Защита окружающей среды на Украине

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The problem of environment protection has become of vital importance not obly in Ukraine. After watching some shots you must answer the question: What will we do to help to protect the environment?



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3 чел.

Тема урока:  Защита окружающей среды на Украине.

Цель урока: совершенствовать технику чтения вслух; развивать умения  аудировать текст, игнорируя незнакомые слова, умения вести беседу; воспитывать чувство  ответственности за окружающую среду.

Оборудование: мультимедийный  аппарат, опоры, схемы, плакат.

                                                         Ход урока

I.Организационный момент.

ІІОсновная часть


1.T.  Good morning children,today we'll speak about our environment. Environment means the land,water and  airs that animals and plants  live in. It's  usually used when talking about the way people us or damage the natural world.                                                                                                                                                                                           (M/m)

-Our  mother planet is showing the red warbibg  light."Be careful ",she is saying.To take care of the planet is to take care of own house.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   (M/m)

                               Dalai Lama

- Наша планета показывает красный предупреждающий свет."Будь заботливым!"-она говорит.

Заботится о своей планете значит заботиться о своём доме.

2.T.When we speak about environment what words do you associate with it?

(послет ответов учащихся по одному слову поя вляеться на экране)


3.Discussion (T-Ps)

T.Let's discuss the questions about changing environment.

1)Why has the problem of environment protection become so vital lately?

2)What is meant by ecology?

3)Why does it need protection?

4)What causes the pollution and contamination of the environment?

5)Why has the health of people worsened?

6)Why should we take care of our planet?

4.Watching video

T.Can this be  achieved only by one nation?

The problem of environment protection has become of vital importance not obly in Ukraine.After watching some shots you must answer  the question:What will  we do to help to protect the environment?


5.After watching task

T.What will  we do to help to protect the environment?

Guess the hildden words:

1)Try  to plant...near you house(e t e r s ).( trees) 2)Use less washing up...

(i l d i u q)(liquid).3)Join the ...organization.(e n g e r  P c a e e)4)Don't drop    rubbish in the...(e t  s s e t r)(streets).5)Use waste...(n s i b).(bins).

6) Take some of your ...(i b b u r h s).(rubbish)into a recycling centre.

6.Group work

The pupils are divided  into 4 groups.The task is to put the words in the right order.

You will do this task in wriring.

I give  you 1 minutes.

Group 1:

1)Many, there,of,problems,are.tnvironment,the.


Group 2:

1)Necessary,learn,sources,of,energy,is,it,to,to,such as,etc.,sun,wind,use,natural.


Group 3:



Group 4:



7.Reading comprehension

T.Fifteen years ago ib 1986 there was an accident at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant.Tte trouble is that the accident caused the contamination not only of "a thirty kilometers zone"but spread to many parts of Ukraine and some other countries of the world.Since then the problemm of environmental protection has become more important for Ukraine.

- Read the text aloud.Pay attention to the meaning of the new words:

-Blast- взрыв;a man of letter-ученый: to perish-погибать,умирать;a concrete-батон.

1)So begin to read the text chainwaise!


Mankind will remember the 26th of april 1986 forever.The tragedy in Chornobyl showed how great and how:dangerous the power of atom could be.On the 26th of April 1986 there was the blast at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Station.And a lot of radioactive substances got into the atmosphere.During the liquidation of the consequences of the accident,people  all over the world could see the courege and selflessness of the people who tried to save the situation.During the first weeks of the tragedy a large number of men of  letters  and journalists,from Ukraine and oyher countries  of the world visited Chornobyl Zone. The rescuers did impossible.A  lot of them perished,but they managed to stop the fiery element.The courageous heroes saved people who had got dangerous doses of radiation they cleaned fields,gardens and houses.We can say that it was a national feat.The  damaged reactor was covered with steel  and concrete and buried under  them.                                                                                                              (M\m)

2)Post-reading activity

Agree or disagree (True|False)

1)The tragedy in Chornobyl showed how weak the power of atom was.

2)The accident happened on the 26th of April 1986

3)During the liquidation of the  consequences people all over the world  could see the courage of the Ukrainian people.

4)A few journalists visited Chornobyl Zone.

5)The rescuers couldn't stop the fiery element.

6)The courageous heroes saved people who had got a dangerous dose of radiation.

7)It was a national feat.

8)The damaged reactor was covered with leaves and wood.

8. Listeninq comprejenslon

T.We live in a changeable world where it is difficult to keep up with new ideas and inventions.Butwe seldom think that the majority of inventions,new  technologies bring harm to a man.

1)Now listen to the text"Protection of nature in Ukraine" and be ready to do some tasks.We are living in time of rapid scientific and technological progress, which is accompanied by an ever increasing consumption of the world's natural resources.Such vital souces of life as air,water ,minerals as well as fauna abd flora are being wasted and destroyed.Protection of natyre has become one of the actual problems of the 20th century . More and more people in all countries are rising their voices in  defence of Mother Nature, According to the 271 Session of the  United Nation General Assembly, June 5 is Environment Day.

Our counry pays much attention  to the question of nature conservation.Article 67 of our constitution reads"Citizens of Ukraine  are obliged to protect nature and  conserve its riches".New laws and resolutions are adopted every year.Their aim is to protect the atmosphere from pollution, protect the country's  natural recourses, control the use of water resources and save plants, brids, animals from extinctionrth provides people with mineral resourses, rivers,forests,meadows,fields and pasture lands - everything that makes the foundation of industrial and agricultural production . That's why we should pay much attention to the rational use of the natural resources.

Success in protecting nature is possible only if all countries all over the world join their efforts.We hope we shallpreserve the wealth of our land and even add  wealth in the future.

2)Post - listening activity

a)Tick true or false statements.

1)We are living in a  time of rapid scientific and technological progress.

2)The protection of nature hasn't become an actual problem of the 20th century.

3)People only in our country are raisig their voices more and more in defence of Mother Nature.

4)According to the 27th Session of the United Nations General Assembly,July 5 is World Environment Day.

5)Our country pays much attention to the problem of saving the animals.

6)"Citizens of  Ukraine are obliged to  protect nature and conserve its riches".

7)New laws and  resolutions are adopted every month.

8)Their  aim is to destroy the atmosphere.

9)Their aim is to protect  the country's land resourses.

10)Success in protecting nature is possible only if  all the countries join their efforts.

b)Choose the correct ending corresponding to the  contents from the suggested  variants given below.

1)We are living...

a)in an epoch of industrial progress:

b)in a time of rapid development of science:

c) in time of rapid scientific and technological progress.

2)The protection  of nature has become one of  the actual problems...

a)of the last  century;

b) of the 20th centry;

c)of the 21st centuru;

d)of the 19th century.

3)More and more people in all countries are raising their voices...

a)in defence of children;

b) in defence of rivers;

c)in defence of animals;

d)in defence of Mother Na ture.

4)According to the 27th Session of the United nations general Assembly.June 5  is...

a)Veteran's Day.

b)Thanksgiving Day.

c)World Environment Day.

d)President's Day.

5)Our country pays much attention...

a)to the question of animal protection.

b)to the problem of flora and fauna saving.

c)to the questions of nature conservation.

d)to the prodlem of  protection of our planet from pollution.

6)New laws and resolutions are adopted...

a)every year.

b)every month.

c)every week.

d)every day.

7)Their aim is...

a)to protect the atmosphere from pollution.

b) to control the use of pasture lands.

c)to increase consumption o's natural resources.

d) to save the birds.

8)We should pay much attention to the...

a)problem of environmental pollution.

b)problem of country's defence.

c)question of rational use of the natural resourses.

d)question of Earth protection.

9)Success in protecting nature is possible only if...

a)all contries protect nature.

b)all  plants and factories don't pollute here.

c)all  people take care of our planet.

d)all  countries all over the world join their efforts.

с)Answer the question.

1)What are the most actual problems of the 20th century?

2)When is World  Environment Day marked?

3)What is Article  67 of Ukrainian Constitution devoted to?

4)What is the aim of adopting new laws and resolutions?

5)What does the nature provide people with?

6)What's necessary for the successful nature protection?Add your ideas.


T.We hawe  talked about different problems of the world today and at the end of the lesson work on the topic"How Green Are you?"Answer the questions of the form!

(Учащиеся письменно отвечают на вопросы анкеты на экране).    

-Now count points a , b, and c. A is 1 point, b is 2 points and c is 3 points.If you have  5-9 points,you a bad greener,you don't like nature.

If you have 10-14 points,you like nature not very much.And if you have 15 points, you are the greenest,you like nature very much.

T.Thank you very much for  the great lesson I  have had today with you . You have been working hard.

So,let us make a conclusion of the lesson.Why mast we protect nature?

III.  Заключитльный этап урока.

1)Home task

T.Write  about protection of nature in Ukraine.

2) Подведение итогов


It was a pleasure tor me to work with you.Thank you for you attention.The lesson is over. You may be free.


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