Round the calendar. My favourite holiday

Конспект урока

Педагогика и дидактика

Today we shall speak about different holidays in Ukraine and Britain. We shall do exercises, sing, listen to a very interesting tale. So, you must be active, careful and try to get good marks for the lesson.



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Тема уроку:  Round the calendar

Підтема: My favourite holiday

Мета уроку:


        закріплення вивчених лексичних одиниць з теми;

         покращення навичок читання та говоріння;

        розвиток навичок аудіювання та письма;

        практика вживання прийменників та порядкових числівників з

        назвами свят, практика вживання Present таPast Simple


        виховання в учнів культури дозвілля; поваги до традицій свого народу та Британії;


       формування вмінь у школярів (робота з підручником, роздатковим матеріалом, вміння працювати у різних режимах, вміння самостійно долати труднощі у вивченні іноземної мови);


      розвиток логічного мислення;

      розвиток пам’яті, уяви та уваги.

Тип уроку: урок розвитку знань, умінь, навичок.

Обладнання: роздатковий матеріал, плакати,  комп’ютер, проектор, слайди з завданням, підручник  English 4(Oksana Karpiuk, Natalya Kohut)


  1.  Introduction


T. Good-morning, children. I am happy to see you at our English lesson.

Pl. Good-morning, dear teacher,

     Good-morning, how are you?

      We are very happy

      To say “hello” to you!

T. Today we shall speak about different holidays in Ukraine and Britain. We shall do exercises, sing,  listen to a very interesting tale. So, you must be active, careful and try to get good marks for the lesson.

The theme of our lesson is “My favourite holiday”  Slide 1,2


T. Let’s revise when we celebrate different holidays

Match the holidays with their dates and say as in the example.  Slide  3

  1.  New Year                                            a) April or May
  2.  Christmas Day                                    b) January 1
  3.  St. Valentine’s Day                            c) February 14
  4.  Easter                                                  d) May (Sunday)
  5.  Mother’s Day                                      e) January 7 (or December 25)
  6.  Independence Day                              f) December 19
  7.  St. Nicholas Day                                 g) August 24

e.g  The New Year is on the first of January

T. Well-done, thank you. Have a look at the board and revise the use of propositions.  Slide 4

   ON                                                                     AT

on Christmas day                                at Christmas

on my Birthday                                     at Easter

on holiday                                             at weekend

  1.  Main part of the lesson

Now we have to revise the words which we need at our today’s lesson

Slide 5


T. I think we are ready now to listen to a story. You have to be attentive because after listening we’ll do tasks. But first have a look at the words from the text   (учні дивляться відео казки он-лайн  та слухають оповідання

British Council  Short Stories)

 Sleigh- сани

To leave – залишати

Mince pie – пиріжок з м’ясом

Chimney – димохід

The North Pole – Північний полюс

Special – особливий

                                     Santa’s Little Helper

 It’s Christmas Eve. Santa and Rudolf are getting ready for Christmas. Santa puts on his red jacket and his red hat.

“Ho, ho, ho!”

There are lots of presents in Santa’s sleigh for children around the world. Now they’re off!

Santa leaves a present for good girls and boys. He eats one mince pie. Then, two, three, four...

“Hmm, yum, yum.”

Amy is asleep at home. Santa climbs down the chimney with Amy’s present. But oh dear...he is too fat, he can’t move!

“Help Rudolf!”

“Thank you Amy. Can you help me take the presents?”

“Yes Santa. Let’s go!”

Amy and Santa fly into the air. They go all around the world with the Christmas presents.

Amy goes down the chimney and puts the presents under the tree.

“Catch Amy.”

“Okay Santa.”

The sleigh flies back to the North Pole for more presents. Santa’s toy factory is very busy. There are robots, dolls, balls and teddies.

Amy is at the North Pole. It is snowing. Amy and Rudolf throw snowballs. They have lots of fun.

“Thank you Amy. Here’s a special present for you.”

“Thanks Santa. See you again next year!”

  T. Now do the following tasks  Slides 7,8

 1. Match them up! 

Draw a line to match the sentences about Amy, Santa and Rudolph.

Santa and Rudolf are getting ready

            and gets too fat.

Santa’s sleigh

            to deliver all the presents.

Santa eats lots of mince pies

            for Christmas.

Amy pulls Santa

            throw snowballs.

Amy helps Santa

            from the chimney.

Amy puts the presents

            flies around the world.

Amy visits the North Pole

            to say thank you.

Amy and Rudolph

            and sees Santa’s toy factory.

Santa gives Amy a special present

             under the tree.

2. Now let’s try to retell the text with the help of the pictures

(учні переказують текст у Past Indefinite)

Physical exercises (relaxation)

The pupils sing Hokey-Pokey song with movements

Reading (children’s letters about holidays)

 Ex.1, p.81

Answer the questions to the text (ex.2, p.81)  Slide 9


Make up the following questions  Slides 10,11

Checking home assignment

T. And now let’s listen about your favourite holidays.  At home you had to prepare a story.

(Учні розповідають про улюблене свято індивідуально або в групах і демонструють виготовлені листівки, привітання). Клас уважно слухає та ставить запитання розповідаючим) Slides 12-17

  1.  Summing-up

Well, children, you worked perfectly today. Was our lesson interesting? What did you like most of all? Why? You deserve the following marks…

Your home-task is to write about your attitude to the holidays and to learn the song on page 82 in your books.

And as a present I give each of you the lyrics of the popular Christmas song “Jingle Bells”. Now watch the video and sing along!


Our favourite holiday is Mother’s day. It is in May. The weather is fine and it is warm. I like to give my mother flowers. I help my mum about the house. We prepared the scene.

Mother: Oh, my dear, why are you so happy?

Jack: Our dear mother, we want to congratulate you on Mother’s Day.

Julia: We  love you very much.

Jack: We want you to be happy on this day.

Mother: Thank you, children. I love you so much!

Jack: These flowers are for you.

Julia: We also made a greeting card. Look!

Mother: I like these presents very much. It is very important that you remember Mother’s Day!

My favourite holidays are New Year and Christmas. We celebrate New Year on the first of January and Christmas on the 7th of January. I decorate the New Year Tree with angels, reindeers, bells, candy canes. My mother cooks tasty dishes. We give each other presents. At school I have the New Year party. I like to sing carols and dance here. I like to recite poems. I draw a New Year picture. Look! (демонструє малюнок)          


Easter is the feast of Christ Resurrection. It is celebrated in spring. It is always on Sunday. Lent is a period of forty days before Easter. During this time people don’t eat meat.

People clean their houses, cook Easter bread (so called Paskha), paint Easter eggs(krashanky and pysanky).   On Sunday morning people go to church and bless the food. I like to have a family dinner. I make and give friends such greeting cards (демонструє запрошення)


My birthday is on... I like this holiday very much. We usually have a party. I invite guests. They come and give me presents.  I give a balloon to each guest. Then we drink coca-cola, eat sandwiches and ice-cream. After that we dance and sing songs. I make invitation cards. I take paper, cut out a flower or heart and write the invitation on it. (демонструє і зачитує запрошення)   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

My favourite holiday is St. Nicholas Day. It is on the 19th of December. All children wait for this holiday because St.Nicholas will bring   presents and put them under the pillow. I always write a letter to St. Nicholas. This year I also wrote it. Listen!

(зачитує лист) Dear St. Nicholas! I am looking forward to your coming. I love you very much! Please, bring me some sweets and a mobile phone. And a chocolate cake for my mother!

 As for me I like Halloween. It is on the 31st of October. People have parties and dress as witches and ghosts. Children have much fun on this day. They sing merry songs and hold competitions.

Listen to the poem.

The witch…(p.82)  


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21029. Модуль логистики и управления системой «ГАЛАКТИКА ERP» 39 KB
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