where to spend their free time.

7. Some women can’t find a good job because of the low level of their education.

8. Some women want to continue their carrier after pregnancy (giving birth a child) but their husbands don’t allow there to do it.

The problems have their roots may be there are in the history.

C. (Reading the text)

(Women in Society)

Women are a ‘’mistake’’. They are silly and not interested in "serious" matters. They are homemakers, men are wage earners. Women are property of their husbands.

At the start of the 20th century this kind of prejudice was very common. Women would learn to cook, sew,, and do housework. The only jobs they could do were to look after children, clean, or perhaps teach.

In Britain, the First World War marked a great change for women. For the first time they worked in offices and factories to fill the places of men at war.

They were just as good, if not better, than men at all jobs. However, when the war was over women went back to their homes. The same thing happened during the Second World War.

"Women’s Lib" did not grow until the 1960s. As women fought for equality with men "feminism" and "sexism" became part of the language. Women finally began to be accepted in traditionally male areas.

Today many women choose to work. However, there are not many women in the top jobs. In some jobs they still receive less pay than men for the same work and even if they work they usually have more responsibilities for the children than the father.

But things are changing. What will things be like in the future?

Some people argue that men and women are going to become more and more equal. They say that recent advertisements that show men taking care of the children and doing the housework reflect what is happening in society and they feel this trend will continue.

Others think that things are not going to change that much. For example, many women’s magazines still reinforce the idea that women’s interests are home, family, cooking, fashion, beauty, and of course, men. They also argue women will be happy to stay at home just like their mothers and grandmothers did in the past.

Women’s Lib old –fashioned all the ideas, actions, and politics connected with giving women the same rights and opportunities as men.

Pre-Reading Task

1. Give the name to this text.

2. Answer the questions:

 Do you agree with this idea of some people that things are not going to change much?

 What changes are taking place in modern society?

Answers (students can write on their sheets of paper):

• More women work they are successful in politics.

• More women have been higher education levels

• Women are having fever children

• Women are marrying at a later age

• They complete with men for professional training, employment, leadership positions and political power

• As they are sure that a better marriage is one in which the husband and wife share responsibilities of carrier, housekeeping and child rearing (raising children)

• Civil marriage in stead of legal one

D. Remind grammar point:

(Look through the tables taken from grammar books

or Direct/ reported speech tables are printed on the sheets of paper.)

E. Listening comprehension tasks

Text for listening: (with the help of this text the teacher checks up grammar - Direct/ reported speech)

A woman called another woman on a telephone and asked how she was feeling.

"Terrible", the other woman said. "My head’s splitting and my back is killing me and the house is a mess and children are driving me crazy. ’’

‘’Listen, ’’ the caller said, ’’go and lie down. I’ll come right over and cook lunch for you and clean the house and I’ll take care of the children while you get some rest. By the way, how is your husband, Sam?

‘’Sam?’’ the complaining housewife said. ’’I’ve got no husband named Sam. ’’

The first woman gasped.

‘’My heavens, I must have dialed the wrong number!’’ she said.

There was quite a long pause.

Then you are not coming over?’’ the other woman said.

New Vocabulary:

Mess, complain, gasp, dial, and split

Task 1. Answer the questions:

 Why did a woman call another one? (Wanted to know how she was feeling)

 What was the answer?

 Where does the humorous effect of this story lie in?

Task 2

Reproduce the sentence of the story using indirect speech:

1. The woman said, "How are you feeling today?".

2. The other woman said, "My head`s splitting and my back is killing me and children are driving me crazy".

3. The caller said, "Go and lie down". "I`ll come right over and cook lunch for you and I`ll take care of the children while you get some rest".

4. She said, "How is your husband, Sam?".

5. The housewife said, "I have no husband name of Sam".

6. She said, "I must have dialed the wrong number."

7. The other woman said, "Aren`t you coming over?"

F. Listen to the song sung by Ani Lorak (Ukrainian singer) – Shady Lady

and fill in the missed words

Conclusion (summing up stage)

Finish the statement

A happy woman is a woman who…


 Has children

 Achieve success in her carrier

 Has enough money for buying something

 Has a friendly family

 Has reach husband

Everything depends on a certain person. If you want to have a status in this society you should do your best.

(Each woman wants to be happy of only during her holidays or special days like the 8th of March or Mother’s Day, she wants to be happy every minute, every day just happy). You have mothers and grannies aunts or elder sisters. Who loves you?


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