Health and Healthy Living

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It’s great when we are well. But sometimes we have problems with our health. What do we feel? Call some symptoms: a headache, a backache, a toothache, a stomach ache, a burn, a bee sting, a cough, a running nose...



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Health and Healthy Living         ( 7th form)


Тема - “Health and Healthy Living”

Мета  -розвивати навички монологічного та діалогічного мовлення з теми уроку

Health and Healthy Living»

Навчальна  задача -навчити учнів говорити про симптоми хвороб і  давати пораду, використовувати умовні речення, тренувати навички вживання модальних дієслів

( should, have to, ought to, need to).

Розвиваюча задача-  розвивати навички аудіювання, читання, з находженням необхідної інформації та розумінням основного змісту та деталей, розвивати логічне мислення, пам’ять, увагу, творчу фантазію, комунікативні уміння та навички.

Виховна задача  -формувати потребу вести здоровий спосіб життя, їсти здорову їжу та займатися спортом,, співчуття хворим людям, виховувати почуття взаємодопомоги та спільної роботи в групах.

Здоров’язберігаюча задача  - створити позитивний емоційний настрій на діяльність протягом уроку, створення ситуації успіху, позитивного ставлення дитини до інших та упевненості у своїх силах.

Обладнання  -  картки з завданнями, комп’ютер, дошка, проектор, екран, схеми-опори, презентація,яка виконана на комп’ютері за допомогою програми  “ Power Point”.

I. Організаційний момент

Good morning children. I hope you are well today. Look at the blackboard and read these words

Eat right, sleep right

Exercise to keep right.

How do you think what is the topic of our lesson? Right, we shall talk with you about health and healhy living.

II. Мовна розминка

There are a lot of proverbs about health and healthy living style.

There are some of them. You have to find the beginning and the end of each proverb.

  1.  Health is better                           drink with measure
  2.  Early to bed,early to rise             but eat to live
  3.  An apple a day                             than wealth     
  4.  Health is above                            in a sound body
  5.  Live not to eat                              makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise
  6.  A sound mind                               keeps the doctor away
  7.  Eat with pleasure                          wealth

And now I want you to choose your own motto of healthy life ( children call their proverbs).

III. Основна частина уроку

  1.  Symptoms and giving advice

It’s great when we are well. But sometimes we have problems with our health. What do we feel? Call some symptoms: a headache, a backache, a toothache, a stomach ache, a burn, a bee sting, a cough, a running nose …

       Symptoms( problems)                         Advice

A headache

Take some aspirin

A backache

Take pills

A toothache

Drink hot milk with honey

A stomachache

Stay in bed

An earache

Have a rest

A sore throat

Lie down

A fever  = high temperature

Drink lots of liquids

A cough

See the dentist= go to the dentist

A running nose

See the doctor= go to the doctor

A burn

Stop smoking

A cut

Put a plaster or a bandage

Eyes hurt

Put a burn under cold water

Knee hurts

Eat nothing for 24 hours


Put some ice

A sting of a bee

Keep warm

And do you know what should we do, when something is wrong with us. Give a piece of advice using this structure:

If you have a … you  should

                                   have to

                                   ought to

                                   need to

2) Listening

Listen to the dialogues and say what is wrong with each person.

Conversation   1.

  •  Good morning. How are you?
  •  Fine, thanks!
  •  So, if you are fine why are you here to see me?
  •  I’ve got a headache. I seem to have it all the time.
  •  I see. Any other symptoms?
  •  I’ve got a cough as well.
  •  Well, do you smoke?
  •  Yes, I do. And I feel very tired all the time.
  •  OK, let me have a look.

Conversation  2

  •  And what seems to be matter with you?
  •  I feel sick and I’ve got a stomach ache.
  •  Let me see. Have you got a headache?
  •  Yes, I have.
  •  You look rather hot. Yes, you’ve got a bit of a temperature. Did you have any sandwich yesterday? And what kind of sandwich?
  •  It was a cheese sandwich.
  •  Well, it’s probably nothing serious.

After listening:

  1.  What is wrong with each person?

             Conversation   1.  A headache, a cough, tired

 Conversation   2.  A stomach ache, a headache, a temperature

b) What do you think each person should do?

-stop smoking                                       - eat nothing for 24 hours

- take pills                                              - lie down

- have a rest                                          - take some aspirin

- do sports                                             - stay at home

                                                                - drink a lot of liquids …

c) Make up dialogues

- What’s the matter? ( Are you all right?)

- I don’t feel very well. ( I feel sick.) I have a …

- Oh, dear! ( What a pity! Oh, I’m sorry!) If you have a … you should…

3) Let’s have a rest and do a jazz chant.

I have a headache   

Head, head, I have a headache.

I have a headache,

And my eyes hurt!

Stomach, stomach, I have a stomach ache.

I have a stomach ache,

And I have the flu!


Ear, ear, I have an earache.

I have an earache,

And I have a fever!


Tooth, tooth, I have a toothache.

I have a toothache,

And a sore throat!


Back, back, I have a backache.

I have a backache,

And my knee hurts!


I have a headache, I have an earache,

A toothache, a backache,

And a sore throat.


My eyes hurt, my knee hurts, I have a stomach ache.

I have a fever,

And I have the flu!

4) Reading

If we want to be healthy we should eat healthy food.

Pre reading. Answer the questions.

What do you like to eat?

What’s your favourite food?

Do you like fast food?

Reading ( put the passages of this text in the right order and make up a story)

N. Health Helpline, how can I help you?

P. I don’t feel very well. I need your help.

N. Sure. What’s the matter?

P. I have a stomach ache.

N. Well. Have you got a fever?

P. I don’t  know, because I haven’t got a thermometer.

N. Any headache or backache?

P. No, just my stomach…

N. Right. When did you last have something to eat or drink?

P. Lunchtime. I had three burgers …and large French fries… and a couple of milkshakes.

N. I see.

P. And ice cream, two, and a large Cola … two colas.

N. You have eaten a lot of unhealthy food. You have to lie down and eat nothing for 24 hours.

P. OK. Thank you very much.

After reading

a) girls read in blue, boys in black

b) boys read in blue, girls in black

c) delete underlined words ( they are on the stickers). Children should remember these words and read the text without them.

d)Make up sentences ( using the presentation)

It’s a good idea                                               sea products

It’ important                           to eat               dairy products

It’s useful                                                       wheat products

It’s necessary                                                  fruit and vegetables

Never eat junk food!

Never eat fast food!

5) Sport is very important to keep fit.

Do you go in for sport?

What kinds of sport do you know?

When do we use Do? Play?

Do                                                      Play

Yoga                                                  football

Karate                                                golf

Gymnastics                                        tennis

Athletics                                            badminton

Aerobics                                            basketball

Let’s play

Yoga, yoga

I can’t do yoga

But I can do gymnastics   

Can you do gymnastics, Nastya?

Gymnastics, gymnastics  

I can do gymnastics,

But  I can’t play football

Can you play football, Sasha?...

6) All people want to be healthy. Complete the chart what we should do to be healthy.

If you want to be healthy

-never smoke

- never drink alcohol

- take a cold shower

-clean your teeth  every morning and every evening

- don’t eat junk food

-wash your hands before you eat

-get up early and go to bed early

- be active

- avoid stress

- eat healthy food

- go for a walk and breath fresh air

ІV. Підсумки уроку

V. Домашнє завдання 1. make up a dialogue between nurse and patient

                                     2.project work: make up a presentation or a mind map “How to be                                                     


А также другие работы, которые могут Вас заинтересовать

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