Nature. Weather

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Педагогика и дидактика

Objectives: by the end of the lesson pupils will be able to use the words from the topic “Weather”; to complete the dialogues; to compare the weather in different parts of the world; to answer the questions about the weather...



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3 чел.

Спеціалізована природничо - математична школа

І-ІІІ ступенів № 16 ім. М.О. Кириленка

Урок учителя англійської мови

Лузько Наталії Петрівни 

Topic: Nature. Weather.

Objectives: by the end of the lesson pupils will be able

                  to  use the words from the topic “Weather”;

                  to  complete the dialogues;

                  to  compare the weather in different parts of the world;

                  to  answer the questions about the weather;

                  to  work in pair to solve a problem;

                  to use The Future Simple to complete the sentences.

Type of the lesson: combined lesson

Materials: multimedia presentation,  computer, CD player, CDs, cards, worksheets,

                  the map of  Ukraine, weather labels.



Good morning pupils! I’m glad to see you here. I’m sure you are ready for active work today.

Warming up


-  You’ve got two picture labels.

- If you are good –draw sun rays.

- If you feel bad – draw rain drops.

- Stick your pictures on the board.

Setting objectives

Our topic today is “Nature. Seasons and weather” By the end of the lesson you should learn more about nature, the weather in Ukraine and in the world.


-So let’s start the lesson with the words task.

- Look at the black board. You can see the words. You should complete three lists of them. The first one – the weather list, the second – the season list and the third – the months list.

- Let’s check together

the weather list

Слайд 4

the season list

Слайд 5

the months list.

Слайд 6

- Look at the pictures and match them.

(rainy, foggy, snowy, sunny, cloudy)

-Answer the Question.

Read the Riddle and guess What season is it?


Слади 7-11

  •  What’s your favourite season?
  •  Why do you like it?

Student’s book task

You need your student’s book to do the next task.

Слайди 12-19


Слайд 20

  •  Listen to the sounds and write the words

Слайд 21

- What country do you live in? (Ukraine)

- Do you know its map?

Слайд 25

  •  Let’s check. Look at the map and find out what the weather is like in different places of Ukraine?

Слайди 26-30

  •  Are you tired?  Let’s have a song time.

Слайд 31


Listen to the world weather report. What is the weather like in different cities of the world?

Слайд 32

  •  What’s  your favourite weather?

Слайд 33

  •  You’ve got worksheets.
  •  Read the sentences.
  •  Draw a happy face if you like the weather. If you don’t like it  - draw a sad face and neutral – if it doesn’t matter to you.

Слайд 24

I like sunny weather.

I like rainy weather.

I like cloudy weather.

I like windy weather.

Change the worksheets with your partner. Tell what the weather does he or she like or don’t like.


-  You’ve got two picture labels.

- If you are good –draw sun rays.

- If you feel bad – draw rain drops.

- Stick your pictures on the board to the another part.

- compare, how many pictures of sun do you draw at the beginning and at the end of the lesson.


Open your day-books.  Write your homework. Ex. 1, page 84(WB)


-Thank you for the lesson/ The most active children were …. They have….

- …have done some mistakes. Your marks are…

- Goodbye pupils! Have a good day!



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