Нolidays and popular traditions in Ukraine

Конспект урока

Педагогика и дидактика

Good morning dear children and guests! Glad to see you! Today we are going to speak about holidays and popular traditions in Ukraine. I hope you’ll enjoy English lesson. Please, be active and friendly to each other.



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  •  ознайомлення і закріплення нового матеріалу;
  •  закріплення вивчених лексичних одиниць;
  •  покращення навичок читання та говоріння;


  •  виховування в учнів культуру дозвілля;
  •  почуття патріотизму;
  •  поваги до традицій свого народу;


  •  формування вмінь у школярів (робота з підручником, роздатковим матеріалом, вміння працювати у різних режимах, вміння самостійно долати труднощі у вивченні іноземної мови);


  •  розвиток логічного мислення;
  •  розвиток пам’яті, уявлення та уважності.

Тип уроку: урок-творчий звіт.

Обладнання: роздатковий матеріал, плакати, магнітофон, комп’ютер, проектор, слайди з завданням.

Хід уроку

І. Організаційний момент.

Teacher: Good morning dear children and guests! Glad to see you! Today we are going to speak about holidays and popular traditions in Ukraine. I hope you’ll enjoy English lesson. Please, be active and friendly to each other.

       First let’s remember our funny song “Looby Loo”.

       Учні співають пісню.

ІІ. Вступне слово вчителя.

 Teacher: Every nation and every country has its own traditions and holidays. In Great Britain, America and in Ukraine traditions play very important role in the life of people.

We have many holidays in Ukraine but I would like to tell about the main of them. First it is the New Year. It is my favourite holiday. It is merry to decorate the New Year Tree, to dance near it and to receive presents. Then in a week there is Christmas. In Ukraine it is an old and popular holiday. In the morning boys go from house to house, from flat to flat, sing traditional holiday songs and wish everything good to the people they visit. The people give them sweets, cakes and money. The 8th of March is the Women's Day. We give presents to our mothers, grandmothers, teachers, sisters and girl-friends and wish everything good to them. On the 1st of May we celebrate May Day. On the 9th of May we have Victory Day. It is a great holiday. We say, "Thank you very much" to old people who took part in the Great Patriotic War and defended our Motherland against the fascists. In spring we have one more traditional holiday. It is Easter. Usually people bake cakes and paint and color eggs for the holiday. On the 24th of August we celebrate Independence Day. The 1st of September is a holiday for everybody who studies. Each holiday is interesting in its way but all of them are good and merry. We have a lot of beautiful popular traditions, and now let’s watch an episode about some holiday.

Учні дивляться епізод із фільму «Вечора на хуторі бліз Диканьки».

Дискусія свята. Вчитель ставить запитання.

Teacher: What holiday is it? When do we celebrate this holiday? Who can tell me about this holiday?

Pupil 1. The period from the 7th until the 14th of January is Saint Christmas week. During this week people go from one house to another, singing songs and wishing good wishes to health, prosperity, etc. and just having a good time. Most usually are dressed in folksy or carnival type costumes. Such activity is called "Kolyaduvannya" and "Schedruvannya". The songs are called "kolyadky" and "schedrivky". When somebody is singing these songs and greeting you, as a rule you should give them sweets or food or drinks or whatever you have as a token of appreciation. . It is believed that everything that the people have sung in their Kolyadka and Schedrivka will come true.

Слайд 1.

Teacher: Now look at the screen and match the holidays with the symbols.

       Вчитель роздає учням картки, на яких вони повинні поєднати свята з символами.





The 8th of March

Fir Tree

New Year’s Day




Independence Day


Valentine’s Day


The 1st of September


Victory Day


Cлайд 2.                                 

Teacher: Now we are going to have speaking practice. Your hometask was to prepare 5-6 sentences about holidays and customs of Ukraine. Look at the screen.

ІІІ. Розмовна практика.

      Учні дивляться на картинки і по черзі розповідають про свята.

Pupil 2. . The most popular of the holidays is the New Year Day; it is celebrated on the 1st of January. On the eve of the holiday children and their parents decorate a New Year’s Tree with shining balls and other Christmas ornaments. The mothers of the families prepare holiday dinners. Children receive their presents under the New Year Tree on the morning of the 1st of January. The main folk heroes of this holiday are Father Frost (Did Moroz) and his grand-daughter "Sniguron'ka" (The Snow Girl).


Pupil 3. Easter is another great religious festival: usually it is celebrated on one of Sundays in spring. On that day the religious people go to church and listen to the service. Usually they bring with them baskets with food – Easter cakes, butter, cheese and, of course, painted eggs. The traditional greeting on this day is: "Khrystos Voskres!" (Christ is arisen) and the answer "Voyistynu Voskres!"

Pupil 4. The 8th of March is a happy and nice holiday. Each family celebrates this spring holiday. In the morning men go to the shops to buy some flowers. They try to clean flats and to cook a holiday dinner. In 1910 at the International Conference of Women Socialists in Copenhagen, Clara Tsetkin proposed celebrating the International Women's day on March, 8th which sounded an appeal to all women of the world to join in the struggle for equality.

Pupil 5. The Orthodox Ukrainian people celebrate Christmas on January, 6: the evening before Christmas is called the Holly Evening. On the Holly Evening all the families get together to have the Christmas Supper. According to the religious tradition, it is necessary to prepare 12 different dishes because of 12 apostles; no one at the table can eat till the first star appears in the sky. On the Christmas Evening the religious people go to the church; some of them spend the whole night – they pray and listen to Christmas religious songs.

Pupil 6. 9 May — Victory Day.
This is a holiday of both joy and sorrow. A great tribute is bestowed to those who gave their lives during World War II resulting in today's peace and happiness. The eternal memory of those lost will last forever throughout the generations. Veterans gather together remembering those who perished.

Pupil 7. The Day of knowledge is the first day when the students come to school after long summer vacations and new schooling year begins. It also called the First Bell. It symbolizes the beginning of school. In Ukraine we celebrate this holiday on the first of September. The students of school gather in the school yard and have a grand meeting. We congratulate each other and our teachers with the beginning of the school year.  

ІV. Граматика.

Cлайд 4.

Teacher: Look at the screen. You can see 9 sentences. Your task is adding question tags to these sentences.

Card 2

1, ………………..? 4, ……………..? 7, ……………..?

2, ………………..? 5, ……………..? 8, ……………..?

3, ………………..? 6, ……………..? 9, ……………..?

Учні заповнюють картки.

V. Аудіювання.

Учням пропонується ознайомитися зі змістом тексту на тему: “ Ukrainian holidays”.

Teacher: You know a lot of interesting religious holidays. Focus your attention on this text. You’ll have 2 minutes to read it. Then we shall check whether you understand it.

                                     Ukrainian Holidays

In Ukraine there are a lot of holidays. The most popular religious holidays are Christmas and Easter. In Ukraine Christmas is celebrated on the 7th of January. In Europe and in the USA it is celebrated on the 25th of December. On Christmas people celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Easter symbolizes the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Children like this holiday for traditional brightly painted eggs and special Easter cakes. There is one more holiday which is loved by everybody: children and adults. This is New Year's Eve. On the New Year night people go to dance, visit their friends or stay at home and watch TV. Ivan Kupala Day is one of the great and mysterious holidays signifying a celebration in honour of the "God of the Sun".     

Teacher: Now look at the screen. There are some statements. Your task is to decide whether these statements true or false.

11 1. In Ukraine there are a lot of holidays.                                                     T/F

2.  2. The most popular religious festivals are Easter and New Year.             T/F

3. In Ukraine people celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December.          T/F

2.  4. The symbols of Easter are Easter cake and painted eggs.                      T/F

5. On the New Year people decorate the Fir Tree.                                     T/F

6. On the New Year children don’t get the gifts.                                        T/F

7. Ivan Kupala is one of the mysterious holidays signifying a celebration in honour of the “God of the Moon”.                                                              T/F

Teacher: Now look at the screen and write the dates.

New Year – ____________

Christmas – ____________

The Women’s Day – __________

The Labor Day –__________

The Victory Day – __________

The Independence Day – ___________

The Day of Knowledge – ___________

St. Nicholas Day –_____________

Teacher: We have a surprise. The girls sing a Ukrainian folk song.

Виходять дівчата і співають пісню «Зеленіє жито».

VI. Підсумок уроку.

Teacher: Thank you for your excellent work. You’ve learned a lot about holidays and traditions in Ukraine. Have a good luck. Our lesson is over. Goodbye.


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