Occupation, Profession, Trade

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Педагогика и дидактика

Objectives: to practice the new vocabulary for talking about professions and trades to develop communicative skills to involve students into reading, writing, communicative activities...



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Тема: Заняття, професія, ремесло


Бассараба Надія Миколаївна

вчитель англійської мови

Білоцерківської загальноосвітньої

середньої школи І-ІІІ ступенів № 18

Тема  : Occupation, Profession, Trade 


- to  practice the new vocabulary for talking about professions and trades

- to  develop  communicative skills

- to involve students into reading, writing, communicative activities.

- to develop pupils’ thinking

-             to revise the usage of grammar construction ‘’ used to’’ and ‘’ be used to’’

Equipment:  cards with the tasks, books and  a presentation ‘’ Occupation, Profession, Trade’’

Lesson type: combined


  1.  Warming- up

You will choose some profession in the future. What professions do you know? Can you name them?  Today we ‘ll speak about professions and trades.

  1.  Reading. Look at the advertisements and complete the sentences.

-NEEDED! A (teacher)

who is good at Maths and has more than 5 years experience working with kids.

- NEEDED! A (cook)

who can make vegetarian menu.

- NEEDED!  An      (actor)                                   

who has acting experience in soap operas.

- NEEDED! A (salesman)

who has a year experience in working   in any shop.

- NEEDED! A (vet)

not less than 4 year experience in treating animals, especially cats and dogs.

- NEEDED! A (waiter, waitress)

in a restaurant,  who has more than 2 year experience.

3.Match the jobs on the left with the workplaces on the right

          Jobs                                               Workplaces

1.ski instructor           a)at beaches and swimming pools

2.nanny                             b) at Alpine resorts

3.camp counselor           c) in private homes

4.language teacher       d) in restaurant kitchens

5.cook                              e) at summer camp

6.lifeguard                       f) at universities and schools

4.Work in groups. Play the game ‘’ Guess the profession’’  . Pupils read the texts and try to guess what profession it is.

1.If you enjoy working with children and want to spend your summer full of sports and fun, this job is right for you.

We are looking for young and creative people who want to work in our international  summer camp in Germany.

Good English and German is essential.     _______________(camp counselor)

2.We are looking for a creative and skilled person to help in our large restaurant kitchen. We want somebody imaginative to create new dishes.  _______________(cook)

1.If you love talking to people and want to help them with their life  problems, this job is just for you.  You must be cheerful, charming and responsible.  Please write details about  qualification and experience._______________ (psychologist)

2.Would you like the chance to earn  a lot while visiting  exotic places. You will have to help serving food in the restaurants and cafes. All you need is a charming personality and  good  English. _________(waiter)

1.A company is looking for a person with very good spoken English, IT skills, strong communication, ability to work hard. Experience is essential. _______________(office-manager)

2.If you are good at swimming, strong and fit , this job is just for you.  Spend your summer at the beach and earn money.  WE are waiting for a qualified person. _______________(lifeguard)

1.A building company is looking for young people for summer months. If you are strong and hard-working –we are waiting for you. Experience is not essential.  ____________________(bricklayer)

2.We are looking for hard-working and skilled people, who  can repair any automobile. They must be responsible, energetic  and organised.   (mechanic)

5. Presenting new words- occupation, profession and trade.

Which occupation will he choose for your abilities?

The profession of a doctor is very popular nowadays.

Dressmaking is a useful trade.

He is a tailor by trade. She is a dressmaker by trade.

-Look at the picture and say what is a trade and what is a profession:

A scientist, doctor nurse , plumber

A painter, bricklayer, lawyer,dentist

A dentist, doctor, blacksmith, teacher

A blacksmith, conductor, pilot, a firefighter

6. Work in groups. Say what sort of people should they be?

A waiter, a firefighter,  a pilot, a teacher, a policeman, a porter, a manager, a soldier, a nurse.

7. Grammar revision. Complete the sentences with the right form of ‘’used to’’ or ‘’be used to’’

1.When she worked in the employment agency,    she ..…. (find)

work  for people, but now she doesn’t.

2. He is a porter so he …..  (carry) heavy suitcases.

3. She is a nurse so she  …… ( look after) sick people.

4. My grandmother ……. (go) 5 km to school every morning.

5. He …… (play ) with children because he is a camp counselor.

6. I ….. (drive) on the left when I lived  in England several years ago.

7. My brother …. (the cold) because he is a ski instructor.  

8.  Hometask

Ex.3,4, p.23 (written form)

9. Summing-up the lesson.

You worked hard today . I’m satisfied with your job.

The lesson is over. Good-bye



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