Daily Routines

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Педагогика и дидактика

The practical aim: to revise a vocabulary of the lesson, to make children more active in using this vocabulary. The developing aim: to practice pupils in speaking, writing, reading and listening.



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Урок англійської мови у 5 класі

Theme: Daily Routines.                                                                             5th form


The practical aim: to revise a vocabulary of the lesson, to make children more active in using this vocabulary.

The developing aim: to practice pupils in speaking, writing, reading and listening.

The educational aim: to educate for making the most efficient use of time.



T: Our topic today is ‘Daily routines’.

We’ll speak, write, read and  listen about working day . We’ll do some exercises and play games.

But first let’s sing the song ‘Working day’.  

Breakfast in the morning,

Dinner in the day;

Tea comes after dinner,

Then comes time to play.

Supper in the evening

When the sky is red,

Then the day is over

And we go to bed.

ІІ . The main part of  the lesson.

1.Warming up activities.

a) T: Dear boys and girls. Look at the pictures and answer the  question:

What time is it?” 

P1: It’s a quarter past eight.

P2: It’s eleven o’clock.

P3: It’s half past eleven.

P4: It’s four o’clock.

P5: It’s half past four

P6:  It’s a quarter to six.

P7: It’s half past eight

b)T: Thank you . Now work in  pairs  and   make up very short  dialogues using these  pictures.

e.g. P1: Hello!

      P2: Hello!

      P1 : Tell me ,please! ”What time is it?”


       P1: Thanks Good bye!

       P2: Good bye!

2.Check  on homework.

 T: 1.One of the pupils is going to be a reporter. She puts you some questions and you will answer them (the best pupil ask questions  the weaker ones).

Role play

T: Andriana you are a reporter. Ask them about their working day

A: Hello! What’s your name?

P1: My name is…

A: What do you do in the morning?

P1: I wash ,dress etc.

T: 2. Four of the pupils will retell about their working day (the first pupil retell what does he/she do in the morning, the second at school; the third – in the afternoon; the fourth – in the evening).

3. Revising   the vocabulary.


1) Look at the pictures. Say what do  they usually do at the certain time.


2) Work in pairs Ask each other what time do you usually 



Your friend

Make a bed

Watch TV

Get up


Do homework

3)Writing. T: Look at the picture and write about the girl’s day    

4.Relaxation. Let’s sing song “This is the way…”


  1.  pre reading tasks:

Divide into two groups.

The first group has a task to put in order the expressions written below:


      - have breakfast      (4)

-get up                   (1)

-go to school         (5)

 -do lessons            (7)

 - have supper         (6)

 -go to bed             (8)

 -wash                    (2)

      -dress                    (3

The second group has a task to write questions what do you want to know about Sam’s day.

e.g. Where does she live?

       What does she do in the morning?

Sam is a British girl. She is from  Great Britain. Sam gets up at 8 a.m. She makes her bed , washes hands and cleans teeth, brushes her hair and dresses. Sam has her breakfast at 8.30 . After breakfast she says mum ‘Good bye!’ and goes to school.

At school she has 5 lessons. She has her dinner at 3 p.m. After dinner Sam does her hometask. In the evening Sam watches TV. At 9 o’clock Sam goes to bed.

  1.  while-reading tasks

The first group has a task to complete the sentences:


  1.  The girl’s name is…
  2.  She is from…
  3.  She gets up…
  4.  Sam has breakfast…
  5.  She  goes out…
  6.  She goes  to bed at…

b) the 2 group: say True or False (учні читають речення і називають правильне чи ні )

1)The girl’s name is Ann (F)

               2) She is from Canada (F)

               3) She gets up at 7 a.m. (T)

               4) Sam has breakfast at 8.15 a.m. (T)

               5) She  goes out with a cat (F)

               6) She goes  to bed at 10 p.m. (T)

  1.  post-reading tasks

T: Work in groups. each group will have its own task:

The first group: answer the questions:

  1.  What is the girl’s name?
  2.  Where is she from?
  3.  When does she get up?
  4.  What does she have for breakfast?

The second group: retell about Sam’s day.


III Summary

    T: What did you do during the lesson?

        What  did you revise.?

Home assignment. To write a letter about your working day.

Evaluation. T: You were great . Your marks are… 



Ihor, Vasyl


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