The Еarth is our home

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We live in a wonderful world. It is our Earth. For thousands of years the earth has given a support to all forms of life-human beings, animals, birds, insects and plants. Our planet looks like a paradise but it is in danger now. Our task is to understand it and to take care of it.



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Конспект уроку англійської мови  9 клас

«The Еarth is our home»

Підготувала вчитель англійської мови

Манявської ЗОШ І-ІІІ ступенів

Гаванюк Р.С

Тема  уроку
: The Еarth is our home»

Мета практична: активізація ЛО з теми; розвиток граматичних навичок та

                              навичок аудіювання, введення граматичної теми «Relative                                                               clauses”,  практика монологічного мовлення;

       розвиваюча: розвивати уяву, вміння працювати в групах та парах,

                              розвивати вміння аналізувати та систематизувати інформацію;

       виховна:виховувати почуття відповідальності перед людством; формувати

                       здібності усвідомлювати екологічні проблеми та бажання допо-

                       могти природі; прививати любов до рідного краю.

Обладнання: підручник А.Несвіт 9 клас, тематичні картки, аудіо запис пісні

                        «Conquest of Paradise” із мультимедійною презентацією;

                        презентація “My native village”.



T. Good morning, boys and girls! I am happy to see you again. I hope you are OK today and ready to work enthusiastically. We continue our work with the theme “ The Earth is our Home”. The aims of our lesson are:

- to enrich the vocabulary;

- to develop auditive, speaking and reading activities;

- to form respect and love towards nature.(Slide 1)

Please, look at the board and read the motto of the lesson:

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”(Slide 2)


Pupils, look at the board. (Slide 3).  We live in a wonderful world. It is our Earth. For thousands of years the earth has given a support to all forms of life-human beings, animals, birds, insects and plants. Our planet looks like a paradise but it is in danger now. Our task is to understand it and to take care of it.

II. Main part of the lesson

Speaking drill (repeating the vocabulary)

T. To show a good work at the lesson we should repeat the vocabulary.

Ex. 1 Match the words with their definitions (Slide 4)


a) this is the atmosphere between 10 km and 60 km above the Earth

2. atmosphere

b) a species of plant or animals that is in danger of becoming extinct

3. endangered species

c) the natural environment of a plant or animal

4. nature

d) contaminating material that pollutes

5. pollution

e) paper, cans that people have thrown away and left on the ground

6. recycle

f) the way in which plants, animals, people are related to each other and to the environment

7. Ozone layer

g) the air, water, land on earth which can be harmed by man’s activity

8. ecology

h) the mass of gases surrounding the earth

9. habitat                                                            i) everything in the physical world that is                                                                              not controlled by humans

10. litter                                                             j) to put objects or materials through                  

                                                                           special process in order to be used


 Ex. 2 Can you complete the environment crossword?

Read the clues and guess the words! (slide 5) While guessing the crossword pupils listen to the relaxing music (A slide show “Forest Walk”)






















  1.  We live on planet …
  2.  The panda, tiger and polar bear are … species.
  3.  We must… these animals from extinction.
  4.  Farmers use…to kill insects.
  5.  Cutting down trees in forests is called…
  6.  Factory smoke, chemical waste, cars and rubbish cause…
  7.  Wind turbines and solar panels are alternative forms of…
  8.  Global… is making the world hotter.
  9.  Please, put plastic, metal and paper in… bins.
  10.  Foods produced naturally are called… foods.
  11.  We cannot live without fresh, clean, drinking…

Keys: 1. Earth, 2. endangered, 3. save, 4.pesticides, 5. deforestation, 6. pollution, 7. energy, 8. warming, 9. recycling, 10. organic,  11.water.

III. Checking the home task ( dialogues by heart)

IV. Listening to the song. (slide 6)

Pupils listen to the song” The conquest of paradise” with slides. After that one group writes the summary of it, the other –writes down word combinations and sentences they have remembered.

V. Practicing grammar.

a) Introducing the theme “Relative clauses” p.48, pupils’ books.(Slide)

b) practicing (ex.9, 10  p.48)

VI. Summarizing of the work at the lesson.

-T. Now our lesson is coming to the end and I know that you have prepared a slide show about the nature of our native village. Let’s watch and listen to your commence!

( The pupils show slides and tell about the ecological problems of the village)

  •  the explaining of the home task;
  •  evaluation of the pupils.


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