Nature. The Londoners

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Педагогика и дидактика

Objectives: Structures: Preposition of time: in, on, at. Talking about the seasons and the weather. Vocabulary: Seasons: autumn, spring, summer, winter. Months of the year (revision). Weather: cloudy, cold, hot, rainy, snowy, stormy, sunny, windy.



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Theme:          Nature. The Londoners.


  •  Structures: Preposition of time: in, on, at.
  •  Talking about the seasons and the weather.
  •  Vocabulary:
  •  Seasons: autumn, spring, summer, winter.
  •  Months of the year (revision).
  •  Weather: cloudy, cold, hot, rainy, snowy, stormy, sunny, windy.
  •  Guy Fawkes’ Day: bonfire, burn, fireworks.
  •  Other: coach, holidays, race, runner, school trip, (football) season, Sports Day, term, team.
  •  to match information in a listening text with pictures;
  •  to practice reading for specific information;
  •  to practice listening to a text and sequencing corresponding sentences;
  •  to widen pupils’ outlook about schools in Britain;
  •  to cultivate pupils’ needs to get more knowledge in different spheres of life;
  •  to stimulate pupil’s thinking and develop their creative imagination;
  •  to learn how to sing a song.

Equipment:  a cassette-recorder, flash cards, the text book  “Friends 1” by Carol Skinner with Mariola Bogucka, Activity book 1, computer presentation, Microsoft Office Power Point 2007.



Mini-module I

  1.  Introduction

Teacher. Greeting: Good morning, dear pupils! I am glad to see you! Are you well? Are you ready for our module? Oh, how clever you are.

Class: Good morning, dear teacher! We are glad to see you too!

Teacher: Well let’s start. The topic of our module ['mPdju:l] is “Nature. The Londoners”. (Вчитель включає слайд 1 з презентації.).At the end of the module you should be able to practice your reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills, enrich your outlook on the topic.

T: Now, your hometask was to make a Project. To draw and describe an animal.  Show me your works, please.

  1.  Warming-up.

Phonetic drills.

T: To pronounce [D ], hold the tip of your tongue between your top and bottom teeth; release the air with a voiced sound.


Whether the weather is cold,

Whether the weather is hot.

We have got to put up with the weather,

Whether we like it or not.

  1.  The main part.


Background information

T: Guy Fawkes was a member of a group of Roman Catholics who protested against the harsh [hQ:S] treatment of Catholics in the reign [reIn] of King James I. They conspired [kqn'spaIq] to blow up the House of Parliament with gunpowder on 5 November 1605. Their plot failed and they were arrested and executed ['eksIkju:t]. It is now a custom to have a bonfire and fireworks on 5 November and to burn an effigy ['efIdZI] of Guy Fawkes.

Now, exercise 1 page 52. Listen and read. Then answer the question.

How many terms are there in a school year in Britain?

Match terms with months. (an autumn term: from September to December; a spring term: from January to March or April; a summer term from May to July).

T: Students. How many seasons are there in the year? Name them. (Вчитель включає слайд 2 та слайд 3). 

T: And now let’s review our months. (Вчитель включає 4 слайд.).


T: I want you to listen to ex. 2 p.52.

Before listening

T: Dear pupils, I ask you to look at the board. You can see a snakegram. Your task will be to find and circle words concerning school life.


After listening

T: Now match the photos and paragraphs.


T: Dear pupils, first look at the paragraph headings and the text in Exercise 2. Then match the headings and the paragraphs individually.  Choose titles for the paragraphs in Exercise 2. (Exercise 3 p. 52. Answers: b 2, c 4, d 1.).


Розминка. (СD 1, 40 track.).

Mini-module II


T:   We are going to read and translate the text and answer the questions. The pictures may help you too. Text ex.2 p.52.

Questions: Ex. 4 p. 53.

  1.  When does the school year start in Britain? (It starts at the beginning of September.).
  2.  What do children do on Guy Fawkes’ Day? (They burn a guy on a bonfire and watch fireworks.).
  3.  What does Rob do every Saturday in winter? (He plays football for the school team.).
  4.  Where do the Londoners go with their school in spring? (They go on school trips.).
  5.  What does Vicki usually win on Sports Day? (She usually wins the class race.).
  6.  When does the school year end in Britain? (It ends in the middle of July.).

Mini-module III

Language box.

Teacher: I ask you to repeat the expressions in the box after me.

Preposition of time.

in winter / June / the middle of July

on Monday / Mondays / April 10th

at the beginning of September / the end of autumn

Work with flash cards.

Cards with the weather.

T: What is the weather like? (The teacher shows the cards and the pictures to the pupils, they read the words and pronounce.).

Singing song.

Now, look at the photo, let’s listen to the famous song of English rock band “The Beatles” formed in Liverpool in 1960 – “Here comes the sun”. I will give you the text of the song. After listening we’ll read and translate the song.



T: Now, read out the example sentence. Do exercise 5 page 53 individually. Finally, let’s read out the sentences.

T: Dear students! You can do the matching exercise 6 page 53 working in pairs.

  1.  Summing-up 

T: Let’s make a short summary. You have learnt a lot about nature and weather.

Your marks.

Your home assignment is: to write about your school year exercise 8 p. 53, AB. page 44. Now, the module is over!



Happy English, good-bye!


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