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Педагогика и дидактика

Practical: to practice pupils’ speech on the topic “Doing Shopping”; to revise vocabulary on the topic and urge pupils to use these words in their speech; to develop pupils’ speaking, reading, listening and writing skills on the topic...



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14 чел.

MY LAST VISIT TO THE  SHOP (the 4th form)

(за підручником О.Д. Карп,юк)


Practical:   -    to practice pupils’ speech on the topic “Doing Shopping”;

  •  to revise vocabulary on the topic and urge pupils to use these  

     words in their speech;

-     to develop pupils’ speaking, reading, listening and writing skills

      on the topic;

  •   to practice in using the Past Simple Tense;

Educative:  to teach pupils to work in pairs and groups;

Social:  to develop love for English language;

Equipment:   pictures, tables, texts for reading, hand-outs, signal cards for

                             listening, disks and a tape-recorder


  1.  1. Greeting

T:  I get up in the morning

    Ready for the day.

    Hello, hello, good morning!

    What a lovely day!

Ps: I get up in the morning

     Ready for the day.

     Hello, hello, good morning!

     What a lovely day!

T:  Are you ready for the lesson?

Ps: Yes, we are.

          2. Phonetic drill.

So, let’s start our lesson. First let’s train sound [∫].

  1.  Listen to the tongue – twister and repeat them.

She sells sea shells at the sea shore.
shells she sells are surely sea shells.
So if
she sells shells on the seashore,
I'm sure she sells sea
shore shells.

  1.  sh - [∫] 
  2.  (учням пропонується відео: як утворився звук [∫], тренування у вимові звука-подається перелік слів зі звуком sh - [∫]: ship, selfish, sheep, shop, mushrooms, …)


T: Where can we buy or sell something? Be attentive the first sound of this  

    word is [∫].

P: Is it a shop?

T: Yes, of course. So, the topic of our lesson is “Doing Shopping. My last visit

         to the shop.” At today’s lesson we are going to revise vocabulary on the

     topic and use these words in your speech; to develop your speaking, reading, listening and writing skills on the topic; to practice in using the Past Simple Tense.

  1.  Warm-up
  2.  Mind Map

T: - Do you like doing shopping?

    - Where do you like to buy different things?


   P: I like to buy something at the bakers.

  (Учні виходять до дошки, записують назву магазина і складають речення)

2) Revision Vocabulary

So, you know many different shops. And look, I have two shopping lists. But I don’t know where I can buy all these things. And one problem is I can’t read the words.

(Учні поділяються на дві команди. Кожна команда отримує список товарів, які необхідно купити. Букви у словах стоять у неправильному порядку. Учням спочатку треба розшифрувати слово, а потім у запропонований кошик покласти потрібний товар (біля дошки лежать макети товарів)).


Shopping list (1)                  Shopping list (2)

  1.  srnogae (oranges)              1) ate (tea)
  2.  osmhpoa (shampoo)    2) tashtposoe (toothpaste)
  3.  egmzaian (magazine)    3) kilm (milk)
  4.  dimneice (medicine)    4) subitics (biscuits)
  5.  gsaeusas (sausages)    5) posa (soap)

Перевірка завдання: на дошці учні по черзі записують назву товара, вказуючи, де можна придбати його

Ex.: You can buy … at the …

Виграє та команда, що називає більше правильних слів.

  1.  Main Part


  1.  Pre-reading task

So, you have a shopping list and we know where we can everything we need. But imagine the situation: a foreign passer-by asks you: “What is a greengrocery?” How can you explain this?

 P: This is the shop where you can buy some eggs or a bottle of oil.

  1.  While-reading task

Work in groups

Read the explanations and match them with the names of the shops.

(Учні працюють у групах, з’єднуючи опис магазину з його назвою. Якщо учні правильно з’єднають магазин та опис, то з іншого боку вийде зображення універмагу).


You can find a variety of milk products there.

You can buy milk, cheese, sour cream there.

They sell butter and yogurt there.


If you need some oil or some eggs you can go to this shop.

There are many different kinds of food there.

You can buy a can of fish, a carton of juice,

a bag of flour and others.

Chemist, s

If you are ill and need some medicine you can go there.

Also you can buy a tube of toothpaste a shampoo

or a bar of soap.


You have a birthday party and you need some meat,

so you can go to this shop. They  sell sausages,

chickens and ham there.



  1.  Post-reading task

3.1) Answer the questions:

  •  What is a department store?
  •  Have you got a department store in your town?
  •  What departments are there in it?
  •  What can you buy at these departments?

    3.2) Singing a song

And now I propose you to have a rest and do shopping with music. Let’s sing a song “Let’s Go Shopping”. Sing a song and then be ready to say what departments you can visit while singing a song.

Let’s Go Shopping

Let’s go shopping, let’s go shopping,

Let’s go shopping you and me!

Let’s go shopping, let’s go shopping,

Let’s go shopping you and me!

The toy store-here we go,

The supermarket-here we go,

The bakery-here we go,

Let’s go shopping you and me!

Let’s go shopping, let’s go shopping,

Let’s go shopping you and me!

The candy store-here we go,

The cake shop-here we go,

The book store-here we go,

Let’s go shopping you and me!

(Учні співають пісню, дивлячись відео, повторюючи рухи.)

  •  What departments can we visit?

(Учні називають відділи, які почули у пісні.)

     3.3) Grammar Practice

  •  Did you visit a department store yesterday?

The Past Simple Tense

Минулий простий час

(учні розповідають правила, складаючи схеми речень, використовуючи фігури і наводячи власні приклади)

  •  Яку дію означає;
  •  Слова-показники часу;
  •  Правильні та неправильні дієслова;
  •  Стверджувальна форма (скласти схему)


(де трикутник – це підмет, а коло(V-verb) – присудок)


Заперечна форма


  •  Питальна форма


 3.4)  Writing

Make up the story about your last visit to the department store.


  •  Fill in and choose the right form of the verb

I (go, went) to the department store last Sunday. I (visit, visited) many departments. I (buy, bought) new shoes at the Shoes department, I (want, wanted) to buy a pair of trainers but did not (find, found) my size. They (sell, sold) many fruits and vegetables at the food department. I (like, liked) my last visit to the department store.

  •  Use this information and make up the short dialogues.

Work in Pairs.


  •  Did you go to the … last Sunday?
  •  Did you buy … at the …?


  1.  Pre-listening task

And now, please, listen to the text and be ready to answer the questions:

  •  Why did the girl and her mum do shopping?
  •  What shops did they visit?

(запитання повісити на дошці)

  1.  While-listening task

Listen and say if the sentences are true or false.

(Pupils show a green “signal card” if the sentence is “true” and a red “signal card” if the sentence is “false”.)


  1.  It was Tuesday yesterday.  
  2.  The girl went to the cinema.
  3.  She went to buy some tasty things for her brother's birthday.
  4.  All her brother's friends like ice-cream and fruit salad.
  5.  They bought some sugar and eggs at the grocery shop.
  6.  The girl is going to make a cake.
  7.  They bought some meat at the dairy,
  8.  Mum went to the bakery for some fruit and vegetables.
  9.  They bought all they need the birthday party.

  1.  Post-listening task

Speaking skills

Ask your friend about his last visit to the department store (use the plan) and tell us about this.



  •  What shops do you like to visit?
  •  What shop did you visit yesterday?
  •  What did you buy at the shop?
  •  Did you like your last visit to the shop?

(учні, використовуючи попередні завдання, складають міні - розповідь про візит друга до магазину)

  1.  Home work

Pupils, open your daybooks and write down your home task: write down about your friend’s last visit to the shop using the plan.


At our lesson we spoke about your and your friend’s last visit to the shop. We did a lot of different tasks: we read the texts, made short stories and dialogues, had some grammar (The Past Simple Tense) and listened to the text.

What did you like to do most of all?

              I liked to:

  •  read the texts,
  •  make short stories and dialogues,
  •  have some grammar (The Past Simple Tense),
  •   listen to the text.

           (учні висловлюють свої думки з приводу урока)

You worked hard and your marks are …


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